Jan 31, 2015

Cruisin' the Mall

Cade and I beat the rain today by crusin' the mall. He played in the Lego store, I got new Kate Spade earrings and made $2 off the trip (my return was more than the new earrings). Win.

Lego mania!

Also enjoyed the kids' station at the Apple Store

Jan 24, 2015

The Best Saturday Morning Ever

Whew - it's been busy over here! I am behind on the blogging front big time. Let me start to catch you up.

Last weekend we had The Best Saturday Morning Ever on a family trip to the Thinkery and then lunch at Fuddrucker's.

The Thinkery (ie Children's Museum) has a special Saturday program called "Baby Bloomers" where it opens the second story of the museum up an hour early for kiddos under three and provides some special little kid programming. We took advantage of the smaller crowd (both in volume and stature) and got there right as Baby Bloomers opened.

We tried the formal programming but Cade was not too impressed. He LOVED the water tables and instruments though. He and Ross played there for probably 20 minutes. He also really liked the tumble area with mats and bouncy balls. When the downstairs opened up we spent about 30 minutes there painting and playing in the light room. IT WAS SO FUN!!


While at the Thinkery Ross got a hankering for a Fuddrucker's so afterward we went here for an early lunch. Since it was impromptu I didn't have a lunch for Cade...which meant he got his very own lunch off the kids's menu. He was such a little kid (not a baby) playing with the arcade games and then eating his grilled cheese and apple slices. It was adorable and kinda heartbreaking at the same time. Talk about sneaking up on me!

We all had so much fun, it was all together and really, it was totally the perfect family weekend morning. YAY!!

Jan 10, 2015

Welcome Little Cowgirl

This morning I was very pleased and honored to host a baby shower for Erin to welcome her new little cowgirl, Carys Olivia!

We had brunch at Iron Cactus and had a loosely "cowgirl" themed shower. With the cold weather (and I assume the theme), we had many many pairs of boots in attendance which I truly loved.


As a shower for a second baby, Erin needed more specific things as opposed to the pure volume of onesies and blankets that a first time mom needs. She received a double stroller from her moms' group friends, glider from her in-laws and a couple other big ticket items that round out her kid supply.

From the hostess perspective, I was very happy that our shower craft worked out. We made a name sign for little girl's room with each attendee decorating a different letter. It turned out beautifully!

Jan 4, 2015

New and Improved

New year, improved people. At least that's the idea right? Since I love checklists and goals, I kinda love new year's resolutions. In the past I've had a tendency to make too many and then not follow through. So for the past couple years I've tried to make just a couple really specific resolutions that actually matter. And this year I am forcing it upon suggesting it to my family as well.

Here's what we are trying to do

Cade - potty train! We've got a Thomas the train potty and a whole year ahead of us. It might come down to December 31 but we can do it!

Ross - finish the back porch. This really a winter goal since he wants to be done by the spring. Most likely this means 2 more chairs, an end table or two, another electrical outlet and some additional lighting.

Me - take my multi-vitamin most days (5 out of 7 seems reasonable) and read at least one book per month. In previous years it might have been take my multi-vitamin daily and read a book every week or two a month or something crazy. But hello, I've met me and I know my working mom schedule. Almost daily and one per month would both be a big improvement and might actually be achievable.

Ready, set, go!

Jan 3, 2015

Two Toddler Morning

A first time for everything they say. Today was my first time for chasing two toddlers all on my own.

At my request, Erin dropped Rowan off with us at Safari Champ this morning for a few hours of fun while she and Jon get the house ready for baby Carys. 

It took Rowan a few minutes to warm up to the idea of mommy leaving. Literally like 3 minutes. And then these kids were off to the races...and slides and tunnels!



After Safari Champ we headed toward Rowan's house and had a picnic lunch at the park. This was admittedly the most challenging part of our morning. I should have done more park research because we ended up at one that was not fenced in and where the picnic table was just a little further from the playscape than I would have liked. It made chasing both kids and keeping an eye on our stuff more challenging than I would have liked. The playscape was wet and even though I wiped down the slides, Cade did manage to slip on a step (he's fine but it scared us both). And the kids were only mildly interested in their food which required quick course correction (you don't want a chicken nugget, here let me open this yogurt, oh you don't want that either...ummm...).

Thankfully I had sidewalk chalk which saved this part of our adventure.

Finally, here's my favorite picture from our morning adventure. The kid-cuteness is too much!!