Aug 10, 2015

Sunday Funday at the Thinkery

Yesterday was totally a Sunday Funday. It started with a duck pond walk with the neighbors. Then it was Mommy Morning Off during which I read at Starbucks for almost 2 hours, did a quick return at the outlet mall and then hit up yoga class.

For the afternoon, my favorite toddler and I went to the Thinkery (ie Austin's children's museum). He hadn't been in about 6 months and he's still young enough that in 6 months he's like a whole different kid. We had so much fun! It was our longest trip and our most engaging.

Probably his last time in the babyroom (0-30 months...he's 29 months).
We're officially in tat phase of not knowing how to smiley nicely and consistently
He was really into the tumbling space. That's not the official name but it is a room with mats of different sizes and shapes, hula hoops and the like. Basically the perfect place to run and crash which is his most favorite thing in the world. So naturally, very popular.

There were even some forward rolls down the stairs.
And even though he's dramatically different in so many ways, one exhibit continues to come out on top: the toy train table.

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