Feb 4, 2009

Long time no see

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Well it's been a while. My computer is in the shop (and I keep forgetting to call and check on its progress) so I've been using Ross' laptop. It does the job of course but it doesn't have any of my bookmarks set and...eh that's a lame excuse.

And honestly, this photo isn't even new. We've been taking pictures, almost all of them of Lexi, but I HATE Ross' photo software and refuse to upload the photos onto his computer.

So what's going on you ask? I lived, ate, slept and breathed Girl Scout Cookies for about two weeks in January. Seriously those weeks are just a blurr. I've been asked to recall things from then and I can't. Creating my monthly report for January was ridiculously hard. I've come up for air now though and things are swimingly manageable at the office now. Ross has just started volunteering with Sam Bass Fire Dept. and he LOVES it. He has a couple more meetings before he's officially voted into the department but they are drooling over his formal training so no problems antcipated. Lexi is great, she's had some bouts of sickness but nothing serious, just typical puppy things. And she's very very very cute.

That kinda sums it up. Everything else is looking forward. Mom is coming in on Saturday to do wedding things. I'm booking my trip to DC for April soon. Ross is job hunting. OK, peace out homes.

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