Mar 31, 2007

Thursdays Are the Best Days

I heart Jeddy
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I think Thursdays are grand. AJ, Jess and I get to eat at Sunset with our waiter, Ethan. We like Ethan. He remembers how we like our chip bowl (no bean salsa, extra red salsa) and how I like my margaritas (on the rocks with salt). We're his Thursday Regulars and I have to tell ya, its a pretty sweet group to belong to.

And then this past Thursday we got to attend Emal's Knighting. This means Emal, like Bob, spends a lot of time at the pub, though not nearly as much time nor money as Bob. The most fab thing about a knighting is the names you get to put on their mug. Her's included "The captain is under my desk" and "The frog is trying to eat us" as well as many more that though the language may be fine they express ideas probably unsuitable for this forum. Needless to say they were quite amusing.

Now I've got to tell you about a predicament I am having. Graduation has no real sentimental value for me. I feel kinda guilty about it. My friends start to get broken up about the idea of everyone leaving Boston; not having late nights of board games together; no more knightings; no more living with our fab roomies and no more dependence on Mom & Dad. I enjoy our board game nights, the knightings, Tuesdays at Ts, Sunset Thursdays and all that grand stuff. I do! Its the best! But I have to tell you, I in no way am sad to graduate. This is one gal who is ready to move on like its her job. I don't know if its just that I am sick of anticipating it and want it to be over already or what.

And I'm not worried about keeping in touch with people. This also seems to be a concern among my friends. Why? We have email, IM, facebook (sad though it may be) airplanes and cars. Why wouldn't we be able to keep in touch? No it won't be the SAME but nothing ever is. And thats OK. I've kept in touch with the high school friends I wanted to keep in touch with. I see Melissa a few times a year and talk to her once a week if not more; see Zach a couple times a year; talk to Amy regularly, keep in touch with Pooja and Kali; see Jerry semi-regularly. Heck, I've even become better friends with some people like Stu, Bryant and Josh since I left. Its no big deal. I figure the college friends I want to keep in touch with and visit, I will. Those that are less influential in my life I won't, and that'll be OK too.

So I guess I feel guilty because it probably looks like I don't care about them since there's no sadness about graduating. Maybe I'll become a little sad in say May. But graduating should be exciting. Life changes and its suppose to change. Enjoy it for what it is and then enjoy the next part.

Mar 28, 2007

Rubbin Elbows

I am going to rub elbows with my buddy Barack. On April 20th. He's coming to BU. And I am PUMPED. Then I am going to go walk for cancer. It shall be a great day full of hope, productivity and energy.

Super Sweet

When I went to Computers in Communication early this morning, I was actaully terrified about how behind I was going to be on my website. HAHA! Though slight behind I was upon arriving; I made stellar progress on it. And I'm pretty pleased with my half done website for The Dugout. You should check it out.

Mar 26, 2007

Las Senoritas Deltas

Senoritas Deltas
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We initiated the little bitties and had our last initiation together. And then we had a fireside with a lot of giggles and a couple tears.

They are such a swell bunch. I love the other old lady deltas in my chapter.

Mar 25, 2007

Apt 2 + the Neighbors = War

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I know we look really happy here. And we are. How can you not be happy when you are wearing sunglasses and hats at 2am on a Saturday night? You have to be happy, thats all there is to it.

We were not happy after this. The people who live abov us, apt 4, are no longer our friends. Not that they were really friends before but they were mildly respected neighbors. Given that preface, I need to vent.

They had a party last night. OK cool its a Saturday. But the party BEGAN at 1am. Really? Who begins a party at 1am? And their guests buzzed our apartment 3 times between 2a-2:30a. Not a real big fan of that. They also let the party out of their apartment and into the stairwell which was excellent (not). And we believe they were playing the drums at 3am. If this was a one time thing, while I can't say we would have been happy about it, we probably could look past it. But the seriously have parties every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So in conclusion, we are done with them.

That felt good. Thanks for being my sounding board.

And remember, always wear sunglasses and hats inside. It makes life better.

Mar 21, 2007

It's On

Its been on -- the never ending job hunt, but the point is, its still on. I wish it were off. Trust me ladies and gentlemen, the MOMENT it is off, I shall have a party and you are invited should you like to attend. With any luck that means you will have to fly to Boston b/c that would suggest that I was able to land a job before graduation. And that would be swell.

So if you could, pray for me please. To the job-hunting gods (they are my personal fav), or to the Guy Upstairs himself, or Budda, or John Stewart. Big Papi Ortiz would be fine too. Pray to whoever it is you pray to -- unless he plays for the Yankees, in which case just stop right there.

Mar 20, 2007

That Hot Lady Right There

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The one in the sorta blurry pic from a month ago .... SHE HAS A JOB!!! And its in DC. And thats all I know. I dont know which company its at, when it starts or what she's doing. But I do know that Ms Val Rickman is employed for post graduation. Hurray for Val!

Mar 19, 2007

Our Irish Southie Sunday

Irish thugs
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This photo is every reason that we give Bob the camera. How cool did this turn out?

If you are living in Boston, are young, want to pretend to be Irish and have a cool Auntie who lives in Southie, then there is only one thing to do on the Sunday of St. Paddy's Day: join the other crazies at the St. Paddy's Day Parade in Southie.

It was great! We had so much fun! It was cold but sunny so not too bad. Auntie Pam had Guiness and margaritas -- reasoned out by the fact that they are green-ish. And we had fake rub on tattoos. Really what more do you need?

Mar 16, 2007

Keep Austin Weird

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Just a normal day on 6th street with the Energizer Bunny. Thank God it finally stopped raining so he and I could each go out downtown.

There's some pretty fun and funky pics from my morning of wandering around downtown. Enjoy y'all

Mar 15, 2007

I have a super cool apartment

my new kitchen
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Thats right folks; I have a super cool apartment in Austin!

I'm so excited :) I only took a couple pics but its enough to get a feel for it. I like the place a lot -- breakfast bar, patio, my own bathroom. Whats not to like?

Its on the northwest side of Austin, near the Mopac and you should come visit often. You just have to wait til Memorial Day weekend -- but after that, come one come all!

Mar 12, 2007

Everything's Bigger in Texas

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I was riding my trusty steed (mom's corolla) down I-45, from H-town to the Big D when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but the Big Sam.

Yes folks, along I-45 N is the largest statue of an American hero and it is Sam Houston himself. Of course, proud texan that I am ...and at this point terribly amused driver, I had to pull over and investigate. The Big Same even has his own visitors' center.

I'm not really sure what else to say about the Big Sam other than he is yet one more reason why Texas is a great state. Mostly great because it is absurd and wonderfully entertaining.

Mar 8, 2007

SB 07

I heart Val
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It has begun.

(It sorta began last night but not really because I still had a test today. Now the mind frame of spring break that began...mmmm about 3 weeks ago when we all survived the weekend of Feb. 16. But now, now it is OFFICIALLY here.)


Mar 7, 2007

Good Things

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There are good things in life. Like the cute tushes of the Boston Red Sox and photoshop projects that work out like you want them to. But those aren't the only good things in life.

Seeing Emo and Ashley next week in Dallas, thats a good thing.

Lunch with my favorite TI lady is pretty swell too.

Nate waiting for me with a margarita and beach towel to sit by the pool in Austin on Tuesday. Also good.

Seeing Louise and hopefully meeting her boyfriend. Very happy.

Apartment hunting and getting a lease = Fab.

A SECOND INTERVIEW with NI is downright rockin.

SxSW with Miss Amy S'Nelsen is amazing.

Meeting some of the good people at Vollmer PR, excellent.

Checkin in on KBR, the baby and the new house; George-Strait-blaring-in-the-springtime-good.

Spring break makes me very happy over all. It is a good in life. And I, with all my senioritis, am so ready for it.

Here I come Texas :)

Mar 6, 2007

Photoshop is Phun

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I have this photoshop project due tomorrow. Thankfully for me Bob-o has photoshop on his computer so I've been able to do most things from my futon as opposed to the lab. Anyway, this is one of my favorite ones. It started out as a picture of a bottle of beer on my kitchen table.
Pretty fun huh?

Mar 5, 2007

Sweet Livin in the Land of Ice & Snow

I must say, life in the land of ice and snow is pretty darn good right now. Know why?

1)I have the best job -- I mean shoot, I was sent on a shopping trip to Borders today! And what kinda emails do I get at work? Ones with pretty pictures from Ashley in them like this awesome Boston pic.

2)In less than week I am going to Texas, which despite my love for Boston, is pretty exciting. I'm going to drink some margaritas, eat some Mexican food, soak up the sun and get a rockin new apartment.

3) My best friends are basically the best people ever. AJ watches the travel channel with me as we day dream/plan our Caribbean cruise for next January. Melissa calls me from the beach -- its almost like I'm there (just not quite as warm).

4) 76 days til graduation. I have senioritis and I love it.

5) Sunset. I eat there about once a week now.

6) My apartment is the place to be. Max, Lynzey, Simon and Jorge, the best named inanimate objects an apartment could ever have.

7) When I get home tonight Bob is making AJ and I breakfast for dinner. Whoa baby, life is good!

Mar 2, 2007


In all thats happened in the past year, I'm glad this time we were lucky.

My aunt and little cousin live in Enterprise, AL where the tornado hit yesterday. Fortunately my cousin, my aunt and their home are all OK. I actually knew Becca was OK before I even really knew about the tornado and far before I knew the magnitude of the tornado. Now that I know the damage done to her high school, I'm doubly relieved.

They were lucky and I couldn't be happier that they were lucky.