Jul 28, 2008

Cars, Dancing and Photographers

What do they all have in common you say? Basically the sum of my weekend.

On Saturday I went to Burnet for a Girl Scout day of training. I saw my favorite volunteers, showed off my ring a little and then tried to go home. Tried being the operative word. My car, Ruby, would not start. For 25 minutes my coworkers (gotta love them) and I worked on getting my wheels in gear. No dice folks, no dice. Roadside assistance had to come get the car and my CEO drove me home. Today I learned that it was the key-thingy. They gave me a technical term for it but I don't remember. Long story short, out of a car til Wednesday afternoon. Luckily I could take today off and Ross will drive me to work tomorrow and Wednesday.

To help cheer me up we went dancing Saturday night. It was a blast! We went to Midnight Rodeo with the Krzyz-es. That's not really Ryan and Susannah's last name but their last name is too hard to spell and too long to even try. I like those people though, the Krzyz-es and had an awesome time two-steppin' with Ross all night.

And finally, today I settled the photographer matter once and for all. I had tried to hire this one photographer but he never sent me a contract. I've been requesting it for 3 weeks! It's been over a week since the last time he told me it was in the mail. He only lives/works 10 minutes from me so there is no reason for it not to be here. Anyways, I've been very irritated and today decided it was time to really find a new photographer. We're using Red Letter Photos and I'm very happy about it. In fact, he's already gotten back to me and I have a contract to review. Hmmm. So there.

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