May 28, 2015

School Daze

UntitledCheck out Mr. Cutie's school picture! We've never bought them before but with a face like that, how could I say no?!

May 17, 2015

Find Lexi

UntitledOur darling Lexi girl ran off last night on a camping trip in Burnet County. We're all looking very hard for her.

If you see her, please call me at 512.461.0244.


After posting this and starting ads on Facebook, I called an animal rescue group that had been referred to me. I gave a description of the situation and Lexi and right before I could give my name, they asked if I had already called. They already had a missing pet report that matched my description exactly and could I please confirm my phone number. Somebody named Jenny had called it in. (Turns out, my wonderful neighbor called it in because they were so worried about Lexi and wanted to help.)

Megan and Nancy met Ross in Burnet to help look. After getting there, Meg asked me to print flyers and bring them up. I was doing that, Brittany was on her way over to babysit when...

A little after 1p I received a call from a couple who had LEXI. They lived on the same road the boys were camping on, about a mile down the way. Their neighbors own a Lexi-look-a-like and that is who they thought wandered into their yard this morning and barked at the door to be let inside. After playing with her, loving on her and trying unsuccessfully to call the neighbors, they saw her tags and realized this was not their neighbordog. (Keep in mind, this is out in the country so I suspect they don't know the neighbor pets as well as some of us in suburbia do. It's probably hard to tell one mid-sized black dog from another when you have 30 acres between you and the neighbor.)

I had a complete happiness meltdown on the phone. Wrote down all the pertinent information and after several attempts (over what felt like hours but I think was less than 10 minutes), finally got confirmation from Meg that they were on their way to Lexi.

Ross also had a complete happiness meltdown when he saw her. When I talked to him after he picked her up, he told me this was the nicest couple in the world. His point was proven when they called me back 30 minutes later to let me know Ross had picked her up, how overwhelmed with emotion he was to be reunited, how much they appreciate his service as a firefighter, asked us to keep in touch now that Lexi had introduced all of us and invited us to come play on their 60 acre ranch any time we like. Turns out they had also invited Ross, Megan and Nancy to come back any time for margaritas. Clearly the nicest people in the world. And they saved our Lexi girl.

We're all home now. Cade is in his crib sleeping (knock on wood, he's had a cough so sleeping is a struggle), Lexi is dozing on the couch, Ross is watching baseball and I'm about to pick up my book. Thank goodness and thanks to our wonderful friends, family and new favorite ranchers.

May 16, 2015

Poor Baby

UntitledOk, preschool, you were right. Our little boy is sick. I think it is just a good old fashioned cold. One that likes to take center stage after midnight each night. Ross did a 11:30p-2a shift on Thursday and I did a 12:30-3a shift last night. Blessedly, right now little boy Black is 2+ hours into an afternoon nap. Goodness knows he and I both need it.

I'm sure the cutest boy in Texas will be back to his usual train-loving, playground-running, chatterboxing way soon. Hopefully by tomorrow as our family has a busy Monday that really needs a healthy boy to be successful.

In other news though, we're working on a gameroom makeover! I would say we're "redecorating" but that implies we actually decorated it in the first place.

It's a mish-mash of a couch from Nancy's house that Ross loves, a table from Amazon, a Black Friday TV deal, toy cubbies, and cheapie posters. And as you can see, I didn't bother to clean up for the "before" photos below. It'll make the big makeover that much more dramatic. Kinda like how people never smile in the "before" photo but have a mega-watt grin for the "after" photo.

The Pinterest board is growing and the first round of decor has been purchased from Full makeover to occur in July when Cade spends 2 nights with Nana (because you know, toddlers and wet paint do NOT mix). Stay tuned!

Untitled Untitled Untitled

May 14, 2015


UntitledOoops. 11 days without a post. How did that happen?

We've been busy with the usual. Last weekend Cade had gymnastics class, then we went on a ride at the Cedar Rock Railroad with Holden and then Mother's Day with the in-laws. Stacy made us these to-die-for steaks with portobello mushrooms in a Gorgonzola sauce on the side. OMG delish.

Otherwise, it's been work, a "sick" kid (I'm not sure I buy the fever you are claiming, preschool, but whatever) and every day stuff. 

Check out this CUTE pic of my favorite boy on the train. Don't you just want to eat him up!?

May 3, 2015

Summer of Fun

I am deeming this the Summer of Fun. Why you ask? Because it's only May 3 and it already looks like a ton of freakin' awesomesauce summer!

Just this weekend, several summer plans came together. Check out what our next few months looks like
  • May 10: Mother's Day
  • May 16-17: Ross' boys camping trip
  • May 24: My parents visit
  • June 5-8: Nashville with Deltas; Cade & Meg slumber party
  • June 13: Toddler swim lessons begin
  • June 21: Father's Day
  • June 27-July 5: no pre-school!*
  • July-28-31: Family beach vacation, staying at this awesome condo!
  • August 1: Neighbor's birthday party with epic water slides they are already talking about
  • August 29: Grandma's 90th birthday!
To get the party started, I took Cade to my company picnic today at Dell Diamond. His first baseball game! You tell me if you think he had fun...

He really loved clapping

A gal from my online Mom's group has a summer bucket list for her and her toddler. It's impressive. I think I'm going to steal the idea from her and work on a little bucket list for Cade and me too. Probably not as incredible as hers but at least something to make sure we check out pools and splashpads while the weather is right for it. And of course, storytimes and inside fun when the weather is too hot even for pools and splashpads.

So as you can see, between our calendar of fun and some bucket list fun, it's looking to be a Summer of Fun for sure. Yippee! I can't wait! New hashtag for sure #SummerofFun

*In fairness the no pre-school week will probably be fun and a little stressful as we will both still be working. But it's a short week with the holiday for me and I will probably take an additional half day off for some fun time. And we'll call in the babysitting team to help so I'm sure the end result will be a week that fits right into the Summer of Fun.

May 1, 2015

It's separation anxiety; no it's allergies; no it's molars...I don't know what it is but I'm TIRED

First four nights home from vacay and not one night of straight sleep. I THINK it is molars but who knows. At this point, I barely know my name, let alone what is waking my kid up 2, 3, 4 times per night every night.

Holy exhaustion batman.