Jan 20, 2016

New Year Resolutions Update

20 days in and still going! But dang, this not touching the spending account thing is harder than I expected. Top of the list as for why: vacations.

I went to pay our credit card today and thought "gasp! That can't be right! Someone has our card!"

Ah, no. You just booked a spendy (and lovely) hotel in Vegas Cheryl. Oh and you booked a condo in Galveston. You brought on all your vacation expenses for the year in the same month and before your annual bonus arrives.

Which leads me to the number two reason: bonuses. Not complaining! But when you know you have a bonus coming you so so so want to start playing with some of that money. Do things like you know, book a beach condo for summer vacation. But stop! Wait! Don't book it until you actually have the money!

At least that's what I should have said to myself. Live and learn maybe?

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