Mar 30, 2015


Yesterday morning we had a great family adventure on the Cedar Rock Railroad. It was a picture perfect morning. In the 70s, sunny and as a Sunday, not crowded at all.

Cade got to ride the train, not once, but twice! The second time I'm sure was the best because Jon, Rowan, Carys and Kiki (Jon's mom) surprised us there so the kids got to ride together. Yay friends!


In the spirit of transparency and honesty, while the morning was a beautiful train ride together, the afternoon was a little bit of a trainwreck. Short nap, exploding diaper and sassy toward the lovely babysitter we were interviewing. But hey - that's life with a toddler. Up, down and choo-choo all around.

Mar 28, 2015

My baby, my parrot

New things my kid tried and managed to say at least fairly well today

Untitled"ohie dohie"
As in "We're going to go to the store and then out for ice cream. Okie dokie?" "ohie dohie"

"Im-nas-ics cass"
As in this morning he went to "im-nas-ics cass" with Mama at the rec center.

"Orrie Char-yee"
As in "five minutes is up, sorry Charlie." "Orrie Char-yee"

"Best boy"
As in "I'd love to read that book to my best boy." "I best boy"

And now for my absolute favorite! Drum roll please...

As in "What's dat?" points to picture of the Colosseum above the stairs. "That's in Italy." "Ih-ah-yee"

Elevate has been launched...or birthed

For the past 3-4 months, I've been working on the launch of Abila Elevate. And now it is launched! Or...birthed. Because that feels way more accurate. It was a 4ish month pregnancy, a 5 day labor and now my baby is here. Like any expecting parent, I was focused on the birth (err launch), but as any veteran parent knows, that's just the start.

I say that in a little bit of jest. But if you would have seen the surprised look on my face this week after launch when I realized I had other, non-launch related work to do...yeah, it was kinda like bringing home a new baby. Surprise!

Anyways, woohoo! Launch complete!

Mar 20, 2015

Nana Camp

Cade went to Nana Camp!

What's Nana Camp you say? Two nights with Nana and Grandpa Jack while they are on spring break, preschool is on spring break but Mommy and Daddy are not on spring break.

Wednesday afternoon we had a "Cade exchange" on our way to our house closing. That's right - house closing! We sold our first house, the one in Pflugerville, and are now down to just one mortgage. Woohoo!

So between closing in the house and two days of closed preschool, we were going to need lots of help with the little guy. Enter Nana Camp.

Like I said, Wednesday the eagle landed in Nana's car and then it was off for two nights of fun. As you can see, he had a lot of fun.

throwing rocks in the creek
feeding the birds

park playdate with Nana's friends

As for us closing on the house was pretty fun. Probably the most fun you can have doing paperwork to be honest. But then it was to work on Thursday. That night was my first night home alone since Cade was born. It was nice to just head out the door to walk Lexi or go to the store when I wanted...but otherwise, meh. I thought I would relish in the alone time but it turns out I do the same things alone at home that I do with my whole family here: go for a walk, watch some trashy TV, wash my hair and vacuum.

Anyways, Nana Camp worked out great for everyone. Cade had extra time with his grandparents, they got extra Cade time but still had most of their spring break to themselves, we knocked out work days plus the house closing. Win!

Mar 16, 2015

Birthday Weekend!

On Friday the little boy turned two! It was quite a birthday weekend!

First Starbucks date with Mommy during which we saw TWO trains.

Obligatory selfie w/Mommy
Then a kinda short day at pre-school, ending with birthday snack of brownie bites and vanilla wafers with all his friends and Mommy. Next up to the fire station to see Daddy, eat cupcakes and get his big present - a Thomas trike!

New trike all over the fire station
"I wan cupcake"
Saturday we had a friend's birthday party at Safari Champ in the morning. More cupcakes! And then an afternoon of playing, including more trike riding with Grandma.

Trike and sunnies
Sunday was the big birthday party at the park. Donuts, juice (coffee for the grown ups), oranges, yogurt, bananas and of course friends!

We had 8 kids show up and 15ish adults. More than one parent said they used the promise of donuts at the park as bribery to get their kids to go to bed the night before or eat breakfast that morning. Cade loved seeing all of his friends, but of course, Ro is his best girl. They were basically attached at the hip the whole time.

"M'on Rowey!"

Sandbox fun
Also of note was that during the party, not one, not two but FIVE trains flew by on the nearby track. Every kid was jazzed about that. One mom told me it made for the best party her kid had ever been to - he couldn't believe Cade got real trains at his party! (Me too kid, me too.)

Daddy, Mommy, Cade and his birthday muffin

Mar 12, 2015

To my 1 year old

My sweet Cade,

In 2 hours, you'll be two! Of course, we'll start celebrating first thing in the morning but as your mama, I'm one of just a handful of people who know you didn't arrive until pretty late in the day. (I dare say I'm the one who knows it best.)

In this past year you've grown leaps and bounds. You started Montessori school, graduated from walking to running and most recently, are talking up a storm! Your latest thing is "hol' my han'" because we've taught you that when you want to lead someone someplace, you don't drag them by the leg, you lead them by the hand. Now you tell us "hol' my han'" all the time and lead us to play trains, to go outside or the one that causes the most objections, to get you more cookies from the pantry. But you are pretty cute, so we usually cave in.

It reminds me a little of a card we gave Jon and Erin when they had Rowan. The gist was "you have a new boss." Ah, so so true. But I digress.

Tomorrow you turn two and I am so excited for your birthday. We have big plans. Mommy & Cade date to Starbucks (where you are a local celebrity and everyone knows it is your birthday). Then a half day of school with special birthday treats for your friends. Then up to the fire station to see your dad, eat cupcakes and give you your big gift. You will LOVE it. Actually, you saw the box for it yesterday in the garage and already told Dad you want it so I'm not just guessing you'll love it, I know you'll love it.

I wasn't feeling all sentimental about your birthday until this evening. We were playing in the cul-de-sac with the neighbors and I took this picture.


"And with that the baby years rode off into the sunset" I wrote on Facebook.

Now your dad will say it was the awful yet oh-so-good drama I was watching on TV that got me all sentimental (ask him, he'll tell you) but that wasn't it. You were borrowing the neighbor's bike-thing and you finally FINALLY figured out how to Fred-Flintstone it with your feet. The fact that you are getting (spoiler alert) a tricycle tomorrow...well Mama's baby is all grown up!

And you know it! Here's the fun video of you this morning telling us all about your birthday.

Adios baby boy. Hello kiddo! You are so much fun!