Dec 8, 2007

Double Up

It was double date week. Not that we went out with anyone else, we just went out twice ourselves. Thats right two date nights in one week. How lucky does a girl get?

We saw No Country for Old Men on Wednesday and are still trying to figure out the end. And last night we did dinner (just at Chili's) and then went ice skating on the rooftop rink at the Whole Foods downtown. Didn't know you could ice skate at the grocery store did you? It was Ross's first ice skating experience and he managed not to fall even once. Now he's no Nancy Kerrigan (but neither am I) so we'll have to give it another try one day.

The past couple weeks have just been absurd. I have discussed it with the girls at work and we think a full moon must just be hovering over Austin lately. I'm looking forward to when all the craziness ends. It's just getting plain exhausting at this point. I could really go for an uneventful week. And apparently the Thanksgiving-Christmas crunch that exists during school also applies to the Girl Scouts. I'm anxiously looking down the tunnel at Christmas break. That's right, I may be outta school but I still have a Christmas break - 10 days of it to be exact. God bless it.

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