Dec 31, 2008

Good vibrations

Christmas morning we got a text from our good friend Matt saying he and his girlfriend, Erin, were engaged. Yay! They are sweet and fun couple.

Later in the week we found out that Christmas evening Matt had a seizure. They took him to the hospital and a brain tumor was discovered. He's only 27.

Fortunately we can report that Matt had surgery and is doing very well. The tumor was a low grade cancer (so not too serious in terms of cancer) and its all been removed. They are still waiting for the test results to see if there is any other cancer. But so far everything looks great.

Matt's family started a blog to keep everyone posted on his condition. Though I don't know if I would have thought to do that, its been great for answering our daily question of "how's Matt?"

Even though you probably don't know Matt, if you have some extra good vibrations you need to find a home for, send them to Matt and Erin.

Dec 27, 2008

You and me and the puppy makes three

Lexi and Ross
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We brought her home! This is our new puppy, Lexi.

We got her from Town Lake Animal Center. She's 8 months old (they estimate her birthday is April 16) and is a pointer mix. She weighs about 35 pounds and is super cute and friendly.

She's also a handful. We took her to Ross' parents' house today...which was probably a mistake on our part. Too much on her first day. She got carsick on the drive, started barking at Russell and then got carsick again on the way home. She's also peed on the carpet twice today. It's only been four hours!

And we think she's schizo. She barks randomly at nothing. Bizzare-o dog.

But she's cute and we're sure that once she gets used to her new home some of these things will improve. I'm really glad we're both home every day for the next 8 days to help her adjust.

Welcome to the family Lexi Black!

Dec 23, 2008

Ross thinks I'm nuts

And he laughs and nods as he reads that title.

I started thinking about how the wedding day is going to run. Like when are the chairs going to be moved from the ceremony site to the reception site and who is going to do it? Who will do the table settings while I am being made pretty?

So my inner OCD person said it's time to start a timeline! Which, for the record, I have been told by multiple sources is a good idea for keeping the party rolling. So create a first draft timeline I did. And he saw it and thinks I'm nuts.

"Is there a scheduled bathroom break for me?" Ha ha ha. Isn't he clever? And no there is not one scheduled but with the exception of 4:30-6:30, go for it. (That's the ceremony and photo time.)

Yes, it's a little detailed. It includes of course the big things like "Groom arrives" and "Ceremony begins" but it includes some little details like "flower pails moved inside" and "Grandmothers seated." I know these are little details and they don't need to happen at the exact scheduled time but I swear we need a general time frame. Right? It has to be important to know that the flower pails will be moved inside during formal pictures (and by people not in those pictures but on hand to help). And I know seating the Grandmothers, the Queen Mums if you will, is important. They have wheelchairs so we need to designate people to wheel them. Yes they are little things but I swear if I don't write them in schedule they won't happen smoothly (or at all) and I'll be left saying "Where is Grandma!? It's October; I know she did not get run over by a reindeer!"

So girls and in-the-know men, do me a favor. Support me in my timeline building. Help me convince Ross that I am not least not in regard to this thing. Other things...OK fine, I'll admit to being nuts.

Dec 21, 2008

Modern Bride + Christmas Music = Perfect Sunday

GREAT DAY. I read Modern Bride magazine, called my mom several times to consult about ideas and listened to Christmas music. I even got a little Martha Stewart-y and made a holiday Chex Mix. (It's only "holiday" because Christmas is one of the few occasions when I will make Chex Mix in the oven as opposed to just buying a flavored bag.)

In my perusing of Modern Bride magazine I read a fun idea: to make every table different so as to avoid the mass production feel. We're not talking one is flamingo themed and another covered in Tiffany's blue. Not That different. But, for example, some use orange table cloths with white runners and others are white with orange runners. There is a part of me that loudly says "What fun!" But Mom pointed out that it might get hodge-podgey. I see how this could be a real issue. So that's my challenge, making the tables each fun and unique but keeping the whole thing connected.

I realize to the non-bride, non-event planner, non-OCD decor person this seems like a ridiculous thing to be debating. You say "dang girl, throw a white table cloth, some plates and a flower arrangement on the tables and move on!" And maybe that's exactly what I'll do when it comes down to it. But I have 10 more months until the wedding; more than enough time to evaluate, re-evaluate and re-re-evaluate the merits of matching vs. not matching but coordinated reception tables.

So what do you think? Keep the linens matching but add some personal touches to the other things (centerpieces, favors, table marker things)? Or try the mix-and-match linens in persimmon and white?

Oh the debates of a bride! Life is so hard (back of hand to forehead, head flung back in an exasperated expression).

Dec 20, 2008

Firefighter Ross Black

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We're done! Ross is officially a state certified firefighter! In the graduation program he was listed as "Firefighter Ross Black."

We're both so happy he's done! He's really enjoyed learning everything but it was a grueling schedule he's happy to leave behind him.

The graduation ceremony was very nicely done. It started with the Georgetown Pipe and Drum Band playing the graduates in. I was pleased to see that because it finally gave me a visual for it, important since Ross really wants to be at Georgetown and in that band.

Then there were some speakers, including Chief Menches who gave good insight into the field and changes that he, as an old man firefighter, expects to see in the next generation. He reiterated the importance of a formal education and I was so relieved to think "formal education? check." He also told us there are 1 million firefighters in the US but only 400,000 are career. The rest are volunteer or part-time. Good thing to remember during the job hunt. I'm glad for Ross' plan to volunteer at Sam Bass FD immediately to keep his skills up while he looks for a full time gig.

Chief Menches also told the cadets to take the holidays to show appreciation to the people who helped make their achievement a reality. Thank you Chief, I agree. :)

AND THEN my honey was recognized for being commanding cadet during live fire training. He got a pretty wood plaque and was fawned over adequately. He even got to speak! Ross did great with the speech - complimenting his lieutenants and the other cadets on a live fire well done.

Finally we had the handing out of diplomas and then off to dinner. Very nice little graduation night.

We told Megan - pretty soon, we'll do it for you!

Dec 15, 2008

Must blog

...about food. I joined the facebook group "Austin food bloggers" but I'll be honest, I'm not a dedicated food blogger. However I can be an amateur. I can write about the occasional recipe success, the good find of a restaurant, the foodie happy hours, CPD cakes and Girl Scout cookies.

But committed foodies, I'll admit it here. Not every blog will be about food. Some are bound to be about my honey, others about our wedding, some about parties with friends (maybe the food at said parties), trips to friends' weddings and of course, Girl Scouts. To earn my place among the Austin foodies though I'll try to sneak in a food blog now and again.

Dec 10, 2008

One delicious article

The article in today's Statesman was beautiful! Paloma started getting emails before noon about her goodies. Yay!!!

I also think we have secured a woman from every TV station in town to be a Girl Scout Cookie bake-off judge next month. We even have the female producer from Univision! Yay!!

Dec 4, 2008

Uh huh, oh yeah, go us

The Statesman is doing a story on Coco Paloma Desserts! Yay! Hurray!

I pitched the food writer a few weeks ago about CPD's appearance at A Christmas Affair and followed up with a link to CPD's blog because it included photos. The writer started reading the blog and recently saw the holiday goodies which sparked a story idea. She's doing a tasting, interview and photo shoot with Paloma on Monday. Rockin'.