Nov 30, 2011

Thankful XXX


I've been blessed by having some of the best friends a girl could ever wish for. There's the Deltas, my old high school friends, new-ish Austin friends and the occasional plus one from different spots along the way. Between us there's babies, spouses, new chapters in life, a slew of career choices and different adventures every day. I love not only having the support and goodwill of my friends, but being a part of whatever chapter they are experiencing.

I couldn't be happier to call them all my friends. So thank you friends, for being you.

Smattering of fun friend photos

062  101 011 005 002 015
DSC00591 loweC_7198 019 087

Nov 29, 2011

Thankful XXIX

Fav book as a kid

Books are definitely something I have taken for granted all my life. First I was one of those kids lucky enough to grow up going to library storytime. In fact one of the best little kid pics of me is me grinning and clutching a reading certificate from the library. Can you say awesome?

Since my teen years I've been on a mission to have my own library. Public libraries are great and all but I like to write in my books and I really don't like to give them back. ...And I was really jealous of the way Belle from Beauty and the Beast got to swing around the library on a ladder. Thus I clearly need my own personal library and ladder.

Recently though my love for and constantly great access to books has been contrasted by an increasing awareness of kids who do not have books. This summer I heard about the United Way of Lake County which did a book drive for their community in response to the fact that 76% of incoming kindergarteners did not have books in their homes. I immediately started buying books as baby shower presents - my friends' kids will not be a statistic!

A local author and my most recent read
I thought about all the kids without books tonight as I went through my THREE overflowing bookshelves to donate to the book giveaway portion of the upcoming Coats for Kids Junior League event. (Short version: kids whose families could not otherwise afford it go home with both a coat and a book.)

I'm glad I can give these kids new books to read. Hopefully they'll discover a book that they just love and one day will tell their friends about how they too are thankful for books.

Nov 28, 2011

Thankful XXVIII

I'm thankful for video plus Internet magic.

Specifically video calling via the Internet (ie FaceTime) and posting web videos (ie YouTube).

Being able to call Ross via FaceTime when he's at the station makes his crazy schedule a hundred times more bearable. And when I'm on business trips, it's even better. I'm thankful for it now and I know when we have kiddos I'll be even more thankful. I mean just think about it, when one of us is gone we'll be able to call in for bedtime stories! That's awesome!

And then there's YouTube. Perfect for sharing cat videos and walking this one!

I'm so glad that even when my friends and their adorable babies are far away, I can still witness the milestones and fun little moments in their lives.

God, technology is great.

Nov 27, 2011

Deck the Halls!

Posing for his "action" shot
This weekend, and mostly this morning, we got our little home all decked out for Christmas! While we usually don't wait too long, we're also not those people who start hanging lights while the Thanksgiving leftovers are still warm. But this year we had to be on our game - next weekend is the big Christmas party! No time to dilly-dally.

We tried something different with the outside lights this year: monochromatic. Red lights all around. However, not different from past years, the near heart attack I have when Ross climbs on the roof. People always ask if I worry about him at work. No but I do worry myself sick when it comes to hanging the Christmas lights.

Inside I took the lead on decorating the tree. For the first time ever, we really didn't need plain glass ball ornaments (I did hang four just to fill some space in the back but we didn't need them). I love that every ornament has a story.

This one, for example, is from our very first vacation together. We spent three nights in West Texas at the Fort Davis State Park.

And our latest addition, a gift from Mom and Dad's recent trip to San Diego to visit Kevin.
Then there's our real classy ornaments: beer and bikinis.
003 006

Thankful XXVII

052I'm thankful for my little brother.

You might expect me to wax poetic about his service to his country or his recent promotion to petty officer. I am, after all, very proud of him for his Navy service and the strong start in his career.

However, I was happy to have Kevin as a brother before he joined the Navy and I'll be happy to have him as a brother when his Navy career is done. Navy or no Navy, he's a great kid. He's fun to be around, sincere when the time's right, a smart-ass when the time's right (and sometimes when it's not right but I think that's part of the definition of "smart-ass"), helpful all the time and to his very core, a good person.

Like most siblings we have stupid inside jokes, stories only we think are funny and plenty of dirt on each other. It's great.

I'm thankful to have a brother who I not only love, but who I really like.

Nov 26, 2011

Thankful XXVI

I'm thankful for our little slice of heaven.

This post started out as "thankful for holiday shopping" which is very true but then I started thinking, holiday shopping has started out a little more fun this year. Why? Well, for the first time we didn't write out a penny by penny budget. And that got me thinking, yes I'm thankful for holiday shopping, and a flexible holiday budget but what I'm really thankful for is our happy life together.

We're lucky to have everything we really need, both in the tangible sense of shelter, food, warm clothes (or cool clothes as July and August necessitate) and in the intangible sense of health, happiness and love.

Travel: My #1 choice for occasional splurging
We're also lucky enough to have many things we simply want, from table-runners for every season to vacations to fulfilling careers to flexible holiday budgets.

But if you know us (and since you are reading this you probably do), I think you'd agree that we aren't super fancy. We're more Chili's than Ruth Chris', more Target than Tiffany's.

And I love it.

I'm so thankful to be living this husband-loving, bargain-shopping, puppy-kissing, full-time-working, occasionally-splurging, wonderfully ordinary suburban life.

Nov 25, 2011

Thankful XXV

Festive table-scape
Christmas decorations.

They make the house I like into the house I love through their over-the-top use of sparkles, metallics and glitter. Our assortment of home decorations include shimmery plaid napkins (pictured), silver bell wreath, red and silver bell door hanger and a cowboy Santa Claus just to name a few.

It will probably be a many day process, but at our home, it's starting to look a lot like Christmas.

Nov 23, 2011

Thankful XXIV

Health insurance.

We're going a day in advance with thankfuls because I have no intentions of logging on to any computer anywhere tomorrow as it would interfere with my holiday eating, drinking and socializing and we can't be having that.

Today I am thankful for health insurance. A couple weeks ago I got a bill for a dentist appointment because I went FIVE days before the six month mark. Naturally, my angry self appealed - I mean come on, I was clearly trying to make my appointments six months apart.

And Happy Thanksgiving to me because the insurance decided to pick up the tab. To borrow from old Ben Franklin, $90 saved is $90 earned.

Thankful XXIII

My big, happy family.

Part of me felt like I should save this one until tomorrow when I get to see all of them but ya know what - I'm excited about it today. Tomorrow morning Ross and I will throw Lexi into the car and hit SH 290 east to Houston. We'll be Thanksgiving dinner bound. There will be fifteen Lowe family members there to greet us, fight over green bean casserole with and squeeze in next to at the dinner table(s). And if I know us, there will be almost as many dogs in the yard as people in the house.

Lowe Family Thanksgiving, 2007
Having always had big boisterous family holidays, they are the only way for me. Growing up there were eight grandkids within ten years of each other - that's a lot of toys, coloring books and Popsicles. Recently we upgraded to nine grandkids which means we're back to having a kiddo at holidays. (Hurray! Holidays really are all about kids after all.)

I love smooshing everyone into the same house, dressing up card tables with fancy tablecloths, having a smorgasbord of over-sized family-famous dishes and seeing which uncle gets relegated to the Kids' Table this year (my bet is on Larry). The ever-consistent menu, football in the background and declaration of "whoever eats the fastest gets the mostest" is what I look forward to every year.

Right now my designated contribution of "a chocolate something" is baking in the oven and I'm starting to feel pretty darn Thanksgiving-y. I can't wait to see my parents, Grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins all squeezed around the table tomorrow.

Nov 22, 2011

Thankful XXII


Last night it rained so hard here in Austin that the thunder and lightning woke me and Lexi up. That's my kinda rain. Maybe we're finally seeing a rainy season that will put a dent in this drought. Fingers crossed!

Nov 21, 2011

Christmas Comes Early

As you'll remember, one of my favorite things about Ross is his generosity...especially when it comes to gifts. One of my other favorite things is how eager he gets to give said gifts. He is awful, just awful I tell you, at waiting to give a gift.

iphone_picExample: He had not one but two plans for proposing, the second with less lead time than the first, but ended up dropping to one knee within just a couple days of ring purchasing because he couldn't wait any longer.

This Christmas, no exception. In fact, it's already arrived! Just check out that bling!

He's extra special amazing because he inventoried my jewelry box while I was at work today. Can't have repeats, no sir. My baby makes sure to round out my collection with new and different things each time around. And he knows I'm not really into colored gems. I prefer neutrals...just like the diamonds and pearl here.

There's even a pair of matching earrings. The set has already been scheduled to make an appearance at Jane's wedding (official debut date TBD but Jane's wedding will definitely be included in the tour).

Please allow me to reiterate Thankful XVI, my hubby.

Merry (early) Christmas y'all!

Thankful XXI


She is not only the cutest pup ever, but the sweetest. Just look at that picture from last night. How can you not love her?

Of her many traits that I love some of my favorites are how she is super duper cuddly, how she is always under foot (and therefore never really runs away, such a good girl) and how excited she gets to greet you when you come home.

Among her funniest traits is the 10 a.m.-stare-down, that is, what happens at 10 a.m. if people are home but denying her a walk. She finds you, stares at you and will not stop until you take her for a walk. She is insistent!

Finally, they say that a dog is the animal replica of its owner. Lexi proves the point. She is rambunctious like Ross and cuddly like me. She demands constant attention (like me) and is always ready to eat (like Ross...and well, kinda like me too I guess). She loves to run (like Ross) but has to be a drama queen about how worn out she is after the fact (like me). And because she doesn't know she's a dog but thinks she's a people like us, she sleeps in the bed, preferably with her head on a pillow and body under the covers.

Nov 20, 2011

Thankful XX

Today I am thankful for Southwest Rapid Rewards.

Because I just used them to book my plane ticket to Jane and Chris's wedding! Up early Friday morning, to Boston in time for a nap, pre-wedding activities that night, wedding on Saturday, Sunday with friends/family and fly back Monday afternoon.

As you know, I recently got a Southwest credit card. I paid my $100 annual fee and -BAM!- 50,000 reward points. That enabled me to pay $7.50 today for my round-trip plane ticket to Boston. And I still have 20,000+ points left with which to visit Kev in the spring and maybe take another, or at least half of another, trip sometime later.

Thank you Southwest Airlines for not only helping me go see my favorite people but for being bag-free and generous with your peanuts.

Thankful XIX

Yesterday, I was thankful for the Travel Channel. Yes, definitely.

Nov 18, 2011

Thankful XVIII

I'm thankful for VTO - volunteer time off.

I mean really, how cool is that?

Also, only slightly related in that it's a work thing and it has a thankful message to it. Here's a really cool video I directed. (I guess you can say directed. I had the idea and helped define the "vision" if you will but my talented coworkers actually did most the creative work. Either way, it's very cool.)

Nov 17, 2011

Thankful XVII

The Dishwasher.

Yes, today I am thankful for the dishwasher.

Normally I hand wash our big pots and pans, not because they are fancy and I'm worried about keeping them up but because they are big. I can either fit in one large pot or three bowls. Obviously my choice is clear.

This week though has been unusually busy with A Christmas Affair and Ross picking up two 12-hour shifts of overtime.

So this morning when I saw that the kitchen sink was still full of dishes, I just said to hell with it. I filled the dishwasher quickly with a few large items and let it do it's magic while I went to work. Coming home to a clean kitchen and clean pots and pans is lovely.

Clearly, The Dishwasher is a gift from God herself.

Nov 16, 2011

Thankful XVI

The encore edition

Living life & having fun,
opening weekend for Rangers v Sox
I'm thankful for my husband.

I know I told you this earlier in the month, but lets be honest, I didn't do him justice. And to be totally honest there probably isn't a blog post in the world that can do him justice. But I'm going to at least try.

I'm thankful for Ross because he keeps me sane. He has a light-hearted attitude, wrote the book on fun and knows how to infuse any day with a good time. He lives life fully and whole-heartedly, taking risks and enjoying every minute. He's just plain fun to be around and who doesn't love that.

Loving Lexi,
whether she likes it or not
I'm thankful for Ross because he is affectionate. Whether it's me or Lexi, he always makes sure we know that we're tops. He hugs and kisses and sends silly text messages. I know every single minute of every single day that he loves me more than anything.

I'm thankful for Ross because he's giving. He's giving with presents, always making sure that this birthday or Christmas is better than the last. And he takes such a joy in the time and energy he invests in finding that perfect gift to bring a smile to your face.

I'm thankful for Ross because he followed his dream. That might sound a little cliche, but it's true. He didn't become a firefighter to make millions. He did it because it's what appeals to him, both for the adventurous nature and the giving back. Every day I'm proud that he is making a difference to families in their scariest moments. I'm also proud that he struck out on his own path, choosing something he's excited and passionate about instead of something that will simply fill the bank account. At the risk of getting ahead of myself, I'm thankful that our kids will see and learn from that example. Being passionate about your work and being able to help others are two of the most important lessons I want to teach our kids and he lives them every day.

Finally, I'm thankful for Ross because he's my other-half. Everything I'm not, he is. He's the perfect fit for me and I'm glad I snatched him up for my own.

Nov 15, 2011

Thankful XV

I'm thankful for Starbucks.

Why yes, I am a Gold Card Member.
And yes, I have considered changing my
direct deposit from BofA to Starbucks.
I know, it's a corporate giant and we're supposed to look out for the little guy but OH MY GOD do they know how to caffeinate a person.

It's gonna be one of those weeks. It's only Tuesday (never mind that I was sure it was Wednesday when flipping though my DVR tonight), I've already visited the 'buck twice and am betting on a third Thursday morning (late night A Christmas Affair volunteering tomorrow which I suspect will make for a sleepy Thursday morning). I love that no matter where I go, I can find a Starbucks and they can consistently make me the same drink: Caramel Frappaccino with 2% milk and no whip cream thankyouverymuch.

I'm proud to say I have a green Medusa of an early morning mistress.

Nov 14, 2011

Thankful XIV

I'm thankful for cheap wine.

When you find a cheap brand of wine that you actually like, that is the vino jackpot. Enter: Two Buck Chuck. Oh how I miss you cheap Trader Joe's wine. We had a good year together in college.

However, about this time last year I discovered Lucky Duck, a $4 per bottle brand available at Wal-Mart. Now I'm not much of a Wal-Mart shopper and in fact I can't even recall what took me in there on discovery day. But  now all of my Wal-Mart trips (about 4x per year) revolve around Lucky Duck wine. On Sunday for example I went and bought a few (five) bottles for our upcoming Christmas party. I love that for $20 I stocked my wine rack with stuff that I actually like.

As I'm mostly a chardonnay girl, I've mostly drank their chardonnay. However for our Christmas party I've also included a bottle of the malbec and one of the sauvignon blanc. I'll try my darnedest to review them post-party but I'll be honest, I'll be drinking (not tasting and spitting) so...yeah we'll see.

Three cheers for good cheap wine!

Thankful XIII

039I am thankful for Deltas.

Three-sided shapes and sparkly-personality ladies rock my world. I wasn't sure what to think when I first rushed but I'd always liked all-girl groups and I've always been a social creature, so what the heck. I rushed.

Best. Decision. Ever.

College instantly went from good to super awesome and amazing. It was like some incredibly smart force (ie "the computer" that we talked about at rush all the time) put every person with best friend potential in one convenient group for me. Smart, super smart, chatty, shy, spontaneous, funny, quirky, caring, gutsy, ambitious - you name it, these girls have personality!

The list of things I love about them is lengthy but a few stand-out summary points are...
  • Lots and lots of fun
  • Above and beyond for each other
  • Strong, smart and savvy
DSC00591I can't imagine my college experience without Deltas. The two are synonymous. Even though I'm "all grown up" now, I'm still a sorority girl at heart and will continue to be so indefinitely.

I can't wait to see them all again. Bring on St. Patty's Day!

PS Happy birthday to two Deltas, Anna (today) and (belated) Jess!

Nov 12, 2011

Thankful XII

Lexi playing in tree-obstacles at the dog park
on this beautiful, sunny fall day
Fall in Texas.

There's really nothing better. Football being played everywhere, crock pots of chili and soup goodness, warm-ish cool-ish weather.

Today for example is just lovely. Warm enough that you don't need a sweatshirt but cool enough that you consider it. And clear skies, lots of sun and a mild breeze.

Because of the fall weather, I can finally light yummy scented candles (Apple Cider is this year's fall scent of choice), put the comforter back on the bed, turn off the AC, still keep the heat off and open the windows in the morning and evening for a perfectly temperatured and scented home.

Happy fall!

Nov 11, 2011

Thankful XI

There is so much to be thankful for but today I think I am going to be thankful for parenthesis.

They are possibly my favorite tool in my writing toolbox. They allow for asides, tangents and other quirks to be worked into writing so smoothly. Without parenthesis, I don't think my writing would have nearly as much personality. (Just look at my past posts.)

This is not the first time I've declared my love for this punctuation. Here's an excerpt from my work blog bio:
When I'm not doing the social media thing, I enjoy hanging out with my husband and puppy, reading (especially Texas Monthly), going out to eat, volunteering and using parenthesis.

Nov 10, 2011

Thankful X

I'm thankful for my job.

Not only do I get to be gainfully employed (which rocks) but I really enjoy what I do, who I work with and our client base. I mean seriously, I get to talk about fundraising and making the world a better place all day every day. It's pretty awesome.

And, at the risk of sounding like a teacher's pet, I have good supervisors and there's an employee-friendly culture. I can't tell you how often people inquire about getting a job at our office and I'm always pleased to tell them about my experience. I'm thankful that I work someplace that attracts and retains lots of awesome people. So yes, today, I am thankful for my nine-to-five.

Nov 9, 2011

Thankful IX

loweC_2029I'm thankful for my in-laws.


(I know - you don't hear that too often right?)

My mother-in-law, Nancy, is a bit nutty but in the best way possible. She goes above and beyond for every member of the family, even for my parents, Grandma and brother. (Please recall Hurricane Ike and the Lowe-Turner co-habitation.) She makes sure we have everything we need and most things we want, even if the requests are a little ridiculous sometimes.

My father-in-law, Jack, is the absent-minded professor. He's one of the few people who is both smart and wise. He's book smart like nobody's business but also wise in that he knows when to give his two cents, when to pick his battles and gives outstanding marital advice. ("Ross, you get one, she gets two. This is how this works.")

My sister-in-law, Meg, is the sister-in-law jackpot. While she made me cry (happy tears) at my bridal shower, most times she leaves me doubling over laughing. She totally gets me...and usually she takes my side in debates which I also really appreciate.

And none of them take themselves too seriously which makes (gentle) in-law joking and teasing that much more fun because they lead the charge.

Nov 8, 2011

Thankful VIII

I'm thankful for good doctors.

My GP wrote out very detailed directions for tackling my wicked awful allergies today. And yesterday, Lexi's doctor gave her eye drops for her allergies. Here's to hoping me and my baby are both allergy free in a few days!

Nov 7, 2011

Thankful VII

I'm thankful for traditions with friends.

Traditions, rituals, routines, call them what you will, I'm thankful for them.

Every month Haila and I have lunch at Chuy's and today was that blessed day of the month. I love that we do this. In 2 years we've only missed one month (last month due to sick kid on her part and then allergy me on my part). It's great. We spend an hour or so at Chuy's, catching up on everything under the sun. I love it.

Also, about every 9-12 months the Deltas reconvene to "party like it's 2007," which for what it's worth is my fav way to describe our annual reunions. On my recent Cheryl-only trip to Seattle, Val and I discussed the importance and wonderfulness of these events. And then when we realized we were running out of weddings to act as our excuses, we started handing out years. (It's unofficial but I believe Val gets 2013, Emal's been nominated for 2014 and I'd like to claim 2015. Please feel free to challenge us on any of these if you have major life events you'd like to commemorate with a party.) (Jane, you have 2012 but that one is very official.)

And that's why today I'm thankful for our routine reunions. Let's keep 'em up girls!

Thankful VI

I'm thankful for Goodwill.

Yesterday I made a quick trip down to the local Goodwill donation center to drop off bags of clothes that no longer fit, never fit in the first place and really shouldn't have been bought, etc. After taking my donation and giving me my tax receipt, the man working said "Thank you for your donation. It's helping put people to work."

It was one of the warmest, fuzziest, directly mission-related things I've heard in a while. It reminded me that not only did I get my closet cleaned out, I helped people who want to be self-sufficient be a little more self-sufficient. Thanks Goodwill Industries of Central Texas for that happy moment :)

(PS A day late I know but really, what's one day right?)

Nov 5, 2011

Thankful V

Outlet Malls.

(Do not judge me for the materialistic, superficial nature of this one.)

There is no shopping experience better than going to stores out of your normal, comfortable price range and making purchases at 30, 40, 50 sometimes 60+%  off. Nothing better. It's practically a game - can I save more than I spend?

In that game, today, I won big time. Check out what I scored.

Gap long-sleeved top: originally $25, purchased for $12.50
Banana Republic sweater: originally $50, purchased for $25
Banana Republic earrings: originally $20, purchased for $5

And that doesn't even count the Christmas shopping I did which I can tell you was all 50% off or more.  (For what it's worth, I was not on a Christmas shopping mission but when a good deal jumps out at you on exactly what you want to get a person, you'd be a fool not to act on it.)

It's no wonder I'm feeling thankful for outlet malls.

Nov 4, 2011

Thankful IV

I'm thankful for lunchtime phone calls and "walks" with Mom. Mostly I am just thankful to have an awesome Mom who is a spectacular listener, great Christmas party-thrower, very savvy businesswoman, Coach-purse addict, natural teacher, fun color room-painter, unbelievably wise and empathetic and who always taught us that it's what on the inside that really matters.

And because you are one of the four people who read this - Mom, I love you. You are the best.


Nov 3, 2011

Florence Hotel BOOKED

Hurray! I booked our hotel for two nights in Florence, Italy! We're staying at the Rosary Garden Hotel which has excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.

Normally we stay in the most simple room at whatever hotel we're in. No reason to blow money on a hotel - I've got wine, food and clothes I want to blow money on.

However since we've booked this hotel so early, I was able to upgrade us a little. We'll be staying in a Superior Double Room as opposed to the Classic Double Room. Clearly, we are high-rollers.

Ha! Yeah right! Budget shopper/traveler is more like it. With a little non-refundable risk, we got the fancy schmancy room, breakfast and afternoon tea included, for $43 under budget.

What I need now is Italian for "Florence here I come!"

(By the way, 2 blog posts in an hour - things are crazy around here!)

Thankful III

Last note post-posting I was reading my Google Reader and stumbled upon Jane's blog where she wrote about the #BeThankfulChallenge...which is apparently what I have started participating in without even knowing it.

In honor of the challenge, today I am thankful for blogs. They keep me up-to-date on Delta happenings worldwide, are a big part of me staying employed and per an earlier post, are a great way to chronicle memories. Deltas, paychecks and memories, all three are very good things.

PS As I sip my hot chocolate and get ready to book a hotel in Italy I am thankful for so many things. But I'm trying to keep them on deck instead of sharing them all with you now. I mean - whats if I have a bad day this month? I may need one of these evergreen awesome items to fill my thankful day.

Nov 2, 2011

Thankful II

loweC_4086edit1I'm thankful for my Dad who says things like "Wow, this car is great. We should get her this one" and "I know there's a budget, but make sure she has a nice wedding" and "Well, if it's it not gone by Tuesday, you do what your old man says and go to the doctor you hear."

And my favorite: "You go, girl."

Thankful I

So excited for Movember that
he started growing it 3 days early.
This pic marks Movember 1, 2011
On Facebook just now I saw an old high school friend posting her "Day 2 of Thankfulness" status update. I gotta say, I dig it (and I'm feeling a little ADD at work...last distraction, I promise). So guess what blog readers, in addition to the usual stuff, you are getting the Thankful series this year, counted out in Roman Numerals (because seriously, that's way fun).

So it may be a day late but better late than never.

Thankful I is my enthusiastic for life, fun and ridiculousness husband who is growing a moustache in the name of cancer-free livin', the best kind of livin' if you ask me.

Nov 1, 2011

Movember is here!

Movember is here!

Movember is when moustaches invade November in the name of awareness for and fundraising to fight prostate cancer. There's some disagreement about when and where Movember began, but in a nutshell it began 7-11 years ago in Australia (either Adelaide or Melbourne, we aren't sure). I first got wind of it while studying in Sydney and interning for the Cancer Council Australia. Last year US participants raised $7.5 million to fight prostate cancer through orgs like LIVESTRONG and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Creepy Moustache Guy
Creepy Ross 'stache from earlier this year.
Get ready for more of the same...and then some
As you know, Ross is a lover of moustaches and firefighters worldwide are among the best growers of moustaches. Add into it our strong opposition to cancer and it's only natural that Ross bring Movember to the guys at GFD.

Led by their fearless moustache growing Movember captain Ross, the GFD Mo-Bros are 19 strong for their inaugural year.

And it's a very serious effort, complete with email heckling, posters, business cards and maybe a moustache growth flip book at the end.

If you would like to support Ross and the GFD Mo-Bros, you can donate to him online right here.

Check his "Mo-Space" and my blog throughout Movember for updated pics of the 'stache. It's bound to be epic.