Nov 27, 2014

A Most Special Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

We took a one-night trip to Seabrook to see the Lowe family. It was a quick trip but we had one mission in mind: to bring together all four great grandbabies with their Great Grandma for a holiday dinner.


All 5 kiddos, their "Lowe" parent and Great Grandma
Woohoo! We had 23 people spanning for generations at our crazy Thanksgiving dinner. Ages 9 months to 89 years. It was an extra special holiday for sure.

Our Thanksgiving adventure we realized upon arriving, was also our first family vacation together. Since Cade was born he and I have taken trips but Ross' schedule hasn't worked for him to join before. This was the first time we all (Lexi included) headed out of town together.

So from our little traveling family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving!

A coastal holiday for the Black family

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