Jun 24, 2007

New Adventures

So I have 2 new adventures

1) Online Dating. Fleishman just signed an online dating site as a new client and asked single employees across the country to use the service and report back. So Brittn (Brittney, we renamed her) and I are going for it. I shall report back on any interesting findings. At worst it will be some great stories huh?

2) New Job! I know I've only been at Fleishman a few weeks (dear FH, super sorry about the timing but when I tell you about the new gig, you'll understand.) but I applied for one sweet job and actually got it!! I am going to be doing public relations for the local Girl Scout council. I'll get to dip in fundraising, volunteeer management, communications and of course, cookies. Yes I am now your go-to person on cookies.

Jun 19, 2007

Do you 'roo?

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Words don't even describe the weekend I had in TN. So I will try a list of phrases to see if that will do it justice...

Joe in a cape, man skirts, Ben the princess, AJ the grill queen, tie-dyed tank tops, lots o' dust, what!? the sun is coming up!, my phone is dying, i don't need a shower $7 bad, mmm frozen lemonade, who is playing anyways?, lets see the 1am show, Justin in french braids, Val I am wearing your skirt/shoes/whatever I decide I want of yours, where are Val's keys!?, hey Josh could you...., Joe--JOE turn on your phone!!, dumb balls, here's a glow stick - Joe put them in his pants to sneak them in, Marc's asleep, Cheryl's also asleep, Ben I'm taking your cot, blue and red dyed feet, Justin = Jesus and has pictures taken with other Roo-ers as if he was a character at Disney, where is Bob?

Nashvegas Baby

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Marc and I flew to TN early to play in Nashville for the day. And play we did!! We went out dancing as soon as we got in at a fun place on Broadway with a country cover band. I, of course, knew every song by heart and Marc, well, he picked up on a few. And we totally closed down the place.

Thursday was spent gallavanting around Nashville and hanging out with the King. Oh and we went to this sweet pub, which unfortunately has since closed down (yes in the 5 days since I was there). But because they were closing down the waitress gave us each a mug hanging on the wall. The kind you get if you drink far too many beers and they write your nickname on. Marc's says "Big Cat." And according to my mug, you can just call me Dr. LuvTender.

Jun 10, 2007


ATX: Austin, Texas
HH: Happy Hour
FH: Fleishman-Hillard
DT: Downtown
Hyde Park: Super cool place I really want to live

Things I'm learning in my new home

Jun 7, 2007

Letters from a Wednesday

1) Dear Parmer, please never back up so much that I go less than 2 blocks in 30 minutes ever again. Really. It's not a fun way to begin the day.

2) Dear Marc, Your southern-texas accent is really bad. I love it. Please leave me more voice mails using it. Thanks!

3) Dear Brittany and Brittney, Yall are great. You make work wonderful.

4) Dear AJ, Val, and Emal, Come visit!! I miss you tons. I need to walk to Cambridge, have a glass of Pinot, watch CSI with someone, name a car with you, have a dance party and generally, just be the peanut gallery.

5) Dear dishes, wash yourselves. what am I? Your mother?

6) Dear Ruby, pay for your own gas. See #5

7) Dear new table, Yay! you arrive Saturday! I'll have a place to eat!

8) Dear Lamar, wow. you added all kinds of goodness to Austin today, when I drove on you not once, not twice but three times. Thanks for being there man, means the world to me.

9) Dear Starbucks, see you in the morning. 2 to go please.

and finally...

10) Dear Bonnaroo, OH MY GOD!!! I cannot wait! Sunshine, warm weather, music and most importantly, the 12 coolest people I have ever known. ALL IN ONE PLACE. What could possibly be better? Nothing, Bonnaroo, or "the 'Roo" as I hear you are going by. You are the greatest. Thanks for saving my life and reuniting me with my friends for a few days of mayhem and glorious wonderfulness.


Jun 4, 2007

Start of Something New

A new job for starters. The first day went really well. Got settled in, had some very manageable tasks placed in front of me. All good signs. Now its time to start meeting some new people! Where do I find them? I mean I know there are people in this city. I'm just not sure where.

Speaking of the lost population, going to work was strange. I have never driven downtown for a job. And since I was driving downtown and parking in a garage, there wasn't the flood of people walking from the train to their respective offices like I was used to in Boston. So very strange! Even on my lunch hour when we walked for a few blocks, there were very few people out. Such a departure from Boston where on a sunny day there are people on every bench or corner eating from 11a to 3p. And even on non-sunny days you see people running to the bank or starbucks or fedex. I may have to go to starbucks tomorrow morning just to get my fill of people!