Mar 25, 2008


New Bed!
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We have a new bed! And for all of you who were dying to see it in its Crate-n-Barrel duvet cover glory, here you have it. We're not quite high class enough to have a head board but its a slow process, friend, a slow process.

Mar 19, 2008

Goats Not Included

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That picture right there is of my new roommate - except this boyfriend does not come with his own pair of goats (darn? yay?).

In 48 hours we got Ross's apartment cleaned out, most his stuff moved into storage at his mom's and him moved into my place. We're still working on a few things, like 2 laundry baskets full of clothes that neither of us have the will power to carry out of my car.

It was a whirlwind of a move, one that had us both zonked out and in bed by 9 p.m. yesterday but it's done! It doesn't feel like much of a change and I really don't think it will til we are in our new place and all my pretty girly stuff meets his macho boy stuff. The combining of the things. Holy cow. John Wayne cut-out, meet pink Coach purse. Too big a collection of weights, meet too big a collection of high heels.

These meetings are still another 6 weeks or so off. I better start prepping my bags and shoes.

Mar 16, 2008

Welcome Springtime and Newlyweds!

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What a weekend! Whew!

A lot of Girl Scouting, a wedding and a subleased apartment later and it is bedtime folks!

Nikki became Mrs. Stephen Stowe last night in her beautiful outside Georgetown ranch wedding. The blushing bride was as pretty as pretty can be. The ceremony was formal and traditional, just as I am sure she always imagined it.

I would tell you more, but y'all I am pooped. Ross is already in bed and as soon as I can move the laundry to the dryer, I will be too. But in a nutshell the weekend went as such. Spring time arrived in full force with a 92 degree Friday and not a cloud in the sky all Friday and Saturday. Thousands of Girl Scout cookies were sent to US troops and several news stations covered it. Nikki and Stephen got hitched. I found a subletter for Ross's apartment and we now have just over 48 hours to get him all moved out.

Must sleep as tomorrow the great move commences.

Mar 7, 2008

Show Me the Money

When you are a kid the economy has no real meaning. At least it didn't to me. I was lucky to never worry about the roof over my head or food on the dinner table. Fortunately I still don't have to worry about those things.

But I have to say, the economy has more meaning to me now than it ever has before. It's tough to fund-raise when people are making just enough to get by. I know I certainly don't have an incredible expendable income to donate. It's just not in the cards. Working for a nonprofit, sometimes you really feel the pinch of every day folks who can't spare too much money to support your organization. I know Ross and his co-workers feel it too. Mattresses are one of those things that yes you need but you think "I can put it off 6 more months" or "We can get a cheaper one." And they are a big expense so it makes sense that people are hesitant to spend that much on just one item - even if we do spend 8 hours + of our day on them.

It is for these reasons, Mr. Bush and presidential hopefuls, that I say, Show Me the Money. I know me, Ross and the city of Austin are doing well compared to other people and areas but we are itching to bring home the big bucks. We are itching to spend the big bucks once we bring them home. Economists are estimating that our $600 tax refunds are only going to cover the increase in gas prices this year thus helping us but not really allowing additional money to flow into the market.

We need more help. We need to spend less money on this war and more money creating jobs domestically. FDR Style. Let's build roads or fix the ones we have. I can personally atest to the need for better roads in at least Pennsylvania and Louisiana. I bet both of those states would welcome the income and infrastructure. Let's create more teaching jobs. Every teacher in America would be happy to have a class with 2 or 3 less students. If our government needs help figuring out what new jobs to create, trust me, I have a couple ideas. I'm proud to say that Texas has dedicated $10 billion to cancer research which will not only combat this terrible disease but will bring white collar jobs and an increasingly educated population to Texas. What could be better than making your state a leader in cancer research, helping all of humanity and creating jobs all at once? Good job Texas :)

Get on board Mr. (or Mrs. as it may soon be) President! Show me the Money!

Mar 2, 2008

Le Bachelorette

Me & Nik
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Event number 2 leading up to Nikki's hitching. After tonight, all we have left is the actual hitching.

As Nikki so pointedly put it, when else in a girl's life can she get all dolled up, where a bright green dress with a veil and be the center of attention and have all that be OK. Well no other day than one's bachelorette party of course. Delicious dinner, great (but expensive) bars. Oh and quite a bit of risque lingerie for Nik-ilicious.

On another note, on this the first day of March (well maybe the second day by the time I am finished writing) I am making a resolution. I am not going to sweat the small stuff and I am going to live every day to its fullest. I feel like when I was in my last year of college I did a particularly good job of this. I embraced the idea that I could sleep when I die - or at least was over 60 - and I went out and was merry often. Now I'm not saying I need to be a lush to be enjoying life to the fullest, but perhaps I should spend more time out with friends than inside doing laundry or crunching financial numbers.

I think I can spend less time looking at photos and thinking "not my best one" and spend more time doing photo worthy things and taking photos of those things. Heck, one or two pics are bound to turn out good!

I can spend less time fretting over finances and so long as I am afloat, spend more time enjoying the inexpensive and free little pleasures in life, such as cheap wine in a bubble bath. For $10 that's one swell night!

I certainly can spend less energy wondering why I am constantly cleaning the kitchen and put some extra pizzazz into my cooking. Watch out Rachel Ray - I am taking your challenge of eating fun and interesting foods often.

However, loyal blog reader, do not think that all I do now is fret over photos, worry about mula and dwell on kitchen cleaning. On occasion, in fact on several occasions, I do take the time to smell the roses. I relish the days when I can drive with the windows down and radio up and I don't even think about the price of gas when doing this. I count my many blessings every time my wonderful smiling boyfriend comes home, even if he distracts me from cooking by kissing me. Really, a gal can't complain about a man who wants to smooch her. And I get giddy just thinking about the beautiful matchy-matchy bedroom decor (for my room with that smiling smooching boyfriend!) that is slowly accumulating.

But I am vowing, here and now, to spend more time smiling, laughing, making merry, being giddy and in general enjoying today instead of thinking about days long past and days to come.