Jan 13, 2009

Up to my ears

I am currently up to my ears in Girl Scout cookies. I've done two interviews so far this week and I have two more coming up. In between interviews I'm begging more people to give me more interviews or to please just print my story.

In other news, Lexi had worms or a tapeworm or something like that. Ross took care of it (such a good puppy-daddy) so I actually don't know all the details. Ross went down to Sam Bass to start the paperwork for volunteer firefighting. He's also been studying like mad for his EMT exam which is on Thursday. And he's been a great house-husband, cooking for me each night and running around with the puppy.

I spent the weekend in Houston for my aunt's baby shower. This is a great story. I must tell it. My Uncle Bob (yes I really have one. someone has to have one for that joke about everyone's Uncle Bob to work) and his wife, Kendall, have been married 10ish years. They are 50-something and 40-something respectively. Well Kendall is now preggers with her first, and probably only, baby. A little suprise baby. Know what they are naming him? Isaak, like the son of Biblical folks Sarah and Abraham who had babies very late in life. I think its the funniest and cleverest thing I've heard in a long long time.

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