Mar 16, 2008

Welcome Springtime and Newlyweds!

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What a weekend! Whew!

A lot of Girl Scouting, a wedding and a subleased apartment later and it is bedtime folks!

Nikki became Mrs. Stephen Stowe last night in her beautiful outside Georgetown ranch wedding. The blushing bride was as pretty as pretty can be. The ceremony was formal and traditional, just as I am sure she always imagined it.

I would tell you more, but y'all I am pooped. Ross is already in bed and as soon as I can move the laundry to the dryer, I will be too. But in a nutshell the weekend went as such. Spring time arrived in full force with a 92 degree Friday and not a cloud in the sky all Friday and Saturday. Thousands of Girl Scout cookies were sent to US troops and several news stations covered it. Nikki and Stephen got hitched. I found a subletter for Ross's apartment and we now have just over 48 hours to get him all moved out.

Must sleep as tomorrow the great move commences.

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