Jan 30, 2007

Workin' Girl

Clock Tower
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Yup, thats me, takin' the mornin' train, working my 9-5 (or 830-530 as it may be).

And for no apparent reason I had my camera on me yesterday as I headed down to Bridgeman for a Monday of writing, media work and news clips. I wouldn't say this pic of the clock tower is the best thing I've ever done, but its not bad either.

Now I have to praise the man of the house, Bob. He is such a good sport. Last night we had about 25 girls over for the senior night of alpha week. We completely took over the living room and at times a good part of the kitchen. Not a word of complaint from him. He came home, waved at everyone, said hellos to those he knew and helped himself to the food. Bob's great about all the deltas, the constant take over of his home by them and the inevitable requests for help with things like carrying boxes.

But I suppose there are a few other guys in the world who would handle an entire sorority of women in the lives with equal grace. As we tell Bob, he'll never come home to two college sorority girls ever again. These are the days of his life :)

Jan 28, 2007

The "I'm Done!!" Party

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Rush is over. O-V-E-R. And Emal couldn't be happier. And all my friends are done with their delta offices (haha except Anna for whom it is just beginning!). And its the first weekend we are all back and can all speak to each other. And we have new members.

Obviously this means we needed to have a party. So party we did.

Props to Val & Emal for hosting yet another of the annual "I'm Done!" parties.

Jan 27, 2007

Sneak Attack

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Joe's here!! Naturally this meant I had to surprise him and AJ in the kitchen while they are cooking us all dinner (salmon and broccoli, yum).

We all already know how much I love AJ (lots). But what you may not know is how much I love Joe too. These two make me understand a little why people enjoy weddings so much. I just enjoy seeing them together. They are such a good match, very happy balance of all the good mediums in the world. They are one of my most favorite couples. I think there is only one phrase to describe my best friend and her stellar boyfriend....

Happily Ever After

The Revolution

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DDR has sorta taken over our living room. I played my first game the other night with AJ, Val and Bob. I can see why its so addicting!!!


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Thats right, Melissa got a J-O-B down in Corpus. Not that she wasn't gainfully employed already.

On Thursday my rockin best friend got a job selling houses for a developer in Corpus Christi and she is pretty pumped. She's such a cute little adult.

Now the sad side of the story is that we aren't moving to Austin together any more. Its tough but I think we are gonna pull through.

I'm planning on living with my friend Nate from BU who goes to grad school at UT. And Nate and I are pretty excited about it. Plus I think it is swell that I can go visit my best friend at a beach...and a nice beach at that. On the flip side, she can come visit me up on the river and we can go tubing--a lot. So its all still very happy.

Way to go Melissa!!

Jan 23, 2007

Everyone Loves Newbies

Delta Fingers
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Tri Delta loves newbies!! And today we got lots of them!

I'm not sure how many girls joined our chapter today but its in the ballpark of 20 and we are pumped!! About a dozen girls met the newbies at the GSU with their bids this evening and then it was on to Pledge Mom Megan's place for the first of many welcoming events.

This of course makes me the great grandmother of BU deltas. Yup, my class is now like the oldest of 4 active "generations" of BU deltas. It also means the little girls are no longer the little girls. They have to relinquish that joy. They seem to be taking it pretty well though (well except Risa who told me that if I reminded her one more time that she is no longer the baby she would revoke my trip to Cali...the one I already took). Maura doing swell at being not the baby; she even taught some newbies, specifically Lindsay and Kasey, the fine art of making delta fingers for pictures!!

Welcome little deltas!

Jan 21, 2007

There's No Place I'd Rather Be...

DDD Seniors
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...than with my sisters of delta three.

Its a good thing I like these ladies because I have been seeing a LOT of them lately. Recruitment has been going really well and we've got one night left of my last recruitment as a collegiate member ever. A little bittersweet for sure. Luckily for all of us, most especially us seniors, its been an awesome recruitment so it looks like, knock on wood, we will be going out in style.

I love tri delta :) it makes me happy.

Jan 20, 2007

Happy Birthday AJ!!

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Today the love of my life, AJ became OLD. She's over the hill at 22.

We did most of our celebrating on Thursday with a family dinner, wine and chocolate covered strawberries. It was a nice cozy little night.

And now we are in rush so as much as we would love to have a blow out of a party for her, we are much too exhausted. Apparently we have transferred our exhaustion onto Bob because he's claiming that he is also too tired to possibly move.

We're such a cute little family with our dinners, our TV nights and such.

Jan 18, 2007

The Beginning of the End...of college

BU Beach
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Well it happened. My closest friends and I have begun our last semester at BU. In May we will walk across our various stages with other students in our majors, a few of us together, to be handed a cardboard cylinder to signify our four years and bukoos of money at BU.

Its sorta sad, I mean I like these guys (and by guys I most mean gals). Most of them have been in tridelta with me for the past few years and we have spent lots of time together. I've lived with a few of them...Christa, AJ, Jane, Anna and Bob. Travelled with a couple, Lindsay and Ang. Visited many many at their homes...Constance, Lindsay, Jess, Jane, AJ, Val, Jen, Risa, Erica, Rae--its one hell of a list on that one. They are, essentially, my college experience.

And I'm looking down the tunnel of not seeing them again for a very long time. And I don't think I like that too much.

On the other hand, I am excited to move to Austin. Everytime I am in that city I feel increasingly comfortable. I know thats a good move to be making because even if I did cling to Boston and the fun I've had here, there is no denying that its all changing. My friends are moving away just like I am. May will be a time to move.

But until then, there will be lots of chapter meetings, Tuesdays at T's, Thursdays with Greys, Fitrec dates, Sunset long after the sun has set, parties at 14A, pre parties at 14A, post parties at 14A, birthdays, weekend trips, laughing, downtown shopping sprees, Blanchards runs, Pub lunches, rock painting, cold weather, warm weather, knightings, lordings, smiling....

and maybe some class. maybe.

Jan 15, 2007

How Bout Those Pats

The nice thing about having two football teams (the Texans and the Pats) is one of them is bound to give you hope. The little party at 14A who watched, yelled at and cheered for the Pats still has hope. So much hope that we are already thinking about how great our SuperBowl party is going to be...after we get back from skiing/snowboarding/sledding in New Hampshire that weekend.

Boston you're my home (at least for the next few months)!

Jan 13, 2007

There's Deltas Everywhere!

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Omigoodness! It is so good to be back with all my deltas (please note that this of course includes Bob, honorary male delta).

Last night we had dinner at Sunset and there were just so many of us! Val, Kristin, Jane, Jen, Linds, Anna, me, AJ, Megan, Bob and we ran into Maura and Rae. It was wonderful. It made me all warm and fuzzy inside...which is especially good right now as I adjust to the cold.

The cold inside and out. Yup, cold inside, as in inside my apartment. Because our heat is broken! We've taken to putting the space heaters in the living room and camping out in there. Its been an adventure.

But then again, its always an adventure at 14A.

Jan 11, 2007

She's Back!

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My wonderful AJ returned to me last night!! Words cannot even express the excitement that overcame all of 14A. She rang the bell, I ran to the door and we proceeded to jump, squeal and hug...a lot.

And today everything got back to normal. We cooked, we laughed, we shopped and we unpacked. And we planted Jorge, as shown.

Ms AJ is back and I have photos to prove it

Jan 9, 2007

Honey I'm Home!

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Guess who is back in Boston! I was nearly giddy yesterday as Bob and I drove up the Pike and I saw the Citgo sign, the Pru, the John Hancock and then drove under Comm Ave. Oh the glories of home! And now its to unpacking, FitRec-ing and babysitting tonight.

Its good to be home :)

Jan 5, 2007

Seaside Living

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Its tough to grow up on the water. No really, I mean it.

First, you have to get out a map and prove to people that in fact you do live in Texas and on the water. And they say "oooohhhh, hmmm who'da guessed." Then you have to come to terms with the fact that most the country is not seaside. Thats right, should you ever leave this wonderful place known as home, you may not live on the coast anymore. Its a tough pill to swallow. And then....then...ok maybe thats it. That may cover the hardships of growing up in an adorable town on the Gulf Coast.

(Hurricanes aren't a hardship, they are a right of passage.)

Home for just a few more days and then its back to my other waterfront home: Boston!

Jan 2, 2007

I Heart Boise State University

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Mom and I have this running joke about how Idaho is the last place I would ever ever want to live. I mean really who lives in Boise?

Well tonight, I take it back (at least for the next few days). In the most beautiful game I've seen since Texas beat USC in the Rose Bowl last year, Boise State came out of nowhere to beat Oklahoma.

I feel about Oklahoma University about the way I feel about the New York Yankees. I wish the players no ill will I would just prefer if they never won another game again b/c my team seems to struggle with them. So to see the underdog of underdogs beat OU in overtime, especially since they were lucky to make it to overtime, well it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Its going to be a happy 2007, I can just tell.

Jan 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to all!

The new year was rung in with all kinds of excitement here in Seabrook; Mom, Dad and I on the couch watching football games (Brett Favre's last perhaps?) and then watching the man himself, Dick Clark. Yup, it was real exciting. Funny thing though, I didn't even have a real desire to go out and enjoy the glory that I am assuming is being 21 on New Years Eve.

Know what 2007 means to me? I have to grow up, that is to say, I will graduate in just a few months. YIKES!