I first heard the term "blog" in spring 2004 in my Intro to PR class at BU. I spent about three weeks wondering if I was hearing Prof. Quigley right and trying to listen closer because obviously "blog" was not a word. It was a word and I finally had to Google search it. Ah - web based log.

IM000805.JPGJust two years later, inspired by the ever great KBR and her blog, I started my own blog to chronicle my semester abroad in Sydney. A writer by nature, I was hooked hardcore. Blogger, Flickr and I became the terrific (in my opinion) trio.

My semester in Sydney was an influential one. While I was gone, I missed two weddings, the passing of my roommate's dad and my Grandma's diagnosis of breast cancer. Those things combined with the "work to live" (as opposed to "live to work") mentality of Australia made me resolve to enjoy every ounce of life and try my best to live in the present. Hence, the inspiration for my next and current blog's URL: soakuplife.blogspot.com.

loweC_5041edit1That's what my blog's about - my fabulously normal life in the Lone Star State. It's my quirky little family; life as a fire fighter's wife; adventures in motherhood; amateur book/restaurant reviews; vacations to far-away lands and discoveries close to home.

And I love that in the past few years it has become part of a virtual social fabric of far-flung friends. After all, what's this thing called social media if not social?