Dec 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

One of the moms in my online mommy group started a thread about what she's ready to say goodbye to in 2013 and what she's ready to welcome in 2014. This post is brought to you by her (and all the other moms)

  • Middle of the night crib parties
  • Nursing-related everything and anything
  • Sallie Mae
  • Reusable grocery bags as my "lightweight laptop bag"
  • Subpar and/or free photo editing software
  • The most recent Texans season
  • New car!
  • Purse/tote (lightweight) laptop bag
  • Full night's sleep
  • 3 exciting Texas weddings
  • Photoshop Elements

Dec 30, 2013

I wanna be

I wanna be half as funny as Amanda when I grow up. OMG go read her Christmas blog post. Right now. Go read it:

Christmas Part 2

Saturday night Ross' family came over for our Christmas. First, you should know that getting the six of us in the same room was like getting Congress to pass a budget law. Nearly impossible. Meg and Ross just did not have complementary schedules.

But anyways it finally happened and we had our gift exchange. The big winner of the night was Cade's new car. Complete with working blinkers and radio. Fancy fancy. 

Beyond the car there was a combo of Bears gifts for Ross, wine for Meg, Stacy & me, a Texans blanket for me (that poor Nancy bought in the summer when hopes were high for the team - if she'd bought it this month I bet it would have been like 50 cents), a fingerprint gun safe for Ross and all kinds of other wonderful things. Not to mention a baby kilt. Yup, a baby kilt.

And FINALLY a picture of the three of us on Cade's first Christmas (part 2)! YAY!

Dec 26, 2013

Cade's First Christmas

Whew! The first Christmas has come and gone!

Christmas Eve my parents arrived for the holiday. With them they brought a very very special present: Cade's stocking, handmade by my Grandma. There's a snowman, and lots of beaded sparkles and of course his name at the top. She did a wonderful job on it and having such a special, sentimental Christmas stocking for my little boy warms my heart. I know he'll grow up knowing his Great Grandma worked hard making sure he always has a special stocking.

All day Christmas Eve, Cade was spoiled with grandparent love (imagine that) and we had a big delicious ham dinner that night. Like a little angel, the elf slept the whole night through. Merry Christmas Mommy!

Christmas Day Ross arrived home from the station and the four of us (4 = Lexi) opened our stockings in our PJs. I received a year's supply of chocolate and wine to go with it. Cade received pears (to try as finger foods), a book, T-shirt and socks. Ross received a travel coffee mug, gum, candy and shaving cream.

Compared to the Christmases I grew up with, the post-stocking, pre-party part of our day was pretty mellow. Ross smoked a brisket, we all took turns playing with Cade, Mom and I made tortilla pinwheels, we whipped together side dishes and pour our first glass of wine around 2p. Now unfortunately during all this Cade was just too excited about the holiday to do much in the way of napping. But I guess with all those presents under the tree and his grandparents here - who could blame him.

Around 3ish, Nancy arrived and we started gifts. It was 3 gifts for Cade, 1 gift for someone else, 3 for Cade, 1 for someone else. Needless to say he received a few gifts. The hands-down favorite though was this activity table from my parents. He literally crawled on top of the box and started playing with it through the "test me" window.

Now with the nap situation, Cade had to go to bed at 5:45 while the grown ups ate dinner. And OH WHAT A GOOD DINNER it was. Brisket, Caesar salad, french bread, green beans and mashed potatoes. Then for dessert, cranberry pie and ice cream. YUM! Ross did a bang up job on his first Christmas brisket. I'm so glad I won't have to wait until next Christmas for another brisket. Thank goodness he likes to smoke them!

After dinner and dessert, the night calmed down. (Well, except for Cade's crazy sleeping/waking all night but that's a story for another day.) All in all I'd say Cade had a good first Christmas and we successfully hosted our first holiday.

Dec 22, 2013

Congrats Ryan and Margeaux!

While I was getting  my nails done today I checked Facebook to see if Margeaux changed her status to "engaged". Not because I knew anything definite but because I knew she and Ryan were in Fredericksburg for the weekend. She had not.

When I arrived home and Ross told me Ryan and Margeaux were coming over soon; I said "I hope they are coming over to tell us they are engaged!!!" Ross did not know if that was the case or not. But I had high hopes. Because, well, we LOVE Margeaux. And if Ryan didn't propose to her soon, I was going to do it for him (which is exactly what I told Nancy at lunch on Friday).


Yes, that is what happened on Ryan's 35th birthday weekend getaway to the vineyards of Fredericksburg. He popped the question over a bottle of wine at their B&B and Margeaux said yes! WOOHOO!

And just when you think we couldn't possibly be any happier for them, yes, it got better. Today Ryan asked Ross to be one of his groomsmen and then they asked if Cade could serve as ring bearer. YES and YES.

We promptly asked if we could host their engagement party which it looks like we'll be doing in January. I couldn't be happier for them and am thrilled that my boys will be part of such a special day in life of two people we love very much.


Dec 21, 2013

Santa Surprise

Ross and I decided earlier this month that we weren't going to mess with Santa pictures this year. The lines, the inevitable screaming/crying baby, the cold weather, the obscene cost. Meh, wait until he gets it a little more.

But surprise!

When outlet mall shopping today (in beautiful sunny 60 degree weather), Cade and I ran into Santa with no line  and he was willing to let us snap a free pic on my phone. And as the pic below shows, we also avoided the screaming/crying baby situation. A Christmas miracle all around!

Kids Club

Today the Cade-man had his first experience at the 24 Hour Fitness Kids Club. They will accept kids starting at age 6 months but Ross and I weren't quite ready then. Now at 9 months and a crawling machine, it seemed like a good time to give it a try.


He was super popular with all the ladies (duh) and the three times I checked on him he was happy and playing. One thing I like is that for non-walkers, one of the ladies greets you and then is basically assigned to your kiddo the whole time. He was very well attended to.

I don't think this is something we'll do multiple times per week or even weekly. But on crazy weeks or when Ross' work schedule doesn't allow me to go to yoga, it is a nice option to have.

Dec 19, 2013

Happy 35th!

I have never been so glad to miss a birthday party. Ever.

Saturday night was a Meg/Ryan birthday combo package. Both turned 35 within a week of each other and to commemorate the event there was a private karaoke room at Common Interest. Having partook in these private rooms twice before (once because Ryan was "moving to Dallas") we know they are a super duper good time. We were naturally bummed to have missed Saturday night's event. But with Ross' work schedule and my Friday night at Horseshoe Bay (life is so tough) it just wasn't in the cards. Again, I reiterate bummed.

However I have never been so pleased to miss a birthday party. No less 6 people who attended that party have ended up with flu-like symptoms. You gotta figure, breathing on, singing into and then sharing a mic lends itself well to germ sharing. So while we would have enjoyed the hell outta that party, I'm enjoying the hell outta good health right now.

Fortunately, Ryan's bout with sickness was mild and short-lived. He and Margeaux came over tonight for a birthday celebration (pizza, salad, booze and board games). It was great! Cade hung out for the first 20 minutes and gave them their Christmas present. Then off to bed with the baby and up late playing games for the grown-ups. I think we all had a great time. Plus we started discussing our shore-adventures for Cozumel. Mayan ruins, booze cruise, scuba diving and beach lounging lead the pack (basically that's everything offered so we haven't made significant progress...).

So to Meg who turned 35 on Sunday and Ryan who turns 35 in 2 minutes ---- Happy Birthday!!

Dec 15, 2013

Girls' Getaway to Horseshoe Bay

Friday afternoon (after the all important 9 month photo shoot with Cade), I packed up my swimsuit, clothes and champagne and drove to the Horseshoe Bay resort for a night away with Brittany and Nichole as part of Nichole's birthday celebration. I was SO excited. I'd been wanting to go out there for four years.

It did not disappoint. The resort was great, all decorated for the holidays. We had a room on the 6th floor with a view of the pool. The cocktails were delicious, the hot tub fabulous and the company couldn't be beat.

As I've just wrapped up 2 hours of work, I am going to let the pictures tell the rest.




Big Healthy 9 Month Old Baby

imageOn Friday, Cade reached the 9 month mark. Such a big boy! He also had his 9 month well baby check up and he got straight A's. (Not really, they don't give letter grades but you know what I mean.)

Here is what life as Cade is like at 9 months old
  • 19 pounds, 9 ounces
  • 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference (up from 30th percentile in weight and height at his 6 month appt)
  • 2 teeth peeking through
  • crawling machine
  • eating monster
  • takes 2 naps per day
  • sleeps about 12 hours at night, sometimes with 1-2 wake ups, sometimes straight through
  • does not like getting in his car seat
  • knows his name
  • learning "no"
  • infatuated with cords and strings
  • loves looking out the window
  • very entertained by his own baby pictures

Dec 11, 2013

WFH and PJs

Around 12:30p today Ross and I had this conversation

Ross: Not even getting out of your PJs today huh?
Me: Yes! I will! For my meeting!

Geesh, pajamas is a large part of why I work from home. And really, it is creating less laundry. Because I have a baby. And he spits up and drools on me. I would be just plain silly to put on work clothes while I'm in mommy-mode. I don't think Cade or Lexi mind my lime green tank top, tie-dye looking pants and red plaid slippers one bit.

Dec 8, 2013


Woohoo! After talking about it for three weeks, yesterday we booked a cruise to Cozumel with Ryan and Margeaux. Ross, Margeaux and I have never been on a cruise before. I for one am super excited. It sounds like the perfect way to skip out on a few days of the winter.

The conversation originally started when Mom and Dad told Ross and Ryan that we should go on a cruise and let them have a long weekend with Cade. A fine idea! Cade will get 4 nights in Seabrook with his grandparents and we'll go adventuring. A win win if I do say so myself!

Now - snorkeling, scuba diving or beach bumming while I'm in Cozumel? Decisions, decisions.

Dec 6, 2013

That Little Christmas Stinker

iphone_picHe's trying to open his presents early!

Well, really I think tissue paper just looks like too much fun to pass up but the result was an attempt at opening presents. Little stinker.

Dec 4, 2013

New England Yuppie Baby

Thanks for the shirt Dr. Jane!
Red Sox shirt and matching plaid shorts. Can we say yuppie?

Dec 1, 2013

First Tooth Has Been Eye-Spied!

Yay Mom! You figured it out!
Finally a reason for the fussy-pants baby that I am willing to accept! His first tooth is on its way in! I felt it and spied the white gums this evening and Ross seconded the finding. We have a tooth that should be with us any day now!