Apr 28, 2008

The Word of Val

Val flew in on Thursday for my birthday. She departed yesterday. Here is her post-visit email to all our friends.

Subject: Ross: a review
To: AJ, Ben, Anna, Jane, Kristin, Bob, Christa and me

Dear friends,

This past weekend I had the opportunity to travel to the great country of Texas (no seriously, I flew out of the international terminal) for Cheryl's birthday and also had the opportunity to meet that Ross fellow that she is always talking about.

I will first admit that for the 72 hours that I was there, I was almost always under the influence of tequila - which was all but pumped through my veins in the form of margaritas - we drank frozen margaritas, margaritas from buckets, and mexican martinis (which will do more damage than a standard margarita). Nevertheless I will give you all the most objective review of Ross that I can :)

I put him through a rigorous set of tests to ensure that he will properly fit into our group. The following are just a few of the reasons that make him an alright match for our Cheryl:

1) He has a good sense of humor and was able to put up with my smart remarks all weekend, which isn't always easy to do.

2) He agrees that for their wedding, they should have an 80's cover band so that we can rock out to Journey all night long (I'm lobbying hard to make sure this happens)

3) He'll fit in just fine with our guys - while I can't guarantee that he'll wear a man skirt with Justin and Joe (or a man skirt fashioned as a cape), he likes beer, baseball, he drives a white wrangler and he's from the south, so Ben and Bob will like him just fine.

4) He comes fully equipped with a margarita machine.

5) He seems quite fond of our Cheryl - I knew he was in it for the long run when he said "she'll do." :)

Okay - I'm getting cramps in my thumbs from using my blackberry to write this email so I'll leave you with just these 5 reasons. In short - I'll give Ross 4 stars.

I hope all is well with everyone, I'll be in Boston as of Friday at noon (in the pub with Jane, of course).



Apr 19, 2008

We're Engaged!

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He did it! He asked! This is a very important entry so I will try to give it appropriate attention.

Last night, after babysitting at the Roedner Ranch, I went by Ross' store to take him dinner. One of our many topics of conversation was to go ring shopping when Val is here next weekend (we'd been once already). So naturally I got really excited, went home and pulled up rings online. Nothing makes a gal happier than diamonds. Ross came home shortly sat with me and asked if I saw the one we were looking at. I said no I didn't think Helzberg had that one online and I wish they did so I could remember every detail. Bummer. He told me enough rings, it was freakin him out a little. He didn't think we needed to rush anything and was I disappointed. I said, honestly, a little yes. It was like if you were told you were getting a new puppy and you thought it meant a new puppy now and then found out it was in 6 months. Still exciting but a little bummed.

Then Ryan called about going out. Talked to him for a minute. Ross asked if I would make us some popcorn to eat while we vegged in front of a baseball game pre-going out. So I'm in the kitchen about to start the popcorn when he pokes his head out of the bedroom and says "get back in here. I'm not done lovin' on you."

Into the bedroom to do some smoochin and one of his hands comes off me and goes to his pocket. Then he drops to one knee, holds out the Helzberg box, opens it and says "is this what your ring looked like?" And there it was! The perfect ring from the perfect man!! I said yes and smooched him and he asked if I would marry him. We kissed a bunch, I think I may have even pulled him onto the bed. And then I remembered, I better say yes. I said yes (much to his relief I later learned) and asked all about how he asked my dad.

He told me the dad asking story...they talked marriage for about 1 minute and then jumped to the important stuff, baseball. Then it was time to make the phone calls. Oh what a fun game it is to call people and tell them you are engaged!! Really, few things are more fun (one would be actually getting engaged). We called our parents, our grandmas and our bestest friends. When he called Ryan, Ross said "I'm engaged!" and Ryan responded with "To who??!" Ryan claims to have been joking but we think its just typical Ryan.

Now to answer the next set of questions....

Its a round solitaire with little bitty diamonds in the band. It also has these teeny diamonds around the prongs of the solitaire. It's in white gold, has a matching wedding band and is BEAUTIFUL. I cannot stop looking at it...ever.

We're just going to enjoy being engaged for a while but the plan is fall 2009. I want fall and he wants a long engagement. Everyone wins :) And it will be here in Austin. I only know that because we had talked about it pre-ring.

And finally, why I am up at 7:30 on a Saturday. Well Ross woke up to turn on the fan which woke me up and my first thought was "I'm engaged!" and the next thought was "I can't see the diamond without any light!" I tried my best to stay in bed with my honey, my fiance, but he didn't want to cuddle or anything. The silly boy wanted to sleep, imagine that. 6 am on a Saturday after being out til 1 am and he wants to sleep, Go figure. I then did the only reasonable thing. Grabbed my camera, uploaded pics of the ring and called a girlfriend from college who I knew was awake.

But now, in addition to being overjoyed and engaged, I am hungry. Quick bite for breakfast and then to wake the fiance with some smooches!

Apr 17, 2008

Wake up and smell the sausage

MMMMmmmm MMMMMmmm Ross is in the kitchen making us sausage and pepper sandwiches for dinner. They smell good! Oh its ready!

Apr 13, 2008

lake, sun and birthday

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We spent Ross' birthday at Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis. Well kinda. We didn't really spend his exact birthday there (that would be today) but we spent yesterday and last night there. It was us, Ryan, Susannah, Aaron, Josh, Rick, Shannon, Chris, Patty, John, Christina, Crystal, Chad and Shannon. A couple other folks whose names I know not.

Just real chill, laid back, hanging out by the lake, playing games and boating (per Chad and Shannon's generosity).

There were a few casualties, namely my contacts and then my high school class ring which I couldn't find when I dropped it because I had no contacts. Vicious cycle that. But I did take away a sunburn and an old man boyfriend - 27 - who is feeling very happy and affectionate. I think he really loves me this one :) at least thats what he tells me.

Apr 11, 2008

The Big W-O-D

Women of Distinction, or WoD. The life consuming event of GSCTX is over (at least for 2008)! Tuesday was the Waco event (pictured) and yesterday was the Austin event. Both went really well. At Waco we had 175 attendees, including a Waco Tribune Reporter, in a beautiful room at Baylor and raised $15,000. At the Austin event we had 700 attendees, including a News 8 cameraman, at the Hilton Austin and raised $150,000. They were fun but I am so glad they are over for a while!!

After working 10-12 hour days Monday-Thursday, I'm taking today off. Ross is off too and we have quite the day planned. Some shopping, lunch date, car registration and generally preparing for our birthday (his, 27) camping trip this weekend. Speaking of Ross, he's up for a promotion! He's been bouncing around at work, covering stores when the regular manager is on his day off. A couple days ago the opportunity to have his own store appeared. He's officially let the folks know he wants it and I think it will be his store soon. Yay! But for now that sexy about to be promoted man is still asleep. I think I shall go wake him :)

Apr 6, 2008

God Bless You My Love!

He's on a strict diet - oranges, orange juice, more fruit, veggies and hot tea. And he sneezes a lot and I say "God bless you my love!" a lot. (Though he coughs more than sneezes honestly.)
My honey is going to get better if its the last thing I do! Sadly Senor Ross has not been feeling well. But I think between the Vicks, the throat spray and all the oranges he is consuming, he will feel well again soon.

I think most, if not all, couples have their show that they watch. Ross and I LOVE trashy TV. LOVE IT I tell you. This spring our show was "Here Come the Newlyweds." Hilarious I tell you! Couples competing against each other for money. Great competitions. Blindfolded hubby driving a minivan in an empty parking lot via wife's directions. Wife getting a make over so hubby can guess what changed (changes even included butt pads!). Folks, it was one laugh after another. And of course running commentary by us about how we would handle it throughout. (Blindfold car - we'd hit every shopping cart, he'd totally notice and celebrate some butt pads.) It makes us laugh but it was also pretty educational. We chatted about things I don't think we would have randomly brought up otherwise. Like how much is too much to spend on a car EVER (him: $30,000 me $50,000 - so much for my dream Lexus SUV). I wish I could remember some of the others but great things I am telling you. My point? Eh I only sorta have one. We enjoy trashy TV, especially tonight's finale, and while I'm a little hesitant to say it - trashy TV helped us learn a few things about each other.

My name is Cheryl and trashy TV is my preferred couple's therapy.

Apr 2, 2008

Project Co-Habitate: Week 2

We've been doing this live together thing for two weeks so far. I know all you married folks are reading this and chuckling "oh how cute! Two weeks!" Well chuckle away my friends. You and yours once had a two week marker and I bet you were pretty excited about it.

Really nothing has changed yet. We found a place for most of our clothes - accomplishment of the week. Ross's computer moved its way onto my desk today. He's quite happy; said computer now works (something it hasn't done in nearly 7 months). And really I think thats about it. Now much huh? For living with a boyfriend for the first time, I almost feel like I should have more to report back. I stand by that the major changes will come when we unpack the bulk of his stuff and his macho things meet my girlie things.

Work's going well too. We're having some position shuffling but I think a lot of that is working out very well. The Comm Dept is a little swamped from now til June, add that to my swamped personal life and it is going to be July before I know it!

This month alone I have two major fundraisers to attend (both next week, Women of Distinction, I encourage you to attend), a camping trip, Ross's birthday, Possibilities - a Girl Scout book - to edit, Girl Scout newsletter to write, Val's visit and my birthday. Next month is our move, a day in Waco for work, more Possibilities, Kevin's birthday and my parents 25th wedding anniversary. And somehow between those things I need to coordinate my responsibilities for Relay for Life (again, I encourage you to attend). I'm tired just thinking about it! And that my friends, is why I am throwing in the towel tonight.