Jul 3, 2008

Summer Goals: DONE

Well mostly done. Decided on. Not signed for and all that jazz quite yet.

The wedding will be October 4, 2009 at Mercury Hall in south Austin. We looked at it today - though unfortunately the manager was sick and couldn't answer some of our questions. Ross likes it as does his mom, sister and gramma. I'm going to meet with the manager next week to ask some questions and get the paperwork started. I love Mercury Hall. It's perfect and I am so excited.

And I have a photographer! I'm very pleased with what he's offering us. He'll be doing our engagement photos (I think overlooking the 360 Bridge), the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. I am really excited about having the rehearsal dinner photographed as well. It was a bit of an after-thought but I think that will be really good. He'll get to meet everyone before the wedding and we'll have great photos. I think this will be especially great for Nancy because she is so excited about hosting it. This will ensure that she has great photos to remember it with.


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Brittney said...

10-4...I love it! Roger that, I'll be there, over and out! YAY for dates, photogs, and locations!!

PS--totally googled your venue...beautiful!!