Oct 28, 2007

A Reminder From Your Friendly Local Cancer Fighter

If you live in Texas, you can now vote on Proposition 15, the $3 billion cancer research bill on the current ballot!

Want to do early voting? Cool beans! If you live in Travis County, visit www.traviscountytax.org to learn where you can indulge in some early voting glory.

I voted today; it was short and it made the volunteers smile. So go ahead, vote. It'll make you feel good inside.


look at that hot couple
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Happy Halloween!!

Last night Nikki (girlfriend from high school who lives in Austin, actually just up the road from Ross) and her fiance had an outstanding Halloween party. I think she spent all day decorating. The house looked awesome!

Ross is working a ton, 6 days a week. So it was his one night to let his hair down. And let it down he did, as a Tom Selleck look-a-like. His costume was way better than mine but I loved being a witch. (Ross: not much of a costume is it? ha ha ha. Isn't he clever?)

And of course the first picture I get of the two of us is in Halloween costumes. And you thought you might get to see what he actually looks like. HA. I laugh at that my friend. I laugh.

Hook 'em Horns!

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I went to my first UT game!!

Saturday was gorgeous, just gorgeous. 75 and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Brittn couldn't make it to the game because she was having some QT with her sweetie so she all but gave me her ticket. (The football gods are shining on her very approvingly at the moment.) I went tailgating and to the game with Nirav, the older brother of my good friend Ankur (who I was in Sydney with). Nirav and I have hung out a few times, he's good people.

And God bless my camera phone because the batteries in my real camera were dead! I say for being taken on a phone, this photo ain't half bad.

Oh yes, and we won the game, 28-23. Take that Nebraska.

Oct 22, 2007

Monday Madness

Girl Scouts of Central Texas communications department is a crazy place on a Monday with the boss lady gone!

In my new temp role as quasi boss lady, I sat in on today's directors' meeting. The subject of the meeting was about what you would expect - updates from each department. What I found to be the most interesting was the dynamics. I was the youngest person by probably 10 years. Most of the directors are in their 40s or 50s. It was kinda heady to have a large portion on an agenda with an audience who have mostly been out of college as long as I've been alive.

Ross and I had an excellent phone call tonight. We usually have nice phone calls but today's was especially nice. He's a swell guy.

And, uh, how about them Red Sox?! World Series bound!

Oct 21, 2007


second proposal
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This weekend was "Brittany Weekend, Part 1." Saturday she and I went to pick up her wedding dress - gorgeous! Unless you are Ken or her daddy, you can see it here, on David's Bridal. She looks like a princess in it!

Then we had their shower at her matron of honor's house. Beautiful home! They got all kinds of house-y things, though no blenders, which I consider to be the wedding gift staple.

AND then we had Britt's bachelorette party. She got a great variety of lingerie from her friends, mother and soon to be mother in law. She was also given a martini glass that had a slightly inappropriate base and a veil with a collection of the same inappropriate item on it. We had dinner, did a wine tasting and then hit up 6th street for a bit. We created a list of things she had to do that evening and in this pic she is completing one of the tasks: getting proposed to a second time.

I'm very excited for her wedding! She's such a cute bride.

In other news, my boss, Haila is incredibly pregnant and now working from home. She has a PUPPP rash which is why she can't come in. It means the transition of me to Communications team lead is beginning. I'm very sad she has such an icky rash but I am excited to begin my stint in this new leadership position. I think its a really good opportunity to show my potential and hopefully set myself up for promotions later on. Prove myself now sort of.

I also had several members of the GSCTX fund dev/comm staff over on Friday for margaritas. Big hit! I used Ross's limeade margarita recipe and it was much loved by all.

OK now back to the Red Sox (who are at this moment, up 3-0 in game 7 against the Indians). LOVE THAT DIRTY WATER

Oct 14, 2007

Pardon Me But...

Do you have any Grey Poupon? Or any idea how it became mid-October already? I seem to have missed the first half of my favorite month somehow. What a strange thing to have happen - that is to have half a month slip away from you without even noticing. And one's favorite month at that. Enjoy some google-stolen images of this, my favorite month of the year...

Oct 13, 2007

Workin' Men are the Sexiest Kind

Ross got a job!!
He started Friday and is working in sales. While I don't think it's the job he dreamed about as a little boy, it pays the bills and looks to have great potential for advancement. And most importantly, he's happy to be working.

The job is up by me, which is great for me but not so great for him. I do not envy the hour commute he'll have most mornings but am looking forward to the couple nights he'll stay with me during the week to ease the pain of the commute. I'm looking forward to being a bigger part of each other's regular old weekly routine.

Now it's off to spinning! Happy Saturday :)

Oct 9, 2007

Love That Dirty Water

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What a great trip. Holy guacamole, I had a great time. I highly suggest you take a trip to one of your favorite towns to see a dozen of your favorite friends. Eat lobster and have a martini while you are there.

And hey - doesn't Kristine look great!? Such a hottie!

Oct 8, 2007

Friends, and Drinks and T's - oh my!

Life has been so glorious and busy! It's not been a 24/7 party in beantown but instead a relatively relaxed weekend catching up with friends.

I only had one night with AJ but we made the most of it. One night with the best friend is better than no nights with the best friend.

And when in Boston I've been hitting up all the old haunts like White Horse, Atlantic Fish, the BU Pub and today I am off to Herrel's my fav ice cream shop/coffee house.

There has been one strange repetitive topic this weekend: weddings. AJ had her dress for Amanda's wedding in December. Very beautiful. Joe told AJ to start looking at rings herself. (Incredibly exciting!!) Jane is the MOH for her friend's wedding in March. I picked up Brittany's bachelorette party gift. There was some discussion of Anna and Ben's wedding which is no time soon but appears to be their plan. There was even a 7th Heaven wedding marathon on TV last night! I mean really folks. Weddings; they are taking over my life and I'm not even having one!

Oct 2, 2007


Check out the hats
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I get to see Boo! On Friday! Long live the hats, sunglasses and good times!