Dec 9, 2011

A JLA Kinda Week

One element of the provisional year at Junior League is trying your hand at several different types of activities. Wednesday I helped with Coats for Kids, today I did a "done-in-a-day" shift at the Austin Children's Museum and tomorrow is more Coats for Kids. (These are more one time things like last month's A Christmas Affair that I do in addition to FIT shifts I do as my regular placement.)

The idea of done-in-a-day activities, like the one I did today, is that they meet one time or short-term needs for a nonprofit. During the holiday season, the Children's Museum needs volunteers to assist with gingerbread house making workshops. So today I donned a green volunteer's apron and doled out frosting, candy and highly-sought-out house decorating tips. In case you are wondering, pretzels make great windows.

Tomorrow it's back to Coats for Kids for distribution day. I'll get to help kids pick out new-to-them coats that will keep them cozy warm all winter. I can't wait to see their cute little faces!

Today's museum shift and tomorrow's Coats for Kids shift are exactly the kind of thing I was joining Junior League in search of: direct service. So much of my professional work and volunteer work is indirect, be it marketing, fundraising or other behind the scenes work that when I was determining how and where I wanted to volunteer, it was direct service I found myself craving. I love meeting the kids, doing the grunt work and actually being a part of the program. I also lucked out that FIT is about 50% direct service shifts so that area of interest is being regularly met for me there too.

So to answer the "what's going on" question that is the overall basis of this little blog, this week in our family it's oral surgery recovery and a whole lotta volunteering.

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