Apr 11, 2015

The Latest in Cute

Cade is pretty darn cute all the time but a couple things recently are super super cute.

New Thomas sunnies and hat on Easter
Five mo' minutes
Yup, he's become a master negotiator asking for 5 more minutes to play choo-choos, 5 more minutes until nap time, 5 more minutes to do any and every thing fun.

Um here Mama
When I tuck him in at night, his new stalling tactic is to say "um here Mama" and then standing in his crib, wraps his little arms around my waist and says "here Mama." He'll hug me and even pat my back repeatedly. Every time I start to walk to the door it's "um here Mama." Cutest (and most effective) stalling tactic ever.

Grabs his bag to go bye-bye
My parents got him this stacking block set that comes in a little box with a string on it. Today he picked up his block box, put his arm through the string strap, waved at me and said "bye-bye Mama!" and marched off toward the front door. Five seconds later he came back into the living room and said "open da door pease."

Pretend Froggie
Two nights ago at bedtime, he started bouncing around in his crib on all fours saying "riddit riddit" and told me he was a frog. It's the first time I've seen him pretend that way!

As you can see, there is a LOT of cute in our house right now (and a lot of bedtime stalling...three of the four cutes are definitely stalling tactics...and speaking of bedtime stalling, he's been singing in his crib for 45  minutes now which is definitely not taking a nap...hmm...).

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