Oct 21, 2007


second proposal
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This weekend was "Brittany Weekend, Part 1." Saturday she and I went to pick up her wedding dress - gorgeous! Unless you are Ken or her daddy, you can see it here, on David's Bridal. She looks like a princess in it!

Then we had their shower at her matron of honor's house. Beautiful home! They got all kinds of house-y things, though no blenders, which I consider to be the wedding gift staple.

AND then we had Britt's bachelorette party. She got a great variety of lingerie from her friends, mother and soon to be mother in law. She was also given a martini glass that had a slightly inappropriate base and a veil with a collection of the same inappropriate item on it. We had dinner, did a wine tasting and then hit up 6th street for a bit. We created a list of things she had to do that evening and in this pic she is completing one of the tasks: getting proposed to a second time.

I'm very excited for her wedding! She's such a cute bride.

In other news, my boss, Haila is incredibly pregnant and now working from home. She has a PUPPP rash which is why she can't come in. It means the transition of me to Communications team lead is beginning. I'm very sad she has such an icky rash but I am excited to begin my stint in this new leadership position. I think its a really good opportunity to show my potential and hopefully set myself up for promotions later on. Prove myself now sort of.

I also had several members of the GSCTX fund dev/comm staff over on Friday for margaritas. Big hit! I used Ross's limeade margarita recipe and it was much loved by all.

OK now back to the Red Sox (who are at this moment, up 3-0 in game 7 against the Indians). LOVE THAT DIRTY WATER

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