Oct 8, 2007

Friends, and Drinks and T's - oh my!

Life has been so glorious and busy! It's not been a 24/7 party in beantown but instead a relatively relaxed weekend catching up with friends.

I only had one night with AJ but we made the most of it. One night with the best friend is better than no nights with the best friend.

And when in Boston I've been hitting up all the old haunts like White Horse, Atlantic Fish, the BU Pub and today I am off to Herrel's my fav ice cream shop/coffee house.

There has been one strange repetitive topic this weekend: weddings. AJ had her dress for Amanda's wedding in December. Very beautiful. Joe told AJ to start looking at rings herself. (Incredibly exciting!!) Jane is the MOH for her friend's wedding in March. I picked up Brittany's bachelorette party gift. There was some discussion of Anna and Ben's wedding which is no time soon but appears to be their plan. There was even a 7th Heaven wedding marathon on TV last night! I mean really folks. Weddings; they are taking over my life and I'm not even having one!

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