Oct 8, 2016

I'm With Her

In what I feel could be a historic election, I am going on the record saying "I'm with her."

Who knows how November 8 will turn out. But either way, I want Cade and I need myself to know I voted for the most qualified candidate.

Is she perfect? No. Is she a shit ton better than the alternatives? Yes.

And even that said, I generally agree with her. Even if the alternatives were reasonable options, I'd still probably be voting for Hillary Clinton. Because she's very experienced, has an even temperament and sees domestic and family issues the same way I do.

If I had one wish for this election (but God knows I need about 10 wishes), it would be that the usually-vote-Republican folks who don't like Hillary Clinton could more often say "I disagree with her policies but she is a viable, generally fit to serve option." Notice I didn't say they would vote for her. That would be lovely of course. But almost more important I think is the ability to politely and intellectually disagree while still acknowledging that the person is not an unrealistic option.

In 2008 when John McCain ran for president, I disagreed with many of his policies. I did not vote for him. But throughout that election, I felt like he was a worthy opponent and probably a very good leader. He was just leading in a direction I didn't want to go. It didn't (and doesn't) make him a bad person, just someone who would tackle things differently than me.

I'd really like to hear more of that about Hillary Clinton. She's imperfect and she has a particular set of beliefs. But she's not a villain. And even if you are not going to vote for her, it doesn't take skin off your back to acknowledge her as a serious candidate and probably someone who truly wants the best for others (even if you disagree about how to get there).

Donald Trump, however, is not a serious candidate. He is an entertainer, a caricature. He is offensive and mean. He is quick tempered, irrational, prejudiced, out of touch and in every way unfit to be president. I'm sad for the GOP that he's what they have been forced to offer America in this election. For everyone's sake, I wish this were a better matched situation. But it is not.

So ultimately as voters we have three choices:

  1. A third-party candidate who won't win
  2. An offensive, ignorant, egotistical asshole
  3. An imperfect but well-meaning and experienced politician
The choice is ours and I am with her.