Jul 27, 2015

Staycation Part 1

Cade came back from Nana Camp today!

And we spent the staycation day having fun and relaxing. Including with a trip to our favorite city of Round Rock pool. It was Ross' first time to join us there and he agreed - we didn't have awesome kiddie pools like this back in the 80's. Kids today have all the luck.


Jul 26, 2015

Summer Vacation is Here!

At long last, our family summer vacation!

We kicked it off Friday with Ross picking Cade up from school early and me having happy hour with Haila. Then yesterday, Cade shipped out for two days at Nana Camp. I spent the day poolside with Nichole and Brittany and then Ross, Mike and Lindsey joined us downtown for a few drinks.

Today started with activity and then turned to been lazy lazy lazy. We started with a long Lexi walk down the Brushy Creek Trail. Afterward I finally finished decorating the game room! Check out the pics.

Framed board games were the final touch

Cute cubbies and Fort Cade were earlier this summer

Then we ran a few errands in prep for the beach and then vegged out. I've watched two movies (Bridesmaids and Labor Day) and two episodes of another show. I think Ross has been playing computer games and napping.

I'm going to finish my night with an exhilarating combination of kitchen cleaning and reading. Tomorrow I pick Cade up at 9:30a and we're spending the afternoon at the waterpark.

Vacation, full of fun and relaxation, is definitely here.

Jul 22, 2015

A La Casa de Negra

Back at the Black Family Home (a la casa de negra)...

We are looking down the tunnel to vacation! Just two school days for Cade, two works days for me and one shift for Ross stand between us and VACATION!

We are SO ready.

Stayin' cool in the hot, hot, hot summer
And pretty unrelated but also, it is 102 here. H-O-T hot. So in addition to looking longingly down the tunnel to vacation, we're also looking for ways to cool off. I have spent more time in my swimsuit the past 2 weeks than I have in years. There have been pools and splash pads and sprinklers galore. Luckily we've had some nice nights but those hours after work and before Cade's bed time are just scorchin' hot. I figure we have 4-5 more weeks of crazy hot before it will simmer back down to just plain hot for a month and then by early October we'll waltz into warm.

Also on the homefront, Cade is super into me right now. Which is very sweet. But we firmly believe in shared equal (but different) parenting so Ross is pushing through some tears to handle bedtime. After all, they need father-son time and Mommy has dishes to wash before she can zone out to 30 minutes of trashy TV. Last night was worse, tonight was better. One of many phases in childhood I assume.

I think that covers us. Over and out.

Jul 17, 2015

Look at those pearly whites!

Yesterday Cade had his first trip to the dentist and he did GREAT! He happily climbed in her "magic chair" and was thrilled to watch the Disney Channel while she poked around in his mouth. She told me our top goal was just to look at his teeth and any more beyond that would be gravy.


Not only did he let her look at his teeth, she was able to floss and give him a polishing. She told me most kids don't make it that far til they are 3 or even 4. Cade isn't even 2.5 yet; he is clearly advanced in every way.

And when it was all done, he was rewarded with his first (sugar-free) lollipop.

Jul 12, 2015

Theatre Date

My cultured toddler
Yesterday afternoon Cade went on his first trip to the theatre! We saw "Sarah the Dinosaur" with Brittany and Kenneth down at the Long Center.

When we first went into the performance hall, Cade was really restless so I started to wonder if this was a big fat fail. We ran between our seats and the lobby three times in 10 minutes.

But once the show started he was really good. He sat in his seat or in my lap for the whole thing and only talked with appropriate commentary. "She a dinosaur!" and "What's happening?"

He was a great date - I'll take him out again for sure!

Jul 7, 2015

Staycation Days 8 & 9

A little late but that's because 1) we were enjoying staycation and 2) staycation is over now so back to the usual crazy :)

Untitled July 4 started with Facetiming the grandparents, a flag photoshoot (he was super enthusiastic about it, continually telling me "more flag Mom") and then a trip to the park.

After that, Cade decided it was just too exciting of a day to nap. Sad face for Mommy and Daddy. But despite being nap-free he did pretty well at the afternoon pool party. He alternated between playing and watching a movie. We brought out the mattress from his pack-n-play, laid it under the porch and streamed a movie for him on Netflix. Not exactly what I planned for our holiday, but Mr. SleepyPants couldn't handle a whole afternoon of playtime so quiet movie time was a nice option when he needed it.

On Sunday we went to the duck pond, had morning playtime with Holden, went to the gym/Kids' Club and gym pool. All before lunch. After a FANTASTIC almost 2 hour nap, he had an afternoon playdate with Holden and our babysitter, Emily, while Jenny and I went out for a very high quality, family friendly moving. Magic Mike XXL. Alright, not so family friendly, but tons of fun! And Emily said the boys had a blast playing together for 3.5 hours. I think it was win for everyone.

Jul 3, 2015

Staycation Day 7

Ah, a Friday that felt like a Saturday. Coffee and coloring on the back porch, play time in the gameroom, gym/Kids' Club (a pilates class that isn't offered at times I can normally attend - so good to go today!) and then home for lunch. After lunch I ran errands while the boys played. From what Ross says, lots more running from Lexi Bear. Then a pre-dinner play time with Holden and after dinner, the main event. America's Birthday Storytime at Barnes & Noble!


It was the first time we've gone to storytime and had Cade actually sit through it and pay attention. In fact, he did REALLY WELL, Four books were read and he sat without wiggling for the first two. On the third, he talked but only to say "Mom come sit with Cade." (Yeah, I'm "Mom" now. Not "Mommy" any more. I hope I go back to "Mommy" soon.) And when all the books were done he said thank you, gotta go, night-night. Because he is awesome.

Jul 2, 2015

Staycation Days 5 & 6

Hello July! Knock on wood, but two days in and you've been unseasonably pleasant.

Cade's staycation yesterday started at Nana's, took a turn in Aunt Meg's pool with Daddy and ended with some blissfully normal cul-de-sac playtime. No shirt and PJ pants in the middle because hello - it is summer vacation!


Today we ventured to Starbucks and then he spent a couple hours on a play date with Holden while we worked. As you can see, they made totally awesome robot masks. Then some afternoon movie time before the gym/Kids' Club and the pool.

My favorite today was the running-from-a-bear game he made up after dinner. And then Lexi became the bear. Sometimes the monster bear. We had to run away from her (duh - she's a bear) and then run back to her (duh - she's Lexi). And we had to do this running along the painters' tape road I made for matchbox cars on the carpet (and here I thought we'd be playing cars). Trust me, to Cade, it all made perfect sense. Watch the video and see. 

Also in the category of active imagination were the dinosaurs who he shared his sippy cup of water with before bed. And who also did not want to go to sleep but who he eventually agreed had to sleep, just like him. So glad we sorted that one out.