Jun 30, 2014

Summer Vacation, Day 3

Cade may be on summer vacation, but today was a non-vacation day for the grown-ups. We managed though.

He spent the morning with his Dad enjoying all kinds of nearby fun. They took a walk with Lexi to the duck pond to feed the ducks (though rumor has it Cade wanted to eat the bread himself), then went a bit further to the park for play time. After the park it was bubbles in the backyard. Cade is really really into bubbles right now so I am confident that this was very popular. Then lunch including the introduction of orange Jell-o and a spinach and OJ smoothie. Go figure, the smoothie was more popular. And when I came home from working (at Starbucks) they were happily playing in the game room.

UntitledAfter a big 2 hour nap, Cade and I went on an adventure to Safari Champ, a big indoor playscape of tunnels and slides and all kinds of fun things. Erin and Rowan met us there so it was an excellent baby BFF playdate. Rowan took a bit longer to warm up but once she did she was off to the races. Being 6 months older, she had just the little bit more advanced gross motor skills the obstacle-course-like playscape required. Cade had a lot of fun (and wore himself out) but I think if we go back this winter he will be in toddler heaven.

While we played, Ross studied, mopped and started dinner; clearly Cade and I had the better bargain on the afternoon.

Post playdate our evening was pretty normal. A very messy dinner (refried beans are best eaten with your fingers, duh), bath (which unfortunately included pooping in the tub and then bath part 2) and some relaxation in the gameroom (fortunately with wine for mommy).

On tap for tomorrow: extended playdate with Rowan! Woohoo!

Jun 29, 2014

Summer Vacation, Day 2

UntitledMore summer vacation! Yay!

Today wasn't quite as active as yesterday (who could maintain that pace) but still I'd say a good day in baby summer vacation. This morning we went on a walk to the neighborhood park where the slide was a huge hit.

Then it was snack time at home and to the grocery store. I got Cade one of the big obnoxious carts with a car-style baby seat in it. Not the easiest for me to maneuver but he was super jazzed about turning the steering wheel for the whole shopping trip so ok. Summer vacation after all.

Then playtime and lunch with his Dad and a big long 2+ hour nap. This is at least in part due to the many night wakings happening right now thanks to teething. But one tooth looks to have broken through so at least we're making progress there.

Snack time selfie, baby mouth full of grapes
After Cade's nap Ross was still napping so Cade and I went to have snack and play in the fountains in downtown Round Rock. Both because it is fun but also to keep the house quiet for Ross' nap. By the fountains there was a statue of a man and his dog (significance TBD). Cade just learned the word "puppy" so he was very happy to (continuously) greet the pretend puppy.

The home for a little movie time, Curious George of course, before dinner. Which leads me to my favorite picture of the day. Watching the movie perched on his pirate ship. Because how else would you watch a movie?

Now he's learning the physics behind catapults and drinking OJ (for the first time) with his Dad. And from what I hear, a bubble bath is about to start. I'd say Day 2 of Summer Vacation is a successful one!


Summer Vacation, Day 1

UntitledCade kicked off summer vacation with a busy busy Saturday. Nichole visited so he had 2 ladies and 2 puppies with him for most of the day. We started with a Starbucks adventure and then up to the Play for All Park. Always a winning weekend combination.

Then up the road and into the stroller for outlet mall shopping. Not a big wishlist but he needed new Crocs since he threw one out the car window on his vacation to the Turner B&B last weekend. (Yup, for real.)

After shopping, we returned home for a quick lunch and then naptime. Nichole babysat during nap so I could go to the gym. Um, best babysitting gig ever. Cade was asleep when I left, she took a bubble bath in our jetted tub, dozed on the couch and then he woke up 3 minutes after I walked in the door. She actually compared the lazy 2 hours to being at a resort. Dude. I never had a babysitting gig that was resort-like.

After nap, we took over Meg & Stacy's pool for a couple hours and were joined by Brittany and Kenneth. Then home for dinner and a playdate with Kenneth until bedtime. Not a bad start to summer vacation!

(The grown ups had a nice time together too what with Starbucks, shopping, the pool and then wine happy hour.)

Jun 27, 2014

Summer Vacation, Day 0

UntitledI toyed with the idea of calling it the "Cade-cation" but decided there are years are legit vacays ahead of us for that name.

Today was Cade's last day of school before summer vacation. Being in a pre-school (day care but pre-school makes me feel better), summer vacation is just one week. So for the next 9 days, Cade is stuck with us. Wah-hahaha!

We started it out right tonight with no shoes, no shirt and no problems.

I jest that Cade is stuck with us but our summer staycation plans are coming along quite nicely.
  • Day 1 - Park and Pool with Nichole and Brittany
  • Day 2 - Rest and Relaxation, maybe Curious George movie
  • Day 3 - Mom/Dad Split
  • Day 4 - Play date with Erin and Rowan (while we work)
  • Day 5 - Play date with Nana and Grandpa Jack
  • Day 6 - Mom/Dad Split, Craft Time Class
  • Day 7 - Bryanna's wedding with Grandma and Grandpa (my mom and dad)
  • Day 8 - Will and Laure's engagement party
  • Day 9 - Rest and Relaxation, maybe The Land Before Time movie
Days 2 and 9 are Sundays and you know, even God rested on Sunday so I figure Cade can too. And in between all those plans, we'll be letting Cade wear himself out with his new trick, scooting down the stairs. Watch and see my friends. 

Jun 23, 2014


We've been to Pennsylvania and back!

Like so many vacays, I'm home, happy and ready to crash. The post vacation vacation. But I'll try to quickly summarize a great weekend with the Deltas.

Pre-Delta reunion, Ross and I spent a night in Philly. We had a room on the Delaware River and with great access to the city. We took a meandering walk into Washington Square where we had a delicious and picture perfect fancy date night at Talulah's Garden, a local farm-to-table style restaurant. Later Ross said it didn't get more "Cheryl" than that with its outside garden dining in the middle of an east coast city, slightly fancy meal and boutiquey wine menu. After dinner we walked through Independence Hall, eye-spied the Liberty Bell and had a good night's sleep. Friday morning was more meandering and Starbucks for breakfast before heading out to see the Deltas.

UntitledEmal's family hosted us at their BEAUTIFUL lake house. Friday, our first night together, was our late night up. Saturday us early birds started with breakfast and then Ross took one of the girls kayaking (or she took him, who knows).

Then this wonderful thing happened: time slowed down. Yes, it was the longest day of the year but minutes just seemed to double in length. Normally when that happens it is because you are standing in line somewhere, or the water won't boil or whatever. Never does it happen when you are having fun. But it did and our lazy summer solstice day together seemed to last wonderfully long.

UntitledWe went boating, discussed the meaning of life, discussed much less meaningful things in life, caught up on each other's kids (human and four-legged), families, love lives, careers, and all kinds of things. A late dinner on the deck and then s'mores around the campfire. It sounds like an overly idealistic summer day but Delta's honor, it happened.

We all crashed a little bit earlier Saturday night and then Sunday enjoyed a big bacon and eggs breakfast together.

Ross and I hit the road after breakfast, headed back to Philly, flew to Austin, lost and recovered both a piece of carry-on luggage and our car (you'd never know we were seasoned travelers) and then returned home to our sleeping baby and very-happy-to-see-us pup. And like I was kinda secretly hoping, Cade woke up briefly before it was time for us to go to bed so we both had the chance to hug and kiss him; bonus points that his wake-up led to sleeping in this morning.

Hashtag courtesy of Anna...which is appropriate since she and Ben had the original hashtag wedding back in 2011.

Jun 16, 2014

Monday of Motherhood

From yesterday at the Play for All Park 
Today was a very normal Monday in Motherhood but with some notable moments.

Last night I had some crazy dream that my child was kidnapped from school (but it wasn't his school, I mean it was in the dream but it didn't resemble his actual school building) while crossing a street (when do 15 month olds cross streets?) and then was found at a jewelry store across the highway but with no clear answer to if he walked there himself (yes, across the highway) or if he was kidnapped. And then on the drive back from rescuing him from cases and cases of diamonds, there were multiple tornadoes. Suffice to say, it was a strange, strange dream.

But the result was I woke up in a panic about taking him to school early on Thursday before our flight to Penn., specifically because he will need to arrive so early that he'll go to a different classroom. (His teacher arrives at 7:45a and kiddos who arrive before then go to the neighboring classroom until then.) We need to drop Cade off at 7:30a Thursday and of course I don't want to leave for our trip if he is upset by the change in routine.

So...in my nightmare induced panic, we practiced the early arrival/drop-off today. We got to school at 7:30a and went to the neighboring classroom. I met the teacher and I thought I was introducing him to her too but it turns out she often helps in his class in the afternoons so they are old friends. OK, easy peasy. Then I showed him the fun toys in the new classroom. He didn't need me to show him toys. He made a beeline to a block-and-pegs toy and was pleased as punch. I hovered over him and talked with the teacher. It wasn't long before it became clear that this little practice was for my benefit, not his. He was going to be just fine. At 7:45a his teacher came to "pick up" he and his classmate. Cade didn't even need help walking to his classroom. In fact, he led the group. Like I said, this whole thing was very clearly for my benefit.

Then I had an ordinary workday. Maybe slightly extraordinary because I think I may be a bit ahead on things, always a good feeling when vacay is on the horizon.

I picked the sweet boy up from school a little after 3p and we went around the corner to BabyEarth, an organic environmentally friendly hippie baby store that hosts various baby/toddler friendly events like today's free playtime. I try to take Cade on a field trip after school most days if I'm on pick-up duty but now that summer is here, I'm having to find new options that beat the heat, hence our maiden voyage at BabyEarth.

The age groups were mixed but the common denominator was calmness. Except my kid. He was like a tornado amongst the serene children and ergonomically designed, recycled material toys. Knock over these all-natural blocks, toss this ball (good arm, kid), run between those solid hardwood chairs. But whatever. He's a toddler. Then though I smelled something, something from him. MASSIVE poopy diaper. Of course, since I was only planning on being out for an hour and I knew he would have just had a diaper change at school, I didn't have my diaper bag. So we had to go out to the car where I keep small supply of diapers and wipes in one of the nifty hidden compartments (yup, mom-mobile) and do a back of the car diaper change. Blessedly he was unusually still and calm for this part.

Back inside, pull some things off the shelves, steal someone's block and then eye spy the bubbles. Promptly begin demanding bubbles (he just learned that word last week). When that fails, start repeatedly signing for "more" and "eat," despite having snack less than an hour before at school. I had snack in my (very small) purse but didn't think busting out with it in front of all the other kids would be good mom form. So homeward bound with snack en route.

If he played for 15 minutes total I would be shocked.

At home he was in unusually good spirits, especially compared to the past week. And then I discovered why. A new tooth had just broken through! So likely during last week's fever and general grumpiness there was teething pain as well. At least it all makes sense now.

We had a lovely dinner where he ate more than he threw on the floor (admittedly though I was not ambitious on his menu; I stuck to tried and true favorites and it served me well). Then we played while watching the World News, part of a terrible Property Brothers episode (they picked the wrong house to renovate; I couldn't stand to watch as obstacle after obstacle derailed their budget) and then bath, cleaning the gameroom and off to bed at a scandalously late 7:15p.

It was so very nice to have my happy boy back today. I feel much better knowing that last week's challenges were not just the new normal as a feared but were actually fever and teething induced. When it comes to Mondays, I'll take this kinda Monday any old week.

Jun 15, 2014

Father's Day Fun

Fathers Day gift haulLucky us, Ross has this whole weekend off! Especially nice since it is Father's Day weekend. In our typical fashion, we couldn't wait until the actual day to do gifts. Ross opened his presents over breakfast yesterday morning. The best gift was the baseball Cade decorated for him at school, complete with traces of his little hands.

Today Ross took the early morning off off. Cade and I went on a wonderful busy morning outing of Starbucks, the park (we played for a whole hour!) and then Walmart. We went to Walmart for a polo for him to wear to an upcoming wedding...but we left with the polo, 2 pairs of PJs, a snack, "The Land Before Time" DVD, baby sunglasses and a kiddie pool. Par for the Target or Walmart course.

When we got home, the three of us took the kiddie pool out into the backyard for some playtime. The hose was popular but the pool...well let's just say we'll have all summer for it to grow on us.

Good news though: Ross and Cade fit in it together perfectly.


Now my boys are upstairs watching cartoons and I am about to go to yoga class. After nap we're heading over to Nancy and Jack's for a Father's Day on-the-grill dinner. I for one am having a great, fun Father's Day weekend. I've got a hunch that the best dad in Round Rock is too :)

Jun 9, 2014

Popsicles, Puzzles, PBS and PJs

When you are prego, people tell you that you will be up all the time when the new baby comes. Awake all the team. Feeding all the time. And so on. And you think "oh they are exaggerating."

But they are not.

When you start your small person in pre-school, they say he'll be sick all the time. That school is petri dish of small person germs. And you think surely it cant be that bad; they are exaggerating.

But they are not.

Alas, poor wee baby Cade is sick again. He has a fever that just won't stop unfortunately. He was sent home at lunch time (he didn't eat his cheese which set off alarm bells for his teacher, as it should; he's a cheese eating monster). He napped for almost 2.5 hours and then he had a small snack, took a lukewarm bath, changed into PJs and began our PBS Kids marathon. He took another cat nap around 4:30p, ate just a tiny bit for dinner and was back to bed by 6:30p.

Hopefully all the rest will mean he wakes up feeling much better tomorrow. He's going to stay home, even if he is a perfect 98.6 degrees just to be sure. If he's a bit better though he'll enjoy a morning playdate with Margeaux while we work. If not, he's stuck with me again.

At least tomorrow though there will be homemade Popsicles, a new puzzle to play with and probably some more PBS cartoons in our PJs. Because if I know anything about sick kids, it's that Popsicles, puzzles, PBS and PJs are the road to recovery.