Nov 27, 2014

A Most Special Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

We took a one-night trip to Seabrook to see the Lowe family. It was a quick trip but we had one mission in mind: to bring together all four great grandbabies with their Great Grandma for a holiday dinner.


All 5 kiddos, their "Lowe" parent and Great Grandma
Woohoo! We had 23 people spanning for generations at our crazy Thanksgiving dinner. Ages 9 months to 89 years. It was an extra special holiday for sure.

Our Thanksgiving adventure we realized upon arriving, was also our first family vacation together. Since Cade was born he and I have taken trips but Ross' schedule hasn't worked for him to join before. This was the first time we all (Lexi included) headed out of town together.

So from our little traveling family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving!

A coastal holiday for the Black family

Nov 23, 2014

War Path

Don't let his cute smiles and sweet little "hi" fool you. When Cade Daniel wants to be destructive, he is, as his Grandpa says, on Team Destructo.

Today my cute little 20 month old was on the warpath. He climbed on two tables - dining room and the bar-height game room table. Pour at least 3 bowls of food on the floor. Played the drums with a salt shaker and had no less than three meltdowns. The third, at bedtime, was so severe, Ross came running to my aid worried I might follow with my own meltdown.

Sweet boy, I love your energy but tomorrow can we put it toward something more productive?

Nov 20, 2014

Christmas Picture

Hehe, Cade was SO SO wiggley at Christmas pictures. When I tell you this is the only shot in which he isn't a blur of motion or making a super strange cross-eyed, tongue-out, talking face, trust me. I mean it. The ONLY one.


Nov 19, 2014


Yesterday I took over the Austin Mom's Blog Instagram account for the day. In Instgrams, here was our day


Nov 10, 2014

I Got My Shoes On

Cade really loves putting on his shoes. Still working on doing it by himself but as you can see, we're practicing.


He also brings us our shoes, both randomly and when we are going somewhere. He was a little bummed today when we were going on a walk and I didn't want to wear the shoes he brought me. Because they were 3 inch peep-toe pumps. But he let me wear my flip flops when he realized that meant we got to go to his favorite place ever: OUTSIDE!!

Nov 3, 2014

New Hat

$0.97 spent at Wal-mart, well worth it. Look at that smile! (Plus his little baby head will stay warm this winter.)


Nov 1, 2014

Happy Halloween from the Littlest Trick or Treater

Cade went trick-or-treating! Like real actual trick-or-treating to multiple houses with both parents and for part of it, his favorite pup.

Yesterday we got decked out as NFL stars and knocked on four neighbors' doors. All were very nice and Cade made out like a toddler candy bandit. Which really means we made out like candy bandits since he is not allowed to eat it yet.
After our formal trick-or-treating, Cade and I went on a stroller adventure to Margeaux and Ryan's. Mostly because I wanted some exercise but it was fun to show off his costume, see Ryan's big bird costume (feather boas and dyed long-johns included) and enjoy a candy corn punch cocktail with Margeaux.