Feb 29, 2008

Sneak Peek: La Casa Nueva

New Kitchen
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We did it! We signed our lease for our new apartment!

Ross had the forethought to take the camera when we went to sign the papers so we could get some pics of the new crib. I am in LOVE with my new kitchen (see the pic, ain't it pretty). It has an island and a built in computer desk. First, who doesn't love a kitchen island. Second, now we don't need to buy Ross a computer desk. Sweet. Our kitchen will look a tad different. Remove the red knick-knacks and add some vineyard/white wine inspired decor. Also add maria the margarita machine next to the stove, her rightful location. Oh and the part the apartment people told us, maple cabinet instead of white.

Other awesome aspects to our new abode. We're on the first floor. We have a HUGE walk in master closet. HUGE I tell you. In fact, if we start getting really poor, I'll be taking in a boarder in it. There's a built-in vanity in both the master and the guest bathrooms. Garden tubs in both bathrooms for the resident bubble bath lover (Ross). The dining room is big enough for my table. What else? Washer and dryer connections for his washer and dryer.

In all the excitement I went to make a few new home purchases today. I know 'nesting' is a termed used for the preggars but I feel like I am nesting. I love having a soon-to-be-home with Ross. We have pretty teal towels for our chocolate brown, champagne and teal master suite. Teal sheets too (his idea, very surprising). Am I excited? YES!

Come visit us! But not til about May 15 or so, give us at least a week to move and unpack. And you can even slumber party at our place! We won't have a guest bed but we will have a super comfy guest couch in the spare room and you'll have your own bathroom (with vanity!). Be warned though, you'll also have a roommate - the Duke, Ross's cardboard life size John Wayne cut out.

Feb 25, 2008

What a Sham!

A Sham-pagne Reception that is. I had my first RFL meeting today and learned that I am in charge of planning the reception/dinner for cancer survivors at Relay for Life. And then a moment of genius struck me - a Sham-pagne Reception.

Am I pumped? Oh you bet I am. I am going to serve sparkling cider (my shampagne) and attempt to get some fancy foods as well. I want these survivors to feel like prom queens and kings in t-shirts and jeans for an hour or so. If you can donate invitation design, photography (high school prom style), food, shampagne, music or anything else, your contribution is welcome.

Feb 22, 2008

Big Changes, Little Changes

It's amazing how our perception of things change.

For example, I look at my bank account and scream "ouch!" but just a year ago the same sight would have sent me to the mall. Strange how these things change.

Or Ross may move into my apartment next month. Seemingly a big change, living with someone, a significant other at that. In reality, a small change.

I can't think of any others at the moment so perhaps this is not quite so insightful as I thought it may be. But nonetheless, strange how simple and relatively unimportant things like dollars can cause me to squeal yet living with my significant other seems like a breeze.

Feb 19, 2008

Some Days

Some days are sunny and full of butterflies.
Some days are busy.
Some days are lovey dovey.
Some days are stressful.
Some days are yummy.

Here's to Thursday - a day I hope is full of bliss.

Feb 15, 2008

Romantic Dinner for Two

Even if we already had our Valentine's Day I couldn't let my honey eat alone among the many mattresses at MF (Mattress Firm for those of you not in on the lingo). Nothing like a dinner of leftover chicken and rice casserole with a pre-made HEB salad to warm the heart with romance.

Tonight Ankur of the Down Under blog fame is in Austin to visit his brother! I am meeting them for a late dinner and then Ross is going to join us so I can show him off, good man that he is. Hurray for boyfriends who do their duty as arm candy!

And tomorrow Britta comes to town! Double hurray!

Feb 12, 2008

Time to Wine & Dine

All dressed up!
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We quickly transformed from zoo-goers to out-on-the-towners. One little red dress and a sharp shirt and tie combo later and we were ready to take on the Riverwalk! Ross made us reservations at this nice little southwestern-y place, Zuni Grill. We were RIGHT on the river. If it had been a Friday or Saturday, we may have been in the line of fire for tourists (like ourselves) but as it was a Monday hardly anyone was out. We got a great view of the river, other restaurants, decorative lights and the river boat through dinner. Bonus points to my boyfriend for the dinner locale.

Our Zoo-tastic Trip

We went to San Antonio yesterday and spent a few hours at the good old San Antonio zoo. Such a wild Valentine's!

Couple things that were especially memorable. Ross and I got to pet, feed and play with goats. He also managed to get attacked. The goats knew how the food came out of the little machines and would try to get to it before you. Silly goats.

We also kept the mold-a-ramas in business. Mold-a-ramas, in case you aren't schooled in them already, are machines that make you a zoo figurine while you watch! Mmmmm yes the scent of melted plastic being molded into an elephant, now if that doesn't say "zoo" to you I don't know what will. Ross and his sister, Megan, once got a trillion of these things at the zoo and so he demanded we get every one there. $14 later we have 7 mold-a-ramas. I believe we are putting them on our mantle.

Feb 10, 2008

Showering the Nikki

Nikki's wedding is about a month away (March 15) and today was the first pre-wedding festivity: her shower. She looked adorable! I hadn't see Mama Canga in years and it was so nice to see her. Her parents, who were relocated to England for almost a year, are back in Houston now and in full parents-of-the-bride mode. Good for them!

There's something about watching a friend open toasters and sheet sets that warms the heart. It's really watching a home be built and its wonderfully warm and fuzzy. I know Nikki, a true blue conservative traditional girl at heart, will make an excellent wife, homemaker and one day mother. I mean heck, her plates match her napkins which match her placemats! I hope Stephen knows how good he has it!!

Ross is home (well in Austin) now and tomorrow we are escaping to San Antonio together. We were spoiled with Friday night and yesterday together but I am still very excited for our romantic get-away. In fact, I wish romantic get-aways on everyone and their honey. So take that all of you! Enjoy some lovin' on me!

Feb 7, 2008

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

I love ya, tomorrow! You're only a day away!

Ross comes home tomorrow! He's been in Houston all week for training. I've been keeping busy but I will be very happy to have him home. He's my person ya know, the person I talk to. I come home and think "who do I talk to? where is Ross?"

But tomorrow he comes home! And then we have Saturday off together and then go to San Antonio on Monday. Hurray!

Feb 2, 2008

A Reminder: Because it Makes Me Happy

I feel like dancin
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Val's coming in April! APRIL I tell you. And I like to remind people of it because it makes me oh so very happy.

Other things that make me happy right now:
1. Shoe shopping at DSW because yesterday was pay day
2. Pay Day
3. Having lunch with the hottest of my boyfriends
4. Knowing I get to buy a new sheets/comforter set in May when we get our brand new big king size bed
5. Our Valentine's trip to San Antonio in 9 days
6. Peanut Butter Sandwich Girl Scout cookies - I rediscovered them yesterday and folks, they are are GOOD
7. Steak for dinner (per Ross's request)
8. Having a million vacation days at work for things like romantic getaways to San Antonio
9. Ross telling me I am one of his best friends. I know the person you love should be your best friend but it is very nice to hear, especially for the first time.
10. Spending my birthday with many of my favorite people (even if that is nearly 3 months away, the excitement of it is just overwhelmingly wonderful, especially keeping in mind that of my very favorite people in the world, only Ross lives in Austin. The others, such as Valerie, live in DC, some in Boston, a stray in Corpus Christi, one up in Dallas...)

Feb 1, 2008

Art Up the Bras

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The Breast Cancer Resource Center here in Austin likes crafty bras. Folks, some famous, others not, are creating gloriously tacky art bras for their auction in April. But before the auction, a select 12 of these bras will be strapped on to 12 lucky breast cancer survivors, photos will be taken and a calendar will be made.

That said I have begun my art bra in honor of my lovely Grandma. I am stitching sequin flowers to one very large 44DD cream colored bra. Yes it is a lot of territory to cover but for this cause, I will take on the challenge.

Stay tuned for artful updates.