Jan 14, 2014

A Ten Month Cade

WBC is already 10 months! Most the time it feels like it has flown by. (And then teething occurs and all four of us - yes even Lexi - are ready for time to fly by a little faster.)

At 10 months old the cutest baby in Texas is
  • Weighing in at 19lbs, 12 oz
  • Walking with his push-cart-lawmower toy thing
  • Sprint crawling
  • Talking up a storm
  • Not quite to associating words/sounds with people or objects. Yet.
  • Hard at work on giving up purees
  • Hit and miss on the bottle, in part because...
  • Getting some teeth we think and thus
  • Covered in drool all the time
  • Likely allergic to cedar and is thus
  • Covered in snot lately
  • In love with books. Reading books in his glider together have been this teething/allergy/whatever saving grace. 
  • Also in love with his monkey. They cuddle every night but Cade has been a bit more attached during the drooling/snotting/whatever
  • Not able to figure out which toy to play with first. He holds one and reaches for another and then immediately changes gears to yet another
  • Possibly spoiled (see previous bullet point)
  • Able to climb the WHOLE staircase, with mommy as his shadow of course
  • Willing to play in the grass outside (because it's Texas and we can see our grass in January, albeit brown grass but grass)

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