Nov 29, 2008

Deck the Halls

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We're all decorated! We put up our first Christmas tree together last night. It could use a few more decorations but I believe decorations are a gradual process. Our collection will grow as we get to be old. We have about a dozen that are mine from growing up, one Scottish Santa i bought Ross this year, one from our trip to Ft. Davis in August and then some generic glass balls just to fill it out.

Even though the tree is fake, it still smells like Christmas thanks to the good people at Yankee Candle. And thanks to iTunes, it sounds like Christmas too. (Ross is employing a great deal of patience with the music. He's not a big Christmas music person but knows I am and so far is letting me get down to Jingle Bell Rock.)

I also fancied up our dining room table. I found a gold tablerunner which looks great against the dark wood table top. Throw in some fancy napkin rings and gold snowflake candle holders and you have yourself one merry table.

I love Christmas decorations! Happy Holidays!!

Nov 25, 2008


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The past two days have been a wedding bonanza.

First, Larisa finished our save the dates using this photo. I wish I could express to you just how cool our save the date is...because its WAY cool. She did a great job.

Second I went to pick up my wedding dress today but no dice. It was too big. They are reordering it in a size smaller. Way better for the ego than if it had to be reordered bigger.

I also checked out Austin Party Central which has a linen exactly matching the bridesmaids dresses. Very excited about that.

And I sent Nancy and Ross a spreadsheet for creating their half of the guest list.

I chatted with the Marriott Courtyard and the Hilton today about reserving a block of rooms. I think the Marriott might be a better downtown option that the Stephen F. Austin. It isn't as cool but it will fit people's budgets better so more are likely to be able to stay in town. I think staying in town really betters the Austin experience so I want as many people as possible to do that.

Finally on Saturday I have an appointment with a florist who I have heard amazing things about. I'm super duper excited to meet with her.

I'd also like to take a moment to make a shout-out to my cake lady, Paloma. I think Paloma is the cat's meow. Her cakes are amazing and she's been a dream to work with. If you are a bride in Austin, I highly suggest calling up Paloma over at Coco Paloma Desserts and ordering from her. Here's to Paloma!

Nov 22, 2008


1) Ross and I pet sat for my coworker Larisa. It mostly went well until day 5 when the puppy decided to ransack our living room. From playing cards to the remote control, she ate it all. She even pulled the table runner off the dining room table and ate the candles that came down with it. We are no longer pet-sitting.

2) My coworker Savita has been promoted to Chief Development Officer! She's amazing. I am very very excited for her and our development team.

3) Nancy and I went to the Junior League's A Christmas Affair today. MD Anderson had a booth there so I got my Christmas cards. Yay! I also got a really cool little Christmas gift for AJ but I can't tell you what it is. What if you are her?

4) My dress is in! I'm going to pick it up this week and take it home to my parents' house. Melissa is coming over there on Wednesday so I can try it on for her. Yay again!

5) Christmas shopping has begun. So far I have checked off Grandma, Gramma (his), half of Ross, AJ/Joe, all the bridesmaids and half of Dad. If you are Kevin, Mom, Dad, Nancy, Jack or Bryanna, please file your requests now.

6) We're having a BIG new year's eve party at the Krzjzaniek's house. (Its spelled something like that, if you know who I am talking about then you know that's pretty close.) You should come.

Nov 11, 2008

One piece at a time

Two things right now are very "one piece at a time."

The first is my lovely Max, my Mac laptop. He is dying. One piece at a time. First the optical drive went. Then the battery life got REALLY low. Now my wireless card is on the fritz. Here I was saying "stupid AT&T wireless doesn't work..." under my breath and turns out, not AT&T. Its my wireless card. I plugged in with a cable and we are up and running at record speeds! Dear Max, hang out til next Christmas. We can't afford for you to bite the dust before then.

The second is the wedding. Brittany and I discussed lighting and music at length today. From mini lanterns on the tables to bagpipes at the ceremony, the wedding is coming together one piece at a time. Yay!

Nov 6, 2008


I hereby declare today to be a GOOD DAY.

I woke up to an email from the Young Nonprofit Professional Network inviting me to join their board of directors as a Member-At-Large. My first board! As a Member-At-Large, I have to be on two committees and they suggested the Programming Committee (I initially applied to be Programming Chair) and the Development Committee. And I was asked to be the sub-chair for the Do-Gooder games, a night of trivia and silly games where the winners get money for a charity of their choice. Yay being on the board!

When I talked to Mom today we had good conversations. First all us gals (Mom, me, Brittany, hopefully Nancy, Megan and Gramma) are going to see the Radio City Rockettes when they come to Austin next month. Yay! And little brother turned in a 27-page paper and got his grade A!

We're not done yet. Ross aced his truck driving test today. ACED it I tell you.


Nov 5, 2008

Nov 2, 2008

Baby Borrower

Let's make one thing clear - Ross and I are NOT ready for babies yet. We're really aiming to be married first, and if possible, married for a couple years. But I do love babies and kiddos so when I see cute ones, even if they aren't mine (obviously) I still want to show them off to the other people in the world who love babies and kiddos.

But I'm into protecting the identity of the kiddos so we won't use last names. This darling bundle of joy is Fiona. She's my friend Amanda's new baby. Amanda is AJ's best friend from kiddo-hood and I got to know her when I lived in Boston. Now she's married and a momma. Goodness gracious how things change!

Nov 1, 2008

November 1 is an ok day by me

Kassie the Lion.jpg
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This morning I got up and went to this cardio-weight class thing that kicked my butt last week. Last week I only did 35 minutes of it, today I finished it! This might be because there was a new instructor and so it was a little easier. But still; I finished it.

Then I shopped at Target where I was gloriously overwhelmed by Christmas things. I'll have you know I did not buy any Christmas things at Target despite deep wishes to do just that. I did however by a Scottish Santa ornament for Ross at the discount holiday store next door. But back to Target, I got us new throw pillows because our white ones were getting less than white. And on the suggestion of a fellow shopper got Kassie a magnetic drawing board thing for her birthday.

Post Target Dora and I went down to Haila's for Kassie's costume party. As you can see, she dressed up as a lion. And I think my gift was the biggest hit of the day. She clutched the pen thingy for nearly her whole party. And since the pen is attached to the board, it was really the whole gift. I'm very pleased, especially because the toy was for 18+ months and she's only 12 months.

Then, and this is GOOD, I got home and Ross had not only changed the oil in my car but he popped out the dent on the bumper!! My car is so much prettier now. I'm going to wash it later when I go to Brittany's and then it will be really pretty. Yay little car and yay Ross!

That's my summary so far. Oh and we did change the wedding date to the 10/25/09. I am reserving that day with the universe. No major music festivals; no other weddings; no catastrophes of any kind. And since I've had to change it six million times, I also demand a high of 82, a low of 60ish and clear sunny skies.