Dec 17, 2006

Aloha Christmas!

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Leaving down under land is not so tough when you are leaving it for Hawaii. Just trading in one vacation land for another really.

In true 45-hour day fashion, I arrived in Honolulu today 30-hours into Saturday Dec 16. By noon, I was checked into my hotel and on my way to my catamaran sail trip where I took this pic and many many fun more.

Traveling alone hasn't been so bad. I've met a few other people traveling, specifically a Brit on the catamaran, a few Americans at dinner and two Aussie women out tonight. And know what? Each and everyone one of them is connected to Australia; I feel like I never left! (Brit is on his way, Americans have all been and the Aussies are Aussies.)

Mele Kalikimak!

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