May 18, 2008

Goin' Through the Big D

Except here we do mean Dallas. Ross and I spent the weekend in Arlington (just outside of Dallas) with our friends. Not with our friends together but mostly with our friends apart.

His friend and groomsman, Aaron, had his birthday shindig this weekend which included paint balling and house party. Brittany and Ken live about 10 minutes away so I rode up with the boys and then played with Brittany for the weekend. We looked at and I think picked out bridesmaids dresses. They are short-ish, strapless and sassy. No buying yet because I want to look a little more and maybe see what the 2009 styles are like. We also glanced at wedding dresses (!!) but no trying on. That waits til Mommy and Grandma are here in June. And Brittany, Ken and I went to the Astros-Rangers game which, much to our surprise, was followed by a free Robert Earl Keen concert. Random? Yes. Cool? Also, yes.

After playing with our respective friends, me, Ross and our amigos joined forces for Aaron's house party. It was a great time! There were many of Ross' college friends who I had not met before or had only met once briefly so I was paraded around as the fiance again. It's fun. His friends are always so amazed and insist on meeting "the one who settled him down."

Sometimes, like this weekend I become randomly and wonderfully aware of why I am marrying him. It's never one thing he does but the combo of them all. He makes me so happy. Knowing he is as head over heels for me as I am for him, thats a powerful thing.

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