Aug 29, 2008

Happy Birthday

In my family we think its extra super fun to have our birthdays in spurts. That said, happy birthday Uncle Doug (August 2), Mom (August 9), Dad (August 27) and Grandma (today)! Woohoo! Y'all are a year wiser!

The other birthday spurt comes in the spring when we have Aunt Linda, Grandpa Jack, Ross and me all in April. And while they may not be part of the April birthday sprint, having Wes and Win on the March side and Kevin (plus Mom and Dad's anniversary, Mother's Day, and when applicable, graduations) on the May side really makes the spring a marathon of celebrations.

Ross' family is not nearly as fun. They don't really have birthday sprints...well they didn't. Since Ryan and I joined the clan we have really crowded April. But the family, as it legally stands now, is Ross in April, Gramma in July, Nancy in September and Jack and Megan in December. However that does mean it seems like there is a birthday every month. Going with our running-like metaphor, they are the Sunday stroll of birthdays, slow and steady.

Aug 24, 2008

What's Up Doc

So here's what's up

Ross finished his first week of fire academy and he really likes it. He especially like the mechanical aspects. Yay!

Mom, Brittany, maybe Melissa and me are going wedding dress shopping on Saturday. Woohoo!! I can't wait!

Tomorrow we have a statewide Girl Scout communications retreat at camp. Yup, an overnighter at camp with grown up Girl Scouts.

AJ is having to change her wedding date. They found a place and the only day not available was the one they wanted (of course). So they are looking to change.

It's time to start on the fall wedding goals: find a minister, take engagement pictures and create/mail our save-the-dates to out of town guests. Nancy has a suggestion for a minister so I am going to try to go to a few services this fall to see what I think of him before we chat about him officiating the wedding. Jen's taking our engagement pictures in October and then I need to make the Save-the-Dates by Thanksgiving so they can make it into our Christmas cards. We also need to make "Guest list-round 1" by Thanksgiving so we can determined who the our of town guests are. I also need to send Brittany's wedding album to print so I can see the finished product (and decide if its what I want for our album) and give it to her for Christmas. I'd like to find a dress soon too but that's more of a fall/winter goal. Done by February would be good.

Whew! I think that's it :)

Aug 17, 2008

On Top of the World, Lookin' Down on Creation

Rock Placement 2
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We had an awesome trip out to West Texas. We went mountain hiking, ate yummy food, watched the sunset, hung out poolside, cuddled in our pueblo of a room and just relaxed. We did an eight mile hike and could barely walk for the rest of that day.

One of my bosses (when you are low on the totem pole you have several) told me earlier this summer that people don't fully relax until day 8 or so of their vacation. I thought she was full of bologna. But I have to say, I didn't feel totally relaxed til yesterday. And tomorrow it's back to my Girl Scout cubicle. Which is just to say - note to self, take longer vacations.

Ross begins at the fire academy tomorrow. Woohoo! The road to firefighting is back and kicking! T minus 4 months.

Aug 8, 2008

Vacation-land here I am!

That's right! It's vacation time! I have officially been on vacation for (checking clock) 3 hours and 38 minutes. And how have I been celebrating you ask? With a little Chuy's jalepeno dip, an episode of King of the Hill and quizzing Ross on EMT test materials. Maybe nothing fancy yet but just you wait, its about to get snazzy.

Not only am I now on vacation but by 8 tonight, Ross will be done with his EMT national registry test. And Rick will be a college graduate! Woohoo!

And then the celebrating shall begin. Margaritas and BBQ. If that doesn't say vacation in Texas I don't know what does.

Aug 2, 2008

I've got some sweet new wheels

I still don't have my baby but the dealership gave me a loaner car. It's a Hyundai Santa Fe. Pretty fun little SUV. And it came with a full tank of gas. Rock on.

We've had an eventful weekend. Thursday night we saw most of Beauty & the Beast which was done by Zilker Theatre. A live outdoor musical for free. Fantastic! Then we played Monopoly with the Krszjznieks (I think that is how you spell their last name). Ross won. Ryan and I went down in shame. Susannah held her own. Last night we did karaoke with those crazy Ks. Ross sang "Suspicious Minds" beautifully. I'll admit, today, we mostly slept. I'm talking we woke up at 10, had breakfast and went back to sleep at 11:30. Did not move again til 2:30p. But it means we're all rested up for tonight - party barge on Lake Travis! Woohoo!!! Time to get into my bikini!