Sep 17, 2009


I went to today to do wedding stuff and their counter at the top of the page said "Welcome Back Cheryl & Ross! 38 days til your wedding!"

I promptly smacked my own face and screamed like McCaulay Culkin in Home Alone. I am getting married in 38 days! That's less than 40. That's less days than Lent. That's less than my grading periods in elementary school were! That's only 5 more weekends to finish planning this thing!

I then IMed Brittany and Anna to tell them it was only 38 days. Texted AJ, Val, Megan and Melissa to relay the same message. Screamed a little more. Told Lexi all about it. Told Twitter and Facebook all about it. And oh yeah, texted Ross. (I figure he's mildly aware given that he's the other person in this thing.)

This whole wedding thing has been kinda stressful but today excitement hit hardcore. Don't get me wrong, I've always been excited to marry Ross but my excitement toward the actual event, the wedding itself, has waned. And really is that a shocker? As you figure out the logistics of cups, flower transportation, rain plans, RSVPs and guest hotels, is it any wonder that I person might get bogged down in details instead of caught up in the heady excitement? No, no wonder at all.

But excitement is back! It's fall outside and we're getting married in 38 days! When I open my living room windows it FEELS like the season I planned our wedding for. I could put on my wedding dress, hang out outside and not melt. I'm having two bridal showers this weekend, picking up my dress and really just being very bridal.

Pretty soon I'm going to take my wedding band to the jeweler for a final check and then in something between 37 and 39 days Ross will put that beautiful diamond detailed ring on my finger. My best friend will stand next to me as the ring leader of five identically clad hotties and silently say "Yup! I approve!" Ross and I will walk down the aisle to some Scottish song he'll pick out because I don't know two things about bagpipes or Scottish music. We'll be introduced for the first time as Mr. & Mrs. Black. And we'll two-step through our first dance. Rick will give some toast that will have me on the verge of cringing but with any luck won't actually push me to a real cringe. Kevin will sport a top hat...after the ceremony and formal photos. Mom will rock the place in her hot mother of the bride outfit (just you wait). Dad will be debonair in his new stylish suit as we dance to the Beatles. And my sorority sisters and I will sing Journey at the top of our lungs, while dancing and sipping the beverages of our choice. And after celebrating into the wee hours of the night with our wonderful, amazing, super fantastic guests, Mr. Black and I will crash on a comfy bed in an undisclosed hotel location.

It will be the happiest day of my life and all y'all will be there.

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