Nov 19, 2015

Cade Black Eye

Cade Black Eye. That's what Cade told our neighbors his name was last week. Because...yeah he had a wicked black eye. He's almost back to normal now but, man, it was a doozie!

Almost two weeks ago now, he was running to the bathroom ("You can watch a movie after you go potty.") and tripped on the bathmat that is in front of the toilet and next to the tub. He tripped and went face first into the side of the tub. Talk about a big owie.

It didn't look too bad at first. He was screaming and crying his little baby head off but the actual bump spot was really mild. See?


 But then he woke up Saturday morning...


By Sunday morning the colors were vibrant. Fuchsia, black, blue. All kinds of colors that are beautiful in a painting but less than ideal on your child's face.

I took him to an urgent care clinic that afternoon just in case. And thankfully all was as our parent instincts told us that first night. He was fine. Banged up for sure, but nothing broken or fractured, no vision problems. Just an UGLY bruise.

We've gone through the bruised banana look now and though he's not back to perfectly normal skin tones, he's really close. And it certainly isn't bothering him. In fact, other than the first 5 minutes, it hasn't seemed to bother him at all (another reason we were fairly sure he was actually fine).

So yup, that's what's been happening around here. More blogging to come; I'll do my best to be less of a slacker on the blog front. Not just for you, my dear committed (five) readers but for us too. Because it is nice to have all these little stories recorded in-the-moment and easy to revisit.

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