Sep 4, 2015

Friday Date Day

I took a vacation day today for a very important activity: date day with the hubs.

Our second date was FABULOUS. Like set us on the road to marriage wonderful. We recreated it once a few years ago and today we did it again, with very minor tweaks.

UntitledWe had lunch at Maudie's on South Lamar and like that original first date, both ordered prickley pear margaritas. When we had them on our second date, they were the drink of the month or day or something and in addition to being bright pink were garnished with an umbrella and a flower. Ross had never looked so macho. But dang it, if those fruity pink girly drinks aren't delicious.

I had the same entree (shrimp stuffed avocado salad) partly because it makes me all nostalgic but also because it has become my favorite dish at Maudie's and we maybe make it to one of their locations once a year. I gotta get it when I can!

On the original second date, we walked around Zilker Park and had sno-cones after lunch. On our recreations, we go swim at Barton Springs because, well, it's just too hot to walk around the park in the middle of the afternoon and we know better now. So we hopped over to Barton Springs and went for a quick dip in the icy icy water. We haven't been down there since the first date re-run so it was a nice Austin-y outing before summer ends.

Sounds like an awesome day right? It was and even better than everything I just told you is that Ross surprised me with a huge bouquet of flowers this morning and chocolate Blue Bell ice cream. I'm telling you, this guy is a keeper.

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