Feb 27, 2009

I love book club

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And book club loves Lexi, thus my reasoning (as if I needed any) for the photo.

Last night my book club met for the first time. We talked about the book (The Wednesday Letters) for about 15, maybe 20 minutes. And then we drank lots of wine, gabbed and hit midnight before realizing it. In fact when Ross came home from a fruitful night of bartending he was very surprised to still see Nikki, Kandi and me up and chatting over full glasses. (Dora has a life and left early for a date; Susannah opted to actually sleep before going to work today.) In fact, Nikki just decided to stay for a slumber party which made it even more fun. Not that I would dare compare things to the mayhem that was Val, Kristin, AJ and me...but for not being in college anymore, this was pretty good. I'm really looking forward to our next "meeting" on April 2. This book club stuff is good times.

Know the best part though? Sorry girls but the best part was that Ross surprised me by cleaning up from all the dinner, wine, etc. Yup, I came home from work today and the kitchen and dining room that were a mess when I left, are completely clean. Thing of beauty.

And tomorrow Mom and I are going to get my wedding dress! EEEEE (that is supposed to indicate an excited girly squeal). So very exciting.

But for now I am going to lay down for just a bit, watch some TV, walk my puppy and then accomplish some work related things while doing laundry. I know it may not sound like an exciting Friday but after the goodness of last night, it sounds ok to me.

Feb 24, 2009

I believe in a 1 blog per day max

1 blog per day max at least for now.

I'm convinced that 1) too much is happening to have time for me to blog more than once a day and 2) if I have time to blog more than once a day, I need to find something else to do. Those things kept in mind, you get a slew of topics all at once. And unlike the smart party hostess who serves her best wine first, I'm starting with the so-so and making you read to the bottom for the good stuff.

  • Southwest Airlines is starting to fly into Logan Airport (Boston) this fall. Holy cow its about time.
  • My pup did not tear up my house in any way while we were both gone all day. Way to go Lexi!
  • My wedding dress is in, one size smaller than the last time it was in. God I hope it fits.
  • Ross had a rockin' first day at Baby A's. He likes his coworkers, is pleased with his pay and very very glad to be working. Woohoo!
  • Not that this is more important than Ross' job, but perhaps invites more conversation. At the office we're diving into social media, as mentioned, and my former coworker Eric from BC has invited me to submit a few blog entries regarding the adventure. He is the admin for a blog (i On Nonprofits) affiliated with a tech company that specializes in nonprofit software, like fundraising software. The blog is not so much about his client as issues in the nonprofit world therefore positioning his client as an expert on their customers' industry. That I tell you is public relations strategy at its finest. Anyways, I've been invited to submit a few blogs about our little adventure into social meda. I started an entry tonight and am kinda stumped. Should I make it first person like this bad boy here is? Should it be more stuffy because it is business related? Yes probably more formal but can I still keep first person? For some reason, first person just feels right, maybe because of the personal nature of a blog. My first entry draft is all about the challenge of putting GSCTX into social media, and therefore opening the door to the public, but ensuring that official GSCTX affiliated Web pages only contain content appropriate for kiddos to read. Can you be open and controlled at the same time? Does that contradict the basic principles of social media? Is it an oxymornic goal? We are not targeting kiddos with our social media; we're leaving that to GSUSA with their new online safety Web site, LMK. But let's face it, if the site/page is Girl Scouts, girls are going to end up there. Their parents are going to think (rightfully) that its a safe haven for their daughters. And even if they aren't our target audience, we should be mindful of those things. All this may be fine and dandy for here, but is it insightful enough for i On Nonprofits? Honestly, I'm thinking about work at 8:30 p.m. so I don't really know. I may have hit a stroke of genius or I may reread that entry in the morning and think "dude you were so off base..." I guess we'll see.

Feb 22, 2009

Blogging about blogging

As I mentioned Friday, Haila got me hooked on RSS feeds. I think it was only about six months ago that she was professing her fear and ignorance regarding social media. Now folks, she's blogging.

And her blog had a cuter background than mine. No more. I totally copy-catted her and found a cute blog background. You do not want to know how much time I just spent finding the right background and the right layout to go with it. Really it was an unnecessary amount of time but just look how cute and pink it all is now. What's not to love (assuming you like pink that is)?

Haila's new found social media adventures spurred, at least partially, from our department's decision to create a GSCTX presence online. We all started doing research, exploring things a little more, etc. One of the issues has been what could GSCTX blog about that would be interesting to people. If its not interesting they won't read right? And that got me thinking about my own blog. I use it as a journal to some extent and I would like to think it's also a way for my friends and family who don't live in Austin (this is a large number) to know what's going on. I read a few blogs - KRo, Emo and now Amanda - for that purpose alone. Personally I think their's are more interesting than mine. KRo has a cute kid, Emo lives in NYC and Amanda just had a baby. But maybe to them, their own life's seem mundane, or even just normal, but wedding planning is romantic and whimsical? Maybe my blog and what's going on with me is interesting?

Further, there's kinda a self-centeredness to blogging. What makes me think that anything I have to write is interesting to others? (I mean maybe it is but what makes me think that?) Whether its the day to day puppy trials or if I were to write political opinions or communications discoveries, why is it that I think MINE are somehow new, interesting or insightful?

All insightful questioning aside, you still are probably going to be subject to the changes in my life if you read this here blog regularly. On that note, let's review the recent ones. Turns out Lexi did not just chew the wedding cake ribbon, she chewed it in half. I'm really counting on Paloma to make this all better. Ross had a job interview at Baby A's yesterday and HE GOT THE JOB! We are now entering the double income no kids (DINK) phase of our lives. Good glory, I hope we are here for a few years. And girls, we have a new happy hour location with a sexy bartender...yes I mean Baby A's and Ross.

And finally, we had our Mirrors Reception at the office this past Wednesday. The women we are recognizing as Women of Distinction (this reception was to formally announce them) are rockstars. Specifically one is among the top lobbyists in Texas and another owns her own public relations/public affairs company. I plan on becoming best friends with these ladies, after all the fundraising is complete, and hopefully pick their brains. I found a job in South Carolina that was "Director of Public Relations and Advocacy" and I am intrigued. I think talking to these gals about their public policy experience could help me figure out how to do the advocacy party. And then I can practice lobbying while I lobby with Haila, Joel and Etta to create that job for me. I'd even be willing to be Manager of PR and Advocacy if "director" isn't a possibility. My inner communicatins person and political junkie is very excited right now.

Feb 20, 2009

Real Simple Satisfaction

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Actually I think RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication...I mean I know it does. But Haila, my boss lady, got me hooked on it this morning. KRo I now have your blog feeding DIRECTLY INTO MY HOMEPAGE. Holy cow! No more checking a million blogs a day. I go to one tab on my homepage and can say "oh United Way and KRo both blogged, yay! time to read!"

Want to be as cool as me? If you use Explorer then you probably see a little orange square with white stripey things in the top right part of your screen. I won't go into all the details but thats the bad boy that will make RSS feeds happen.

Next, I love that Lexi pictures supply a never ending source of images for this blog. Never ending I tell you. But beware of the cute pup, she's been naughty lately. She's an escape artist. Twice in one day earlier this week! And she chewed on the ribbon, the ribbon Nancy ordered from Scotland, that is supposed to go on our wedding cake. Don't die, Mom, I know you are gasping. I think she left us enough for the cake. Paloma will make it all better I promise.

And finally for a random tangent, I have discovered that I hugely loyal to my Yahoo email. I'm looking at new cell phones and love the Google phone but as soon as I realized I couldn't be as cool with Yahoo on it as I could be with Google, I backed out. I'm already changing my last name, my phone number and my bank account this year. I can't handle an email change too. That's how people have identity crisises (that word has too many S's). Long live Yahoo!

Feb 17, 2009

What's up

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I realize there are probably other things in life besides Lexi but sometimes thats hard to remember. And I recently printed and framed this photo in our living room so its staring me down at the moment.

But outside of Lexi related things - you will not believe what I saw today. I was driving home and there on the corner of Braker and the I-35 feeder was a homeless veteran (so his sign claimed) ON HIS CELL PHONE. Ross says I am a bleeding heart liberal but this was too much for me. Are you really asking me for money while you talk on your cell phone?! Even just from a PR perspective, fine have a cell phone but don't talk on it while asking me for money. It's almost as bad as taking your private jet to Congress to ask for money. Just are you kidding me? Melissa and I thought for the $30+ that a cell phone costs per month, couldn't you buy food?

Now there are of course a hundred options. Maybe the VA provided it, or Goodwill. Maybe its a family member's gift so they can keep in touch. But do you really expect me to give you money while you talk on it?

I'm into helping people out. I really am. But don't flaunt your poor decisions (or just good luck) while asking me for the most basic things. Cell phones, big screen TVs, and diamonds are never going to inspire me to help you. Help me help you by accepting my willingness to teach you how to fish.

Feb 12, 2009

Max the Mac is home!

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My Mac is home! I'm uploading pictures, blogging, and accidentally plugging the wrong wires into our router and messing things all up. But its ok.

I love this pic of Ross and Lexi because you can tell just how little tiny she is. She's such a cute baby! But she doesn't play real well with stranger dogs so we are looking into puppy school.

And the two big news items of the week...

Ross passed his EMT exam! He's now a certified EMT! Woohoo! We are so excited! We've left the student phase of life and moved into the job hunting phase of life. Hopefully its short with a long paid employment phase following.

Baby cousin Isaak arrived! He was born Tuesday and is healthy as can be. Count them I now have 13 cousins. Its going to take some getting used; I've been saying 12 cousins for as long as I can remember. But for you baby Isaak, I'll adjust.

Feb 4, 2009

Long time no see

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Well it's been a while. My computer is in the shop (and I keep forgetting to call and check on its progress) so I've been using Ross' laptop. It does the job of course but it doesn't have any of my bookmarks set and...eh that's a lame excuse.

And honestly, this photo isn't even new. We've been taking pictures, almost all of them of Lexi, but I HATE Ross' photo software and refuse to upload the photos onto his computer.

So what's going on you ask? I lived, ate, slept and breathed Girl Scout Cookies for about two weeks in January. Seriously those weeks are just a blurr. I've been asked to recall things from then and I can't. Creating my monthly report for January was ridiculously hard. I've come up for air now though and things are swimingly manageable at the office now. Ross has just started volunteering with Sam Bass Fire Dept. and he LOVES it. He has a couple more meetings before he's officially voted into the department but they are drooling over his formal training so no problems antcipated. Lexi is great, she's had some bouts of sickness but nothing serious, just typical puppy things. And she's very very very cute.

That kinda sums it up. Everything else is looking forward. Mom is coming in on Saturday to do wedding things. I'm booking my trip to DC for April soon. Ross is job hunting. OK, peace out homes.