Dec 19, 2007

UWCA Word on the Street

So there have been some words on the street from the good old United Way Capital Area, specifically in reference to funding.

On Friday they announced who was going to receive funding and who was not. Sad to say folks, the Girl Scouts are not receiving any funding this year. We have been sad to hear this but are taking it as an opportunity to reach out to our supporters to meet a new need. With any luck, they will answer the call!

Today we had a press conference with several other area non profits who are suffering from this sudden loss of funding. The Austin Business Journal did a very brief piece and KVUE and FOX did a bit on the evening news. Hopefully this will call some attention to the need.

Dec 17, 2007

I'm a bridesmaid for a lovely engaged lady

Summer 2009 I go to the greater Boston area to be a bridesmaid in the hitching of Boo and Joe. Hurray!

PS Check out those rocks! Way to go Joey!

Dec 16, 2007

Jingle Bell Rock

Get Under That Mistletoe
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We had a heck of a party! I think we had in the ball park of 30 people throughout the night. Some Christmas music, a few cocktails and some kissin' under the mistletoe...convienently placed near the alcohol to encourage smooching.

When Melissa arrived she took this pic of Ross and I, the first and only good one I have of us. Yay!

Dec 15, 2007


Joe proposed to AJ!!!!!
It happened last night, I don't yet know how he did it but I know he did it. And I know she said yes. And I know I've talked to them both and they couldn't be happier!

Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Renaud!

Dec 9, 2007

Jingle All The Way

I spent a decent portion of my weekend party planning. Saturday Dec. 15 is the big Chrismukkah party and I am psyched. However in my party planning I have found two things difficult to come by on the old internet: champagne punch recipe and playlist suggestions.

I have settled on an orange-n-apple champagne punch (lets hope it tastes as yummy as it sounds) and have pulled together a 60 song play list, a mix of holiday tunes and old favs. Now for your reading pleasure, here's a sampling. Please feel free to suggest additions

Jingle Bells - SheDAISY
All I want for Christmas - Mariah Carey
I Get a Kick Out of You - Frank Sinatra
Amarillo by Morning - George Strait
Christmas in Dixie - Kenny Chesney
Linus & Lucy - Vince Guaraldi Trio
Ants Marching - Dave Matthews Band
Please Come Home for Christmas - the Eagles
Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffett
Little Saint Nick - the Beach Boys
Baby it's cold out - Jessica Simpson
What Are You Doing New Years Eve - the Orioles
Free Fallin' - Tom Petty

Dec 8, 2007

Double Up

It was double date week. Not that we went out with anyone else, we just went out twice ourselves. Thats right two date nights in one week. How lucky does a girl get?

We saw No Country for Old Men on Wednesday and are still trying to figure out the end. And last night we did dinner (just at Chili's) and then went ice skating on the rooftop rink at the Whole Foods downtown. Didn't know you could ice skate at the grocery store did you? It was Ross's first ice skating experience and he managed not to fall even once. Now he's no Nancy Kerrigan (but neither am I) so we'll have to give it another try one day.

The past couple weeks have just been absurd. I have discussed it with the girls at work and we think a full moon must just be hovering over Austin lately. I'm looking forward to when all the craziness ends. It's just getting plain exhausting at this point. I could really go for an uneventful week. And apparently the Thanksgiving-Christmas crunch that exists during school also applies to the Girl Scouts. I'm anxiously looking down the tunnel at Christmas break. That's right, I may be outta school but I still have a Christmas break - 10 days of it to be exact. God bless it.

Dec 6, 2007

Eat Mor Chikin

Ross and I were very sick Monday night and we blame the beef that someone fed us Sunday for the disaster. Ross, who ate about twice as much as I did, was twice as sick. It cost us each a day of work, very bad in both of our cases.

That is the short version for why I, now more than ever, support the Chik-fil-a cows as they remind us to "eat more chikin."

Dec 3, 2007

Girl Scout Christmas

my buddy, Kassidy
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We had our holiday party today but the real thing to note is that little Kassidy made her Girl Scout debut.

Oh and she and I are like best friends. Yup, for reals. She let me carry her for the longest time, until she was stolen from me by Pat. And she didn't hardly cry. I told Haila I was going to take little Kassidy home with me and Kassidy gave her permission. As much as a month old baby can give her permission.

I can't wait til she comes to the office regularly to play!!

Nov 25, 2007

Nine'll do it

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For many many moons, there were 8 grandchildren on my dad's side of the family. My grandparents couldn't be happier to have 8 grandkids, 5 girls and 3 boys. Not a perfectly even split but since they had 4 sons, you gotta figure, more girls than boys in the grandkids evens it out some.

Few and far between were/are the times all us grandkids end up in the same room. Last time it happened was Thanksgiving 2004.

But we did it again this week - and now with 9 "kids." My oldest cousin, Robin, married Steve last Labor Day weekend and he's quickly been adopted as the long lost 9th grandchild. So yup, now its 9 kids, the baby being almost 16. We have long since banished the kids table tradition - I think that really went to the wayside when my oldest uncle, Jerry, was sent to the kids table a few years back. You just can't call a table with a 50-something year old man the kids table now can you?

On Thanksgiving, in her happiness to have all 9 of her grandbabies present, Grandma even stopped to say one day she'd have 16 grandbabies, once she marries all of us off. Whoa, Gram, slow down, hold your horses, lady, hold your horses.

Nov 18, 2007

I'll Give $100 to...

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the person who can show me a better Christmas decoration than Cowboy Claus.

Happily Ever After

Well folks, that's it. Brittany Magness is no longer; meet Brittany Chesnut, proud and happy wife of Ken Chesnut.

The wedding was just gorgeous. Not everything went exactly as planned - apparently the weather gods will do whatever they want despite your wishes. Thankfully there was a covered area that was gorgeous so nothing lost.

Ken's vows, which he wrote himself, were wonderful. He said he first fell in love with her smile, then her heart and then her family. Oh I melt again just thinking about it.

The best man's speech was outstanding. He first gave advice to Brittany: cook all Ken's favorite meals, let him do whatever he wants and encourage him to go out with his friends every night. All joking of course - "I know Ken loves you very much because he spent a ton of time writing this speech and your marital advice for me!" A nice little change to serious talking about how Ken had always been the best brother and he hoped he could one day be there for Ken the way Ken had been for him. Finally ended with advice for Ken, learn three little phrases "yes ma'am" "I'm sorry" and "OK buy it."

Brittany sure cut a rug on the dance floor! That bride was all over the place! I think she made back the wedding costs on the dollar dances.

Now they are off to Cancun to enjoy their first week as husband and wife.

In what seemed like an entirely new day, I went with a few folks from the bridal party to the bar at the hotel where they were staying. While waiting for my drink, I see across the bar Olga Campos (news anchor for ABC in Austin)! Olga has been very supportive of the Girl Scouts and so while I didn't really want to talk shop on a Saturday night when we were each out enjoying ourselves, I really needed to introduce myself. We email and talk on the phone regularly but had just never met in person. After confirming that it was her, and chatting with her husband, I met Olga who was incredibly nice. Networking moment of my year.

Nov 17, 2007

Rehearse: to practice, have a dry run, the rough draft

Yo y la bride
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And so they rehearsed. I did not go to the rehearsal as I have nothing to rehearse. Well that is a lie. But I stayed at home and practiced the following.

"Evening ma'am! Don't forget to sign their guest book." big grin
"Hi yall, the guest book is just to your right." big grin
"Oh aren't you the cutest thing in a tux under 4 feet. Make sure mommy signs the guest book from Kenny and Brittany." big grin

I think I have it down.

Brittany was great at the dinner. She gave a nice and somewhat serious speech thanking everyone, most especially her bridesmaids. Followed up by Ken who lightened the mood telling stories of his groomsmen and handing out booze.

It was after dinner that Brittany finally realized it - she was getting married tomorrow! I think she sat next to me for two hours saying "I am getting MARRIED tomorrow. WEIRD!"

No worries though, they'll go through with it. They are head over heels in love.

And she has a princess dress. Nothing would keep her outta that dress today.

Nov 16, 2007

And just like that - the week was over!

What a week! Work has been just crazy. We're putting together our program booklet, Possibilities, 122 pages of super cool Girl Scout activities from February through August. I received the proofs from the printer on Wednesday and had to have the edits and ideally all the photos (approximately 100 of them) back to him by today.

I feel like I've been studying for a final or something.

Reading and rereading and talking about the same 122 pages all day, every day. I am so glad to have sent it in! Now a week's break until the next round of edits.

Needless to say when date night came up yesterday, I didn't want to take the energy to study a new menu or even think of a new place to go to. Ross pointed out though that new places is what we do. And I like doing new places so I wanted to keep that going.

Oh Ross was great! He drove and even picked the place, Macaroni Grill over in the Arboretum. It was the perfect choice, Italian food (ie comfort food), a place I had actually never been despite that they are all over the place and in a good location for the other things we needed to do last night. Anyways the review of it is this: very nicely sized portions, yummy bruschetta but terrible house wine. I didn't even get to have my wine in a wine glass! They poured my wine, the house chardonnay, into a juice glass. I kid you not, it looked like I was drinking apple juice. And then they left the JUG O' WINE on the table for me in case I wanted more. Not only did I look like a broke college kid drinking wine from whatever glass she could find, but I looked like a lush with a whole jug of it in front of me.

Lucky for Macaroni Grill, the company and conversation were wonderful - as they always are on date night.

Off to Brittany's rehearsal dinner! Wish Ross was here to be my date but he's off being a big shot in Dallas for a work conference-meeting thing. It's a tough life being in love with such a hot shot.

Nov 11, 2007


On Wednesday this week the high is 91. Austin, Texas, I wish I could protest but currently the weather for Brittany's wedding is also looking good. I will not protest for fear of ruining her day. However, come November 18, once the wedding is over, I demand it never again in 2007 breach 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don't believe it either? Seriously, visit and you'll see for yourself.

For the love of all things Holy, Ninety-one in November. In Boston I knew July days that weren't this hot. I have my AC on! In November! REALLY!?

Dear Weather Gods,

Please do not mistake this for a snow request. It is just a request that you turn off the sauna and let my city enjoy a day without sweating. No need to turn on the fan or the AC, just off with the sauna!

Again, snow not required or requested.


one down, two to go (almost)

My dear friend Zach from high school dates an amazing gal, Mandi. Mandi's been around for so long now and is so great that often I forget she didn't go to high school with me. I lump her (in the best way) in with the group labeled "high school friends." Fortunately for her she also knows all our stories from high school and can therefore play it off like she did go to good ole CLHS.

Well Mandi is graduating on DECEMBER 15!! I called her today about attending the Chrismukkah party but she has to walk across that fancy stage and get her degree, which I suppose is a decent excuse for not being able to attend my little party.

Mandi graduating marks the first of my closest "high school friends" to graduate college. Zach will be shortly in May and I think Jerry will also be in May. Way to go Mandi on starting the trend. You make us so very proud!

And more importantly, once she is done with school she will have fewer excuses for not coming to see me. (Of course I have no excuses for not going to see her - and Zach I suppose - yet I have not made it to G-Island this fall. Shoot, must get on that.)

Nov 9, 2007

La Casa Chapala

This date night thing is great. I'm loving it. Ross even says he enjoys our date night ritual. LOVE IT.

Tonight we went to Casa Chapala which catered the Girl Scout Hey Chica event last weekend. It was such a good tacky Mexican place! They make the salsa at your table, which for the record is a way fun thing. And the margaritas are enormous and delicious. For a little hole in the wall in a strip mall, they do OK I'd say. Oh and they make their fajitas with mushrooms. I'm very much a fan of that and wish more places did it. For atmosphere and tacky Mexican decorations, I give them a 9, right on par with Don Picos in Clear Lake. Food, we say an 8-8.5 (the mushrooms pushed it to an 8.5 for me).


Nov 6, 2007

Only 48 Days and 7 Hours To Go!

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I couldn't help myself I tell you. It was like some jolly candy cane eating song singing elf possessed me!

I went to Target and bought Christmas kitchen match the Christmas table cloth I bought over the weekend. Then at Hobby Lobby I bought the goodies necessary for a holiday flower display. I came home, put on my Country Christmas CD, opened the windows and turned on the fan in an effort to make the place cold enough for a sweatshirt and then I did it - I put up my very first Christmas decoration of 2007.

God, it felt good.

Nov 4, 2007

Meet Haila's Li'l Pumpkin

Haila sent me a pic of little Miss Kassidy! Ain't she just sweet as pie...pumpkin pie!

Now back to my pumpkin (bread) and the Pats-Colts game. Go Pats!

Cheryl & Ross: Professional Restaurant Try-ers

To say we are "pro restaurant critics" or "Austin's food know-alls" might be going a little over the top. But Professional Restaurant Try-ers is definitely accurate.

Last Friday Ross took me to Bess, a cute bistro downtown that is owned by actress and Austin local, Sandra Bullock. For a Friday at 8, the wait wasn't too bad (about 35 minutes) and since its located next door to Little Woodrow's, a small bar chain we both like, we were able to relax next door with some well priced beverages. Anyway, we both really enjoyed Bess. My inner romantic was satisfied by the outdoor dining with white Christmas lights in the trees. My cosmopolitan was yummy and Ross-the-former-bartender was wow-ed by their super cool bar appliances. Yes, appliances. The avocado dip appetizer was delicious. We each enjoyed our meals too, mine of chicken and asparagus, his of... pot pie (maybe? I don't totally remember).

Then on Wednesday Ross craved some cheap Chinese take out and who doesn't love Chinese take out. Well the take out story is a depressing one but suffice it to say we shall never again be patrons of Panda Express.

This Friday we went to Artz Rib House on South Lamar. Once inside you would have never known that you were actually still in the city. I definitely felt like I was in no-wheres-ville Texas with the red plaid table cloths, live music and uber-casual staff. With the exception of being out of chicken, it was a great little BBQ joint. Ross loved his ribs and my cheddar cheeseburger was as solid as it gets (though I must admit, Tookies in Seabrook still makes a better burger). The potato salad and lemonade were my fav food wise. I hold that the atmosphere is what you really go to Artz for. We gave it a 7.5 out of 10 for food and 8 on atmosphere.

Now I know what you're thinking - come on Cheryl! Only three reviews!? Some Professional Restaurant Try-er you are!! Well hold your horses folks. Friday is date night and we'll be going someplace else new. I'll report back our findings.

Nov 1, 2007

How Very Nice to Meet You Kassidy

Yesterday Kassidy Evan Yates entered the world as one happy 7 pound 20 inch baby! Mama Haila called up to the office and shared the good news. Shannon gave me a call, since I'd already left, and I just kept driving straight to the hospital.

No pictures yet but as soon as I do, don't worry, I will share.

If I am this anxious to share pictures of Haila's baby, just imagine how I'll be with my day. In the far future.

Oct 28, 2007

A Reminder From Your Friendly Local Cancer Fighter

If you live in Texas, you can now vote on Proposition 15, the $3 billion cancer research bill on the current ballot!

Want to do early voting? Cool beans! If you live in Travis County, visit to learn where you can indulge in some early voting glory.

I voted today; it was short and it made the volunteers smile. So go ahead, vote. It'll make you feel good inside.


look at that hot couple
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Happy Halloween!!

Last night Nikki (girlfriend from high school who lives in Austin, actually just up the road from Ross) and her fiance had an outstanding Halloween party. I think she spent all day decorating. The house looked awesome!

Ross is working a ton, 6 days a week. So it was his one night to let his hair down. And let it down he did, as a Tom Selleck look-a-like. His costume was way better than mine but I loved being a witch. (Ross: not much of a costume is it? ha ha ha. Isn't he clever?)

And of course the first picture I get of the two of us is in Halloween costumes. And you thought you might get to see what he actually looks like. HA. I laugh at that my friend. I laugh.

Hook 'em Horns!

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I went to my first UT game!!

Saturday was gorgeous, just gorgeous. 75 and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Brittn couldn't make it to the game because she was having some QT with her sweetie so she all but gave me her ticket. (The football gods are shining on her very approvingly at the moment.) I went tailgating and to the game with Nirav, the older brother of my good friend Ankur (who I was in Sydney with). Nirav and I have hung out a few times, he's good people.

And God bless my camera phone because the batteries in my real camera were dead! I say for being taken on a phone, this photo ain't half bad.

Oh yes, and we won the game, 28-23. Take that Nebraska.

Oct 22, 2007

Monday Madness

Girl Scouts of Central Texas communications department is a crazy place on a Monday with the boss lady gone!

In my new temp role as quasi boss lady, I sat in on today's directors' meeting. The subject of the meeting was about what you would expect - updates from each department. What I found to be the most interesting was the dynamics. I was the youngest person by probably 10 years. Most of the directors are in their 40s or 50s. It was kinda heady to have a large portion on an agenda with an audience who have mostly been out of college as long as I've been alive.

Ross and I had an excellent phone call tonight. We usually have nice phone calls but today's was especially nice. He's a swell guy.

And, uh, how about them Red Sox?! World Series bound!

Oct 21, 2007


second proposal
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This weekend was "Brittany Weekend, Part 1." Saturday she and I went to pick up her wedding dress - gorgeous! Unless you are Ken or her daddy, you can see it here, on David's Bridal. She looks like a princess in it!

Then we had their shower at her matron of honor's house. Beautiful home! They got all kinds of house-y things, though no blenders, which I consider to be the wedding gift staple.

AND then we had Britt's bachelorette party. She got a great variety of lingerie from her friends, mother and soon to be mother in law. She was also given a martini glass that had a slightly inappropriate base and a veil with a collection of the same inappropriate item on it. We had dinner, did a wine tasting and then hit up 6th street for a bit. We created a list of things she had to do that evening and in this pic she is completing one of the tasks: getting proposed to a second time.

I'm very excited for her wedding! She's such a cute bride.

In other news, my boss, Haila is incredibly pregnant and now working from home. She has a PUPPP rash which is why she can't come in. It means the transition of me to Communications team lead is beginning. I'm very sad she has such an icky rash but I am excited to begin my stint in this new leadership position. I think its a really good opportunity to show my potential and hopefully set myself up for promotions later on. Prove myself now sort of.

I also had several members of the GSCTX fund dev/comm staff over on Friday for margaritas. Big hit! I used Ross's limeade margarita recipe and it was much loved by all.

OK now back to the Red Sox (who are at this moment, up 3-0 in game 7 against the Indians). LOVE THAT DIRTY WATER

Oct 14, 2007

Pardon Me But...

Do you have any Grey Poupon? Or any idea how it became mid-October already? I seem to have missed the first half of my favorite month somehow. What a strange thing to have happen - that is to have half a month slip away from you without even noticing. And one's favorite month at that. Enjoy some google-stolen images of this, my favorite month of the year...

Oct 13, 2007

Workin' Men are the Sexiest Kind

Ross got a job!!
He started Friday and is working in sales. While I don't think it's the job he dreamed about as a little boy, it pays the bills and looks to have great potential for advancement. And most importantly, he's happy to be working.

The job is up by me, which is great for me but not so great for him. I do not envy the hour commute he'll have most mornings but am looking forward to the couple nights he'll stay with me during the week to ease the pain of the commute. I'm looking forward to being a bigger part of each other's regular old weekly routine.

Now it's off to spinning! Happy Saturday :)

Oct 9, 2007

Love That Dirty Water

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What a great trip. Holy guacamole, I had a great time. I highly suggest you take a trip to one of your favorite towns to see a dozen of your favorite friends. Eat lobster and have a martini while you are there.

And hey - doesn't Kristine look great!? Such a hottie!

Oct 8, 2007

Friends, and Drinks and T's - oh my!

Life has been so glorious and busy! It's not been a 24/7 party in beantown but instead a relatively relaxed weekend catching up with friends.

I only had one night with AJ but we made the most of it. One night with the best friend is better than no nights with the best friend.

And when in Boston I've been hitting up all the old haunts like White Horse, Atlantic Fish, the BU Pub and today I am off to Herrel's my fav ice cream shop/coffee house.

There has been one strange repetitive topic this weekend: weddings. AJ had her dress for Amanda's wedding in December. Very beautiful. Joe told AJ to start looking at rings herself. (Incredibly exciting!!) Jane is the MOH for her friend's wedding in March. I picked up Brittany's bachelorette party gift. There was some discussion of Anna and Ben's wedding which is no time soon but appears to be their plan. There was even a 7th Heaven wedding marathon on TV last night! I mean really folks. Weddings; they are taking over my life and I'm not even having one!

Oct 2, 2007


Check out the hats
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I get to see Boo! On Friday! Long live the hats, sunglasses and good times!

Sep 30, 2007

Bry's 17!

Bry's 17th Bday in Austin
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Bryanna went to San Antonio today for some boyfriend stuff and then instead of just going home, she came to visit me in Austin. Clearly WAY MORE FUN than just returning home to Houston.

On Tuesday she becomes an old lady of 17 so tonight I took her out for a little girls only birthday celebration. We had an excellent dinner at Z Tejas in the Arboretum and then went to Mozarts on Lake Austin for coffee.

We took this picture at Mozarts and I feel the need to qualify a few things. 1) the photographer was sitting and we were standing. quite possibly the worst angle ever. 2) it's humid so we are "glistening" if you will 3) I have discovered I am least photogenic in the state of Texas. odd I know but true 4) no matter how much I think this is not a rockstar photo, it was her birthday out and it deserves to be comemorated!

Sep 29, 2007


Originally uploaded by cheryl_lynn425.
Apparently the 2003 CLHS graduating class has migrated to Austin. James and his roommate Dylan just moved here and had many of us over Friday night for drinks and inadvertently, dancing.

I hadn't seen most of this clan since graduation, with the exception of Dorian. But I had a blast! Their house is great, 3 bedrooms, patio with an outdoor bar. How much cooler does it get?

There may be many future Friday nights at James and Dylan's casa.

Sep 27, 2007

damn it Ross

First of all, he wouldn't be too happy if he saw the name of this post. But ignore that fact, and, damn it Ross!

Why don't we have any pictures of us? I keep telling him, my adoring public (ie Jane, AJ and Anna) want to see pics! Yet do we have any? No. Now in all fairness to him, not totally his fault. The couple times a camera has surfaced around us, he's been game. There have even been a few times out where he asked why I didn't have a camera.

Tonight I took my camera to his mom's birthday dinner - kinda. The camera made it to her house but never left my car. So not Ross's fault but still, he seems to be the easiest person to blame. :)

One day folks, one day. The pictures will come and before I go to Boston or I fear the wrath of my adoring public.

Sep 26, 2007

Sit Still!? That is for the weak!

So much! I am mind-boggled over tomorrow being Thursday. I have far too much to do before the work week is over!

Monday I sent out the press release about Girl Scouts of Central Texas to 70-some odd media outlets. Big announcement, big release, hopefully big coverage.

Before I even sent out the release, Olga Campos, the 5 o'clock anchor on ABC called to say she wanted an interview with our CEO, Etta. I then spent an hour or two coordinating the filming of some Girl Scouts and scheduling Olga into Etta's Wednesday. It made for a very hectic Monday but when the nightly news calls, you must answer. If you are local - keep your eyes on the 5 o'clock news for some Girl Scouts.

Tuesday I made my way down to South Austin to meet with the cameraman so he could film the cute little Girl Scouts. I made it there in record time so I stopped by Nikki's shop to say hello and kill some time. She showed me her wedding dress - gorgeous! But I digress...back to the filming. For the record, Brownies are adorable! The girls were great, if not a little silly. Good job girls!

I had a meeting today also in South Austin so I stay with Ross last night. He made me amazing turkey tacos for dinner. I felt like we were a couple of hippies - turkey tacos on whole wheat tortillas with organic salsa. Kinda funny since Ross is in no way a hippie. I got up at a regular old time today and worked from Ross's house all morning til my 1p meeting. The most productive morning ever! Very pleased. Went to my 1p meeting and then received a call from Austin City Hall; our proclamation of Girl Scouts of Central Texas Day on October 1 was ready. Found City Hall, got our pretty sheet of paper and finally made an appearance at the office.

Tomorrow Ross has an interview in San Antonio. Fortunately the job is not in San Antionio, he would be the insurance rep covering Austin he just has to interview down in SA. Cross your fingers! Then we are having dinner with his family for his mama's birthday. I really like his family so I'm excited to see them.

Speaking of Ross's family! His stepdad, Jack, is doing a program for the Girl Scouts in the spring. Details are still being worked out but the program gals are very excited about it and it's making me quite popular around that part of the office.

Also tomorrow, we have our monthly department meeting which is always fun but takes some time out of what I know is going to be a busy day. Becoming GSCTX in general is making life busy and crazy. On top of all this, I have to move cubes! I think it will be a good move - bigger cube and closer to the boss lady which will make things move along faster.

And sometime before I leave Friday I need to finish preparing my speaking notes for the volunteer training I am leading on Saturday.

Assuming I am still awake by 7p Friday, I am going to see an old friend for his housewarming/roommate's birthday party. Good old James Mason just moved to Austin. James was my senior class president and a friend of mine since sometime in junior high school. Austin is great in that it's almost like being home where I run into people but not so home-like that we all eat at the same restaurants every night. (Though I do love Don Pico's and will continue to eat there when at home, even if it is one large CLHS reunion every time.)

I've also been getting into the classes at the gym more. I really enjoy the spinning and the step dance class. Unfortunately my work schedule is making those hard for this week. But really, one spinning class a week is about all I can handle. Must work up to 2 - 3 classes each week.

On another, non-Cheryl's life note, what is Gov. Perry doing!? If you haven't read any of the articles, check out this one in the Houston Chronicle. Texas tax payers are paying his rent to the tune of $10K per month. Why in God's name does he need a place that extravagant? I understand he has to entertain and he needs a nice and spacious place. I won't argue that. But $10K per month? That's somewhere around 3x the average starting salary per month. Governor Perry, please find a home that is $5K-ish a month and invest the rest in your community. Remember the city's "I live here, I give here" campaign? You live here; it's time you start giving here.

Sep 24, 2007

River Racin'

Originally uploaded by cheryl_lynn425.
Saturday was the first Statewide Girl Scout Race on the River out in San Angelo. Shannon and I drove 3 or so hours there, stayed in San Angelo for 3 and a half hours and then drove back. Long day, mucho time in the car but not so bad. The kids and their families were really cute in the race and such.

They did the flag ceremony by bringing the flags up on canoes - i've got to say, pretty cool way to do it.

Sep 21, 2007

Have a good day dear!

Ross is on his way to a big interview. It's his second interview for an asst store manager position (or management training program, something like that) at the Denver Mattress Co. It's up on my side of town so he stayed here last night and this morning, it was almost like I was his cute little wifey sending him off to work.

Fixed him breakfast while he showered, evaluated his tie tying, gave him the once over (for the record, he looks sharp), sent him out the door with a kiss and a "good luck! call me!"

I probably won't spend many years as a stay at home wife for any man, but there's something comfortingly traditional about helping one's sweetie get out the door to bring home the bacon. Maybe because its a novelty still, but I don't mind some of the traditional woman roles. I like cooking dinner for Ross, timing it to be done within 10 minutes of when he gets here. I love making breakfast and sitting together lazily to eat it on a Sunday morning. I even like to fix his plate for him when I do the cooking - of course he's a good man and always fixes my plate if he's done the cooking.

I do, however, draw the line at ironing his clothes, as he asked if I would do last night. One failed puppy dog face from him and it went from "will you iron my shirt?" to "can you bring me the iron and ironing board so I can iron my shirt?" Why yes, dear, let me get that for you.

Sep 18, 2007


Sounds like the name of a cool band, maybe from the 1990s. Actually - is it?

But in my life, right no unfortunately it is my roommate's diagnosis for my recent dizzy spells. Sounds a lot scarier now doesn't it? Don't worry Mom, I'm making an appointment with the doctor today. Hopefully instead of "vertigo" my doctor will say "Clearly there is not enough ice cream in your diet. To fix this, eat 2 - 3 bowls of chocolate or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Blue Bell if you can find it, each week. Go along now, to the frozen foods aisle with you."

Sep 13, 2007

Taa - Daa!

new chair!
Originally uploaded by cheryl_lynn425.
Last big piece of furniture - HERE.

Ross did a great job of helping (and by helping I really mean he did most the work) move it in on Saturday. Such a swell guy.

Anyways, the chair is huge! He and I can both fit in it comfortably. Great for football watching, or so he tells me.

Sep 10, 2007

Series of the Month

On Friday the baseball series of the month begins - Red Sox v. Yankees at Fenway for the last time in the 2007 regular season. And we're inviting you over. Come one come all, bring yourselves and your drinks of choice.

While we don't encourage violence, we aren't opposed to a little more V-tek in A-Rod's face. I mean, can you blame the guy?

Yankees fans need not attend. Anyone caught cheering for the Yankees will be asked to leave immediately and will be shunned.

Sep 9, 2007


Brittn & Lindsay
Originally uploaded by cheryl_lynn425.
Friday was an excellent day. Work went pretty well.

After work I went with our VP of Development & Brand (ie my boss's boss), Kathleen, to the United Way Day of Caring celebration at La Zona Rosa. This was exciting for a lot of reasons.

1) La Zona Rosa is sung about in a Little Texas song, "Amy's Back in Austin" that I've been singing for years. Now I've been. Cool.
2) Kathleen invited me to go with her and it was some great bonding with the boss lady time. We also discussed my desire to work in fundraising and how she can help make that happen a little. Super cool.
3) Free drinks!
4) Great networking. Met Jeff from TateAustin, an awesome PR firm in town that I harrassed for a job for months. No dice but turns out Jeff is friends with Avery, one of the gals at the GS office b/c Avery's hubby works at TateAustin. Very good to know.
5) Got me downtown for the next set of adventures.

Around 6 I meandered off to Cru, a wine bar at Second and Colorado to meet the old FH gang to celebrate Lindsay's new gig at FH as a full time staffer. Yay Lindsay! I also ran into Rick, Ross's best bud, on the walk over so stopped to have a chat with him. I like Rick. Good guy. We had a nice little chat, just catching up on life.

Drinks with the folks at Cru. Got to see Katie, Eric and Jodi, some of my favs from my time there. All in all not so bad.

Ross picked me up, we grabbed a bite to eat at his place and I got to see Nikki. The Alfred Angelo she works at was right near the Chili's we ended up going to. Very good to see her, even for just a moment.

After that, yes there's more!, we went downtown with Ryan and Suzanna who are among my favorite of Ross's friends. Really I suppose there aren't any I don't like but Ryan, Suzanna and Rick are among the best of the gang. Any day where we hang out with all three of them is a good day.

Ross has the friends here that I had in Boston, different than my friends here. Like my BU friends, his friends are all friends with each other. They all hang out together but it's not just one person that connects them. I love my Austin friends but I don't have that "group" per se. That's really what AJ, Joe, Val, Kristin, Ben, Bob and Anna were for me - my group. So I enjoy going out with Ross's friends because its a very comfortable group. They are all laid back and there's very little of that meeting for the first time type conversation. Even I have hung out with them enough now to be beyond that. It's swell.

Mmmmm Essays

I had forgotten how hard starting an essay can be. Let me tell you - it's HARD!

I've been staring at the prompt for the program at UT's LBJ school that I want to do. Holy cow. If anyone has any idea what the most important thing the admissions office should know about me is, or what I want to do professionally in 10 years or what a degree from the LBJ school will do for me (besides add to my debt) please, let me know.

Seriously. Comment with writing points. Pronto.

Sep 5, 2007

Texas oh Texas

I love me some Texas. Let's be clear on that. The bumper sticker that says "I wasn't born in Texas but I got here as soon as I could" is genius. Not that it applies to me - I'm as native as they get. I love salsa, tex-mex, margaritas (food in general as you can tell), country music, boots, football. I think tacky coffee cups with the state of TX on them are fab. I even have some affections for rhinestones and big hair. And ya know, remember the alamo - and the spurs, and chuy's and Astroworld, may it rest in peace. I also bleed burnt orange. I LOVE TEXAS.

But like anyone or anything that we love, Texas is not perfect. Currently the most obvious sign of this is spending HALF A MILLION dollars on a letter written by Davey Crockett(see Statesman article). I mean, come on. Half a mil? Do you know what we could do with half a million dollars? Well actually, we could pay my salary more than ten times over for starters. Build 9 houses through Habitat for Humanity. Put 50 kids through undergrad at UT. Don't even get me started on how many could get their associates at ACC with $500,000. You could buy at least 5,000 text books. 10,000 Texans could become first aid certified through the Red Cross. I could pay off my loans and still have plenty left for good deeds.

But what did the state of Texas do? It bought an old sheet of paper. We didn't even save this sheet of paper from destruction! It was living happily in someone's private collection. Texas, I love you and I like history but this, THIS PURCHASE was just a waste of taxpayers' money. Hmmmff.

Baby Mama

Originally uploaded by cheryl_lynn425.
We had Haila's baby shower today! It was very PINK. Apparently a couple moons ago she donated the tulle from her wedding to the arts & crafts closet. Well we resurrected it and used it on her throne.

She gone some swell gifts, little onsies, diaper bag (all me), rubber ducky, lullabyes on CD and the big one - a swing.

I'm proud to say my pasta salad, which was taking its maiden voyage with my coworkers as guinea pigs, was completely finished! And I even remembered my camera.

In non-work-baby related news, I think I am getting my last piece of big furniture! I found a chair on craigslist and so long as it will fit in Ross's jeep, he and I are going to pick it up on Saturday. Yay!

And Britta accepted a position at Edelman today. Solid salary and a fun international client to work on. Congrats Britta!

What a good Wednesday.

Sep 3, 2007

Camera?? Anyone?

I need to start taking more pictures! I've determined that I am seriously slacking in the photo taking department.

The past week's been an interesting one. The east coast gossip came on strong, like nothing you've ever heard. Four break ups in 2 weeks! AJ & Joe have moved into their house and she got a job. So a lot of my week has been on the phone with my fav selection of BU-ers.

Friday I had some QT with Amy who leaves for Scotland Tuesday (tomorrow!). We were going to go out for Pooja's birthday but it poured. Sixth Street in the rain = no good.

Ross and I ran around Saturday doing Labor Day weekend type things and BBQed at one of his friends houses. I feel more and more like an adult when he and I do things together. To some extent if seems strange, but in other ways, not at all. I guess it only seems strange when I step back and think things like "wow. John & Christina have that house. It's their house." And I realize we're actually grown-ups.

Ross and I had a little drama of our own this weekend but not a fight or anything. The short version is he talked about moving to Dallas, even just temporarily, to work with one of his friends and I hated the idea so I was very vocal about it. Long story short, no body is going to Dallas and we're spending this afternoon together.

All that said, it's off to the gym, Target and HEB with me. Being very ambitious before I see Ross. Wish me luck!

Aug 27, 2007

Wicked Weekend

I had a truly fabulous weekend. The weekend before that was also truly fabulous (don't remember if I told you - basically Ross and I did nothing together for 2 days straight and it was glorious).

But this weekend, man, what a weekend. It started with some shopping with Shannon for goodies for Haila's baby shower. On the clock shopping, always the best kind. Then a little trip to a store I'll just call "Vicki's" and then home where Nate made some rockin cheeseburgers. Watched the Sox win AGAIN. Checked out Opal Divine's Marina with Nate and Dora. Good times had by all, especially Dora who schooled us in yahtzee despite that we had to teach her how to play. And that's just Friday!

Saturday I had lunch with Ross and then we spent a lazy afternoon together. We had dinner with his Mom and Grandma who I love more each time I see them. The food, steak and mashed potatoes, wasn't bad either. Home for a little football on TV and a nap at halftime. Out with his friends for some barhopping on 6th Street.

And all day Sunday on Lake Austin with Shannon and Chad. He hit it off with Chad so well! It's like we have couple friends (which I enjoy but makes me feel old and very couple-y). Dropped into his mom's place for a moment where she gave us tons of food. We then had this conversation
Me: Thank you for all the food. It's going to be a great dinner.
Mom: Oh honey I don't mind. Besides, you took him. (pointing to Ross)
Me: haha, I suppose that's a fair trade.
Mom: No, you got the short end of the stick, I've come out way ahead.
Ross: OK time to leave. Thanks Mom.
And then home for dinner, which Ross both cooked and cleaned up from. Ain't he the best? I'm pretty smitten with him and fab weekends like this just reiterate it. I'm so pleased (and sometimes surprised which he gives me a hard time about) that we can spend the whole weekend together and still want to see more of each other. Love it.

That about wraps up my weekend. In other non-weekend news, my old delta friend Erin (aka Emo)from Boston, who since moved to Dallas has recently relocated to New York City. Check out Emo's NYC blog :) She's a real life character from Sex & the City, I swear

Aug 24, 2007


In my family, my cousins all have very identifiable talents. Megan is a softball player, a wicked good one at that. Robin sings. Alan does film. Kelley rows crew. Rhoda can draw better than any of us. Becca and Anthony excel in the band. Kev is the computer whiz and in his day, not a half bad lacrosse player. Of those who have gone off to college already, they all employed these talents.

I can't sing, Lord knows. I can line dance but that covers that. I throw like a girl. What's my talent? Oh me, I'm social. I'm a club-joiner.

It's just kinda what I do, join clubs. But in the past week or so I may have gotten a little carried away.

I'm excited to say I will be writing the newsletter for the Austin Area Tri Delta Alumnae Chapter. I'm pretty excited. It seems like a good way to use what I am good at to get involved and stay busy.

The BU Alumni Chapter, or lackthereof, is also something I've embraced. With the help of my new fried in the BU Alumni Office, Amy, I'm planning our first happy hour of the new school year. Hula Hut, Sept. 24, 6p. Be there.

And I haven't officially joined the Young Women's Alliance of Austin but I will be for work. More importantly though, I think I have convinced Maggie (super nice girl who works in development at GSCTX) to go to their happy hour with me on Sept. 7.

On the one hand when I think about all these things, I feel really busy. On the other hand, I feel like I finally am starting to meet my social interaction quota. Woohoo!!

PS Nate moved in Tuesday and the Sox are about to win their second game of the day. SWEET

Aug 20, 2007

No Boys Allowed

Every morning at work, I check my email and read the headlines as the Austin American-Statesman gives them to me. Today there was a feature story about the new Ann Richards School. I can't remember the school's official name but it is a junior high, and eventually a high school, for girls who are academically gifted and show potential to be real leaders. In a way it reminds me of Boston Latin for girls.

I love the idea of helping girls with potential have better access to the resources they need to realize their potential. But I'm left with two questions.
1) Does this really require a single sex school?
2) Why don't they have the tools they need at the school in their community?

I suppose there is some irony to wondering if girls need a single sex school. In all fairness, I have been a part of many many single sex organizations and I think each one has affected me positively. From my own days as a Brownie, through drill team and even as a Tri Delta member, girls only clubs have been a reoccurring theme in my life. I think these organizations are great. But if we really want girls to succeed in life, don't we need to give them the skills to work and reach their goals in the real coed world? The world is not girls only. Perhaps school is not the place to go single sex. To keep the world of our girls most realisitic, shouldn't their "job" (school) be coed and requiring hard work and perseverance? Can't we foster an environment of success with boys in the classroom too? The Statesman article cites that girls tend to do better in math, science and technology when not competing with boys at the junior high/high school level. And by the time girls who attend single sex K-12 get to college, they perform just as well as the boys and, unlike their peers who went to coed schools, are bold about speaking up in class. This sounds good. But is it really the single sex aspect of the schools that leads to this or something else that we have yet to put our finger on?

Now to the more far reaching predicament: Why do students need to transfer to charter schools to achieve optimal success? A story from last week's Statesman tells us that 18 Austin area schools are not meeting federal standards. The solution? Let the kids transfer to a better performing school. This does not fix the problem. Sure a couple hundred kids might receive a better education but what becomes of those poor performing schools? Well for one, they are not improved. Funding is often withheld until the school performs up to par. Isn't that counter intuitive? Shouldn't we provide the school with more resources to reach these children? Might they be performing poorly because they have out of date textbooks or overcrowded classrooms?
And second, it stands to reason, at least in my mind, that the poor performing schools actually appear to become worse. Chances are the students who are transferring to other better schools are those who are excelling in the classroom and need more of a challenge. So they go to the neighboring school or to a charter school like the Ann Richards School. Now the poor performing school is losing their high test scores and solid attendance record, thus letting their averages fall. Is this the fault of the school? Well, some for being a subpar school. But not wholly their fault. The system is letting these strong students leave, helping them any, and withholding the funding needed to improve. Aren't there other alternatives? Can we ask our brightest students to help tutor those who are doing poorly? We could compensate them with credit hours and resume building opportunities. Can't we offer our teachers higher pay to attract stronger candidates? We can also be willing to hold a student back if that will improve the student's overall education. Do not let unprepared students advance on to levels they cannot succeed at. Why don't we bring the teachers who would teach at charter schools in to teach advanced classes? Why not try new and different teaching approaches to see if they reach our students better? Why just let kids leave their school instead of improving the school to make it one they want to attend?

And that folks, is my food for thought on schools here in Austin (and probably, across the country).

Aug 17, 2007

Le Blog Chain

The Rules:
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules. (**if you’re a non-blogger, you can email them!)
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

My eight random facts and/or habits:

1) I have an uncontrollable love for the frozen margarita. It is such a delicious concoction. I don't even care if you take the alcohol out of it. Just make it fruity, frozen and with salt please.

2) I eat ketchup on pretzels. Not all the time but every once in a while I get a wicked bad craving. It dates back to day care when I was 7 or so.

3) I've started saying wicked since I moved away from Boston. It's like I am trying to recreate the verbage of New England or something. I never said it when living there but now, it creeps into conversation. And people look at me funny because of it.

4) I love shopping for gifts. I've already bought Brittany and Ken's wedding present (the wedding isn't until almost Thanksgiving) and Haila's baby shower gift (shower's not til September). I love to start Christmas shopping the week of Thanksgiving. It's just so much fun. They may not be big gifts but I have the best time picking them out. It's like Christmas morning for me - for a whole month. And while we're talking about Christmas, I love that darn holiday. Everything about it. The music (I really love Christmas music), the food, even the cleaning house all day Christmas Eve so the WHOLE family can come over Christmas day.

5) I'm a sucker for cheesy lines. Ross is the king of cheese. That's how we ended up together.

6) I've got a habit of rereading everything I write. I proofread my emails for Christ sake. Even the ones I am just sending to friends. Thank you COM. (And in case you haven't noticed, I LOVE writing in parenthesis.)

7) I sometimes miss the cold. Shhh! Don't tell anyone, it's unnatural. But sometimes, when its 107 in Texas I think "damn if only it could be like 40 today. Just for one day but still, 40 sounds great." Please note thoughts like this never last more than a day, ever. And except when living in Boston when it was -50 and snow would WARM it up and possibly cancel class, I have never wished for a blizzard.

8) I'm actually really excited to one day be a suburban soccer mom. Don't get me wrong, I want to enjoy my 20s; travel, be a yuppie, only be responsible for myself etc. But I think I will really enjoy and basically rock at being a soccer (and by soccer I mean football) mom. And I want to be one of the moms who still wears mildly cute clothes and enthusiastically piles all the kids into her oversized SUV. No babies for 5 or 6 more years, but just you wait. The land of super cute little people clothes and little league practice was made for me.

OK, now for y'all to try.

(PS yes I reread the whole thing and even went back to correct some of my punctuation.)

Aug 14, 2007

Miss You Man

@ the Tent
Originally uploaded by cheryl_lynn425.
I miss my friends. Just check out this picture. Don't you kinda miss them too? They are funny, loud, absurd, wicked smart, usually a little tipsy, sometimes unshowered, not too tall, mostly on the east coast, random, blunt and this this crowd, there are no limits.

Can you tell I made the mistake of looking at old pics? Yeah, thats why I miss this strange bunch so much at the moment.

But on the upside, I have talked to all the girls lately. So you can have an update. AJ and Joe are playing house as they are living at La Casa de Boo now. AJ makes him lunch every day before work. As a result, Val and I are trying to move in so she can make US lunch every day. AJ's game. She says she's already bought our bunk beds and got a trundle bed so Emal can have slumber parties with us on school holidays. Meanwhile in PA, Emal is trying desperately to educate her peers about the glory of 10-cup beer pong. And dealing with me when I have the occasional moment of insanity and call her complaining. A little farther south in DC, Val's finally coming to peace with her stylist who has fixed her hair, which he dyed BLACK on Friday. He added some highlights and they are friends again. Val is also giving Bob financial advice but what else is new.

When someone figures out how to attach friends to an email, will they please let me know? I think that may be the most cost efficient way to see my friends.

Killin Me Smalls

You're killin me Smalls!! And by Smalls, I mean Sox. Good Lord, thank God they won tonight and the Yankees lost. But this 4 and 5 game lead business. It's not good for my heart.

Lake Travis, you on the other hand are great. Had a fab time with you Shannon, Chad and Dora on Friday. Must do it again soon.

Aug 7, 2007

Sunny Side Up Please

Stay on the sunny side, Always on the sunny side, stay on the sunny side of life

Girl Scout songs to live by.

Aug 6, 2007

Whatcha Know

A phone call to my Grandma goes like this, every time:
Me: Hi Grandma, it's Cheryl.
G: Cheryl Lynn! It sure is good to hear from you!
Me: Thanks Grandma
G: Whatcha know?
Me: Oh not much

But then of course we both launch into the "not much" that we know. It always turns out to be more than not much.

Taking a page from my favorite reflective 20-something, Jake, here's what I know. At least what I know today.

1) MY JOB ROCKS. I get to play the sorting hat at Harry Potter camp. I work with the media. I work with volunteers. My boss is a fun happy lady. The big boss lady likes me too. The in the middle boss lady sends me nice emails. My most direct co-workers are a riot in a half who share things both personal and professional with me. And I have a never ending supply of Girl Scout cookies at my disposal.

2) LOVE IS MUSHY. I just wrote, deleted, rewrote, deleted and have come back to square one on all my thoughts on love. My only conclusion is that love is mushy - mushy in that the word "love" can be changed to fit a million types of love and related situations. And thats all I can say on the subject. Oh that and I generally think its a good thing.

3) MOVING IS TOUGH. No matter how much I say "I've moved all around. It's exciting." It is exciting but it is also tough. It means a few wrong turns, both in driving and other things. It means making new friends. It's just tough sometimes.

4) BASEBALL IS GREAT. It means summer, it is lazy. And on good days, it means the 'stros beat the Cubs.

5) I AM A TYPE A PERSONALITY. And therefore I feel the need to number my musings instead of just free thinking and writing. I wish I could ramble in the wonderful fluid way Jake can. He can go from sports to world hunger to loving his dog all in one piece without you ever thinking it's random.

That's what I know for now.

Aug 5, 2007

Congrats Miss Nikki!

Miss Nikki (soon to be Mrs. Nikki Something, I really should learn her fiance's last name) got a new job!! She and I had lunch together yesterday and she told me all about it. She was really excited, 1) b/c its a sweet job and 2) b/c she had just found out a couple hours before.

She'll be the asst. manager for the Alfred Angelo bridal shop near her house. It comes with all kinds of good things like a liveable salary, quarterly bonuses and a short commute. Be excited for her; I am. :)

Aug 3, 2007

San Angelo: the GSCTX Version

Thursday marks the farthest west in Texas I have ever been: San Angelo.

Etta, Dora, Brenda, Joel and I loaded into the car at 5a and drove west forever and a day. In San Angelo we held a press conference to announce the formation of the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. All went well. Check out the pics of it. Met with some volunteers - the San Angelo gang is great! I'm really looking forward to working with them.

During my 20 minute tour of San Angelo, led by the lovely Melinda, I discovered an amazing place: Devine Winery. I don't even like red wines but their cranberry shiraz was to die for. I went back and bought two bottles.

Ross took great care of me post my 13 hour day in San Angelo. He picked me up, took me to dinner, showed me the sweet lookout spot off 360 that looks out to all of Austin (the place where had we been in high school, we would have parked to make out), back home to the hot tub and ended the night with a massage. Sounds pretty swell huh? Oh it gets better. Courtesy of Ross, I also have Cadbury hot chocolate mix on the way. Mmmm hmm, he got me some. Best Boyfriend Ever? Yes. I think so.

Jul 28, 2007

Starbucks is a gift from the gods

Thursday morning I was up and out the door by 7am. Downtown for a YNPN breakfast at 730, back to the office by 915-ish. Worked until 430pm. Jumped in my fun little car, ran to the Starbucks near my apartment and hit the road down south. A surprisingly quick journey down Mo-Pac to Ross's, quick clean up at his place. Into the super sweet jeep and out to his mama's. Dinner at County Line -- great view. I think it was off of 360 but really I'm not sure. Ross drove and went through all these little streets. I didn't know that area from Eden.

Dinner went well and I completely credit Starbucks for it.

Today piled the trusty GS-LSC Communications staff into my car, hit up Starbucks and on the road by 8am, up to Florence, TX; a town where my suspicions proved true: there is not a whole lot of anything there. Took some pics, ran a couple Girl Scouting workshops, mingled with local media and observed TX GS history. We are officially realigning and becoming the Girl Scouts of Central Texas!

Again, I completely credit Starbucks for the success of the day.

No they are not paying me but I think they should. I accept frappacinos.

Jul 23, 2007

Cheryl Lowe: Professional Sorting Hat

At the office this week, our tech center is hosting a Harry Potter themed day camp. And today I was the sorting hat, sorting out the Ravenclaws from the Griffindors, Slytherins from Hufflepuffs. Do I have the greatest job or what?

Furthermore, the 7th book is pretty darn good, though I'm only 250 pages into the 700-some odd epic that it is. I won't be a spoiler but so far, so good.

In un-Harry Potter related news, Mom visited which was good. We were mostly lazy but it was nice to have her here. And Kev got to see the puppy, always popular with him. And on Friday, Ross got his new jeep. She's a beauty. I like her (him?) lots.

Jul 19, 2007

Make New Friends But Keep the Old

...One is silver and the other's gold.

Girl Scout songs/lessons that are good for life. I remember singing that one repeatedly as a Brownie.

I've definitely made new friends this week. Tuesday I had drinks with Nirav, older brother of my friend Ankur who was in Sydney with me last year. Nirav just moved to Austin about a week ago to start grad school at UT's LBJ School. And he's also a BU alum so needless to say, anyone smart enough to go to BU for undergrad and then move to Austin for grad school is a friend of mine. He was great. I look forward to seeing my new friend much more often :)

Last night I attended my first YNPN Happy Hour. Let me tell you, professional organization of my dreams. Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. Me in a nutshell perhaps? And they were all fabulous! I met Melanie, marketing pro for Big Bros/Big Sis and Scott, major gifts officer for the ACS. NEW BEST FRIENDS these two.

And as for keeping the old friends, Amy attended the YNPN HH with me and then we had dinner. One of the few times we'll see each other before she starts grad school in Scotland. Thats my Amy, nomad extrodinaire. We ran into Dorian too, who is interning with Leadership Austin and if they are smart, she will become a reagular full time employee very soon.

So there you have it kids. Lessons from Girl Scouting applying to life many moons later. Make new friends but keep the old; one is silver but the other's gold. A circle's round and has no end, thats how long I want to be your friend.

Jul 16, 2007

One Sweet Week

HOT 3D Glasses
Originally uploaded by cheryl_lynn425.
In the past week...

Sunday: lunch and prickly pear margaritas/Zilker Park with a sno-cone/movie with Ross

Monday: work, dinner with Ross at my place

Tuesday: getting geared up for Harry Potter...

Wednesday: Harry Potter 5 in 3D. The coolest 3D experience of my whole life, complete with a little girl who looked just like Hermione. Btw midnight shows are always better than shows at any other time. And, as if life could get any better, dinner and live music with margaritas with Ross.

Thursday: Britts at softball, hanging out with Ross (there seems to be a reoccurring theme here)

Friday: outlet shopping in San Marcos which resulted in an amazing new bag. Down to Corpus Christi, gossiping with the best friend (Melissa), out two-stepping with the best friend and her outstanding friends

Saturday: sleep in LATE, delicious shrimp lunch in Port Aransas, sleep on in the best lazyboy ever while the 40 Year Old Virgin plays in the background. MORE two-stepping in Corpus Christi

Sunday: drive back from Corpus, one more stop at the outlets for a set of sweet green glass martini glasses. God I love Crate and Barrel. Afternoon with Ross, dinner with Ross, Nikki and Stephen.

Monday: back to work, catch up on domestic things

It didn't seem that busy when I was doing it. But now, writing it, I'm exhausted. Whew, g'nite

Jul 7, 2007

Austin: The Little Big Town

Originally uploaded by cheryl_lynn425.
Austin cracks me up. Its a city (clearly) but not a very big city. And it tries REALLY hard to have all the same things as a big city. But its all in a smaller scale.

Big cities have baseball, the Sox, the 'Stros, Braves, Angels, whatever. Austin has a minor league team and a super cute field for them to play on. The good news: the Express players are just as cute as any MLB players I have ever seen and that much closer to you since the field is small. (Britta's family was very nice to invite me to last night's game and we had a geat time!)

Big cities also have airports. Well so does Austin. But its teeny tiny and really funky, basically its everything that is Austin represented in an airport.

And ya know what? I kinda like this little big town.