Sep 28, 2013

Going Away for College

Looks like this weekend is a college blogging kick for me. I just read this NY Times article for work and as someone who really went away for college, I found it very interesting.

How far do you think you have to go to "go away for college"?

Maybe all this Cubs/Bears gear will turn into
a University of Chicago decision. I'd support that.
I don't think there is a magic distance. It's not like the difference between 49 and 50 miles suddenly means you've moved away. I'd say it is more of a psychological difference. How for does each individual student need to go to feel a little more of a push to do things on their own? For me it was roughly 1800 miles. But for other kids, I bet 50 or 60 does it.

We're a few years away from Cade going to college but at this point, I hope he truly goes "away." As in outside of Central Texas. Not in Travis, Williamson, Hays or Bastrop counties (unless Bastrop County develops a higher ed institution soon this one at least will be easy). And really I'd say not even the Temple or Waco areas either. We'll see how I feel in 17.5 years but at least right now, I hope he goes to San Antonio (about 100 miles away) or further. Somewhere where it is in no way convenient to come home and ask me to do his laundry.

Rest assured though, even if he goes to Texas State Round Rock, about 7 miles from our house, I will not be doing his laundry.

Sep 27, 2013

Drop Out?

I'm watching The Voice and the contestant on stage dropped out of college to pursue music.

What would you do if your kid called home wanting to drop out to pursue their passion?

Sep 26, 2013

Feel the Burn!

This morning had the makings of awesome. And then it crashed and burned. And then it turned into the best work-out I've had in weeks (months? A year?).

Ross and I had our game plan for the day. I woke up, fed and dressed a baby, and took him for a stroller walk. Then a little work during naptime and at 11a handed the Cade-man to his daddy for some Target shopping and gym-time.

Unfortunately at 11:29 Ross called to say I had the carseat in my car and thus he was unable to drive Cade to Erin's. [Me: Expletive Expletive!]

Leave Target, drive home while literally cursing myself for messing up my 90 minutes of alone time awesomeness. Throw a hissy fit when I get home. Ross tells me - go back! Go to the gym!

So I did. As he put it, I worked out some demons. Damn, it was a good work out. But it did remind me that I really needed to update my workout play list. It was very 2012 (and yes I know we are 3/4 through 2013...I've been busy birthing a baby and whatnot).

Now that baby boy is asleep for the night, I poured a glass of wine and got to work on my playlist. My new additions are

  • Applause
  • Everybody Talks
  • Locked out of Heaven
  • Roar (because I'm a bad ass, like Rocky)
  • The Way You Make Me Feel (flashback to some classic MJ!)
  • Little White Church (had to have 1 country song)
  • I Like to Move it (ode to the 90s)
  • Sexy Back (because duh, that's why I'm at the gym)
What beats do you feel the burn to?

because no post is complete w/o a cute baby pic

Sep 23, 2013

Just a-swingin

Grandma Bonanza

Saturday and Sunday was Grandma Bonanza at our house. Grandma Caro and Great Grandma came to visit the wee baby Cade. And boy oh boy was he spoiled with hugs and kisses.



Sep 20, 2013


Tonight we celebrated Nancy's 60th birthday.

iphone_picAnd I have to say - life was exactly as I always envisioned it.

No, I don't mean I always envisioned having a baby in a sombrero and plaid shorts. That is a bonus.

But I did always imagine having the best baby in Texas (check!) and a house I love (check!) and hosting family for birthdays and other special occasions (check!). And of course doing such with a really hunky husband (double check!) while drinking an outstanding homemade margarita (check!).

It was such a nice night. I'm so happy we were able to host Nana-ritaville and have Ross' family over.

And tomorrow my Mom and Grandma visit! Hurray!! More pics to follow!

Sep 18, 2013

More Reason to Love Starbucks

As if I needed more reason.

Their CEO published an open letter requesting people not carry guns into their locations.

Second amendment...enthusiasts...are giving the company flack. But I ask you - what CEO in his right mind would invite the public to carry weapons into their locations? The only logical examples I can think of are the gun and/or sporting industries. Otherwise...why? Why would you want weapons in your place of business, around your employees and customers?

As Howard Schultz says, this is a request, not an outright ban. So he's not infringing upon personal rights.

If the "Starbucks Appreciation Days" hadn't occurred and hadn't implied that Starbucks had an enthusiastic stance on the laws, this probably never would have happened. And gun carrying Americans could have continued to carry their guns inside with them while grabbing a latte. Overwhelmingly in a responsible fashion.

I'm with Schultz. I respect the right to bear arms, and though I may not always agree with it in states where open carry is permitted, so be it. But you can still request people not bring it in to your home or place of business.

I will happily be drinking a $5 coffee* this afternoon while working between appointments.

*Actually I purchase so much Starbucks that today's coffee will be on them. Don't ask how much I spent to earn that perk.

Sep 16, 2013

I'll probably regret showing him this

But for now, "standing" and holding on to the side of his crib is so cute!


Cade of the Crazy Naps

At least he's cute
Once upon a time, I had a baby who was on a schedule and was downright predictable.

Ah, if only I had known how truly lovely that was.

Last week Cade started taking "micro naps" as I have deemed them. Just a mere 30 minutes. Then he'd wake up, we'd play for 30-45 minutes and he'd be ready for another 30-45 minute nap. He had 2-3 days where he had taken 2 naps by noon!

This weekend he went the opposite direction. Twice I assumed he'd take the normal 45 minute nap (his staple for about a month now). I timed the nap and our following activity accordingly. Both times I ended up having to wake him after an hour because he was still snoozing away.

This morning he took a 35 minute nap and then woke up. But within 10 minutes he was fussy again. Clearly he needed a longer nap. Right now he is talking/fussing in his crib because I said "try again" but he opposes the idea.

Sep 15, 2013

My Wine Bar

Upstairs we have a game room where there is "Ross' game table". But downstairs, oh downstairs, is where the real fun is. Because that is where I have my wine bar. And I LOVE it.


Sep 13, 2013

Happy half birthday!

Cade is a six months old today!

Right now he's
  • drooling like a madman
  • but with no signs of teeth.
  • mostly taking power naps though a few 1.5-2 hour naps have snuck in this week
  • lunging from sitting on to his belly
  • because he really wants to crawl.
  • he grabs things and puts everything in his mouth
  • totally in love with warm baths in his ducky tub
 And here's the 6 month photo shoot

The Six Month Pic

From the outtakes file

We rose with the sun today

I told you - lunging

Sep 11, 2013

I hate teething

We believe Cade is teething and let me tell you  I hate it. Sleep is all over the place. Micro-naps during the day and multiple wakings at night. Thus I am EXHAUSTED. He does not like to eat liquids; I think the sucking hurts his gums. So he's hungry which doesn't help with the sleep situation. It is maddening to know he is hungry and not be able to get him to eat.

And hungry and sleepy mean fussy.

I think the only person who might hate teething more than me is the Cade-man himself.

Sep 10, 2013

Not Too Bad, Especially for a Monday

Yesterday was pretty good, especially for a Monday.

The daytime was normal - work, chores, playdate with Ms. Erin & Rowan. But in the evening we had Frito pie for dinner, a baby dance party, baby napping and Monday Night Football.

MNF was made even better by Tuesday morning when we saw that the Texans pulled it off. (Nobody in our house was able to stay up late enough to watch it live. Silly west coast games..)

Sep 8, 2013

Sunday Funday

Cade's first NFL Sunday

Rockin the lucky jersey
Hangin' with Mom

Just like Dad
Just like Dad - drinkin and watchin football

His first NFL Sunday shall only be outdone by tomorrow - his first Monday Night Football featuring the HOUSTON TEXANS!*

*But he better be asleep by Texans kick off and will just have to trust us to give him the play-by-play Tuesday morning.

Sep 4, 2013

Cade's Dinner Date

UntitledA la FaceTime, Cade had a dinner date with his Great Grandma tonight. She kept him company while he ate the heck outta some green beans.

And then while he chewed on his pacifier lanyard thing. And his fingers. Basically everything but the pacifier as Great Grandma pointed out.

Sep 2, 2013

El Weekend de Labor Day

First we

went to the beach with a bunch of friends

(and told our photographer to crop out our lovehandles)

While Ross and I did that, Cade

pretended to be Superman with Grandpa Jack


went swimming with Nana

Then Ross and I wrapped up our vacation with an 18-hour staycation. We slept for 10 hours, watched TV shows with dogs in them sans barking (because Lexi was with Cade) and slept some more. Then this morning we picked up our babies and

went to Red Bud Isle dog park

and did some stroller walking

Back at home, after naptime,

Cade and I played with his new toy

Finally right before bed we FaceTimed with Grandma Caro and.... GREAT GRANDMA! It was totally awesome-sauce. The only sad thing was that I forgot to take a screenshot of it. Next time!