Aug 31, 2014

Every Last Drop of Summer

You could argue that we have another 2 months of summer in Texas. And you might be right. But this weekend, as you know, marks the unofficial end of summer and Cade and are making the most of it. We are a waterlogged pair.

Yesterday we splashed around at the gym pool. We had it all to ourselves at 10 a.m. We plan to go back tomorrow after nap; I suspect at 3p we'll have to share it though.


And today we had a few friends over for kiddie pools, sprinklers, slip-n-slide and happy hour (while the dads/husbands drafted their fantasy football teams). Today was the more popular of the two, especially since one friend brought her 9 year old daughter and Cade took to her immediately.

I forsee she and her older sister doing some parents' helpers babysitting for us during football game parties this fall!


Aug 29, 2014

When you work from home...

A sales director at work asked me to join his weekly team meeting today. They are based on the east coast so it meant dialing in at 8a. I told him I would be happy to join but would be taking the call from home since I couldn't feasibly make preschool dropoff and get to work by 8a. No big deal, everyone had a chuckle about Curious George being on in the background.

Per the plan, I spoke for 10-15 minutes, introducing myself, giving a sneak peek into some of my marketing plans. I figured 15 minutes was what Cade would give me so we were doing great. Then though we launched into Q&A. The team had great questions and I took the time to answer them; Cade was still happily playing and watching cartoons. Win-win-win.

But then I saw It: the baby poop face.

Giggle to myself, "he's so funny when he makes that face." Continue with phone call. Oh how blissfully ignorant I was.

Next thing I know: exploding diaper! Poop out the top! Meanwhile, the team is still asking questions about marketing plans. At this point Cade starts crying, because, duh, he's sitting in his own exploding poop.

When, mercifully, the director said "thank you for joining us Cheryl. You can stay on the call if you - " I didn't let him finish his sentence before "Thank you! I need to run. Toddler situation. Bye y'all!" Because literally, there was a shitstorm happening. Shit had hit the floor.

I'm not even sure I had hung up the phone before I started yelling "Ross! Ross! I need you. NOW."

Aug 24, 2014

This weekend brought to you by the letter D

Whew, y'all, I am tired. It was a busy weekend! But lemme hit the highlights of our weekend brought to you by the letter D.

Brit and I visited Nichole in Big D this weekend! We had a fancy night out on the town Friday with a late rooftop dinner (lobster salad! and oh my goodness, the best house Chardonnay. I've never had a house wine that tasty) and barhopping downtown. She lives right in the city (a loft apartment downtown - so trendy!) so it was like flashbacks to Boston...with cabs, trains, downtown nightlife. Pretty fun! Saturday we hung out at a swanky pool (I'm talking a fountain/waterfall thing, gorgeous blue tile around it and in the middle of downtown, SWA-ANKY) and then had a quiet wine on the couch night.
I told you we were fancy

Double Date
Ross and Cade had a double date with Jon and Rowan Saturday morning. The four of them went to the Austin Zoo. Seriously, the sweetest thing ever. What great dads! I love taking fun adventures with Cade and I'm glad Ross gets to do the same. Icing on the cake was Erin texting me later that when she asked Rowan what her favorite part of the zoo was, Rowan said "Cade." It's a good thing those two have chaperones.

Aren't they the cutest pair
OK I know this isn't a D word but whatevs. Cade stayed Saturday night with Nancy so I could have 2 nights in Dallas even though Ross had to work early today. I picked my boy up right after his nap and we enjoyed the last official weekend of summer at the pool*. He totally mastered the pirate ship slide which clearly made his day.

More slide more slide
*Trust me, I know I live in Texas. It will feel like summer for another 8 weeks (or more) but the pool hours are getting limited with school starting this coming week. 

Aug 21, 2014

Bye bye baby

One of our neighbor's took his toddler on a walk through our cul-de-sac a couple of nights ago. Looking out the window, Cade started talking to the kiddo. Here's what he had to say.

Aug 18, 2014

Sprinkler Party

UntitledCade is just starting to warm up to the sprinkler. The 100+ days are surely part of his motivation.

Not pictured: new-to-us kiddie pool complete with slide courtesy of our very nice neighbors whose son is officially too rambunctious for it now.

Aug 13, 2014


But he was so proud of his spoon use
You wonder why moms always seem to have their little humans' food on them?

Because of meals like this.

And that isn't an angry kid. Oh no, that is happy, singing, drum playing kid. Ya know, just a normal Sunday night dinner.

Aug 10, 2014

M+R Wedding!

It's like a flashback to our wedding :)
They tied the knot! Yesterday was the big Margeaux and Ryan wedding with all members of the Family Black involved. We were extra lucky too because my Mom spent the weekend (and thus her birthday with us) to help celebrate and keep tabs on the cutie ring bearer. Hurray for grandmothers!

As you know, Cade got 1/2 ready at home (me and Mom  got full ready) and then we met Ross, the happy couple and the rest of the wedding party at the venue around 5. We finished getting Cade dressed, had some pics with the boys, snapped some selfies, changed a diaper, and snuck a look at the bride (just me that is). Then it was time for the big moment!

We weren't totally sure how Cade would do going down the aisle. He had two role models in Ryan's nephews but still, big crowd, new kiddos, it was all a little strange for him. BUT HE DID AWESOME!

I walked the boys into the building, pointed the older two in the right direction, put Cade down and told him to walk to Daddy. And so he did. All by himself. He stopped about 2/3 the way down the aisle to say hi to flirt with one of the lady guests but then toddled the rest of the way, straight into his Dad's arms. They stood at the front together for a minute and then right before Margeaux's entrance, Ross handed him off to my mom who was waiting with books, snacks and toys in the front row. He quietly sat with her for the whole ceremony. Like a champ. Cuz he's the best.

Ryan looked dapper, Margeaux was stunning and most important, they both seemed very confident and happy. They were sung out by a Michael Buble song, took some pics and then it was dinner and dancing to a live band.

It was a great night and we are so happy to have celebrated with our fun and loving framily all night long. Enjoy the pics!

Like father, like son
My best boy looking dashing in a bowtie and mustache
Happy Birthday Grandma!

Getting Ready Pics

Every bride likes to have those special "getting ready" pics. Her mom adjusting her veil, groom's boutonniere being pinned on by his mother, bridesmaids in their yoga pants and button down shirts while getting their hair done, groomsmen helping ease the nerves with a beer together.

I didn't want Cade to be left out of the getting ready fun but it would have been unreasonable to request a photographer come to our house. So I took it upon myself and my iPhone to document it for Margeaux and Ryan.

Not 1 bubble bath, but 2

Get those pearly whites white!

A cold apple juice to calm the nerves

Obligatory selfie

Guarding the door. No girls (besides Mommy and Grandma) allowed.
...who knows.

Aug 7, 2014

Breakfast Date with my Best Boy

UntitledThe best way to start any day is by taking my best boy out on a breakfast date.

We're on our way to school and work and are all decked out in make-up, high heels, polos and plaid shorts. Way fancier than the yoga pants and gym shorts we usually wear on our breakfast dates.

Aug 4, 2014

Aug 3 + Vegas = Wedding

Mrs. Vancil's new ring and her
"old new borrowed blue" wedding gift.
Last August, Val and Justin got hitched on the 3rd. In Vegas. At the Little White Wedding Chapel. In a pink Cadillac.

This year MEGAN AND STACY ELOPED on August 3 (ie yesterday). In Vegas. At the Little White Wedding Chapel. In a pink Cadillac.

So it appears that if you go to Vegas on August 3rd, you are bound to get married in a pink Cadillac.

And have family and friends who are over the moon happy for you.

Congrats to the newlyweds! We are so incredibly, unbelievably, really and truly overjoyed for you both and thrilled to welcome Stacy into the family officially.

Aug 2, 2014

Eskimo Summer

You've heard of an Indian Summer but I think this year we're having an Eskimo Summer in Austin (yes, that is an originally coined term...I think...). Yesterday and today the highs have been 90 or below. Perfect for my pre-new-job long weekend.

Cade and I went to the Play for All Park before preschool and I swear it was cooler outside than in our house. It was intended to be a short park trip but ended up lasting almost an hour. In part because of the great weather and in part because we ran into another mom/toddler pair we kinda know (we seem to have similar park schedules so have seen them there a few times).

I had girls lunch and haircut plans for the afternoon but some under-the-weather conditions changed those.

Plan B ended up pretty damn good though. Ross and I went on a double lunch date with Ryan and Margeaux and then I had a leisurely trip to the outlet mall. It was incredible that on August 1 I could do outside shopping in Texas without melting. Seriously the perfect day for some outlet shopping.

I made the couple returns I needed to do and came home with a few new good items. I snagged a great new necklace from Banana Republic (20% off), a tank top from Ann Taylor LOFT (...not sure the discount but only cost $14) and new jean shorts ($10!). I love a good shopping trip.

UntitledWe had a quiet evening at home with a walk to the park, wine on the porch and the Travel Channel.

Today has been a laid back day of chores and laziness. We started with Saturday morning cartoons with our favorite toddler, then HEB and the park. Since I didn't find the black flats I was looking for yesterday, I went on a DSW adventure after lunch. I was successful on the flats and found a killer pair of gray heels for the office. KILLER I tell you.

The rest of the day is toddler playtime, BBQ dinner and after toddler bedtime, hubby-wife board game night. I'm loving the Eskimo Summer weekend and all the outdoor time we're enjoying!