Sep 29, 2009

Gotta love that Girl Scout blog

Yesterday GSCTX and I launched our first council blog. Woohoo! 36 hours or so into it and we're getting lots of positive feedback. We have a few Google followers; I'm learning how to add more share options; there are fascinating guest bloggers lined up; and we're set to participate in Blog Action Day on October 15. (Be sure to read that one; it should be from one of our 2008 all Girl Scout robotics teams.)

My current gig at GSCTX involves a lot of details. In my previous gig there were more big projects and I could walk away at the end of a day more often with a sense of big accomplishment. This job just isn't that kinda job...mostly. Today has been one of those big accomplishment type days. The blog went live yesterday, I got our Facebook feed up and running today, finished tomorrow's blog post (definitely read that one too) and nailed down some other details. It feels GOOD!

And I'll admit I'm a little bit of a work-aholic but I am so enjoying working late tonight. I know, I'm a freak. But the wedding is so close now that if it hasn't happened yet, well, its probably just not happening. The house is sorting itself out slowly but surely. We've insured the heck out of it, that's for sure. But with all those things starting to have a life of their own, my world is free for a flurry of communications again and I LIKE IT. I'm thoroughly enjoying discovery and trial & error. My brain feels like a sponge for information and goodness, its about time.

See when I said I was looking forward to working 50 hour weeks again, I wasn't kidding. I thrive off this stuff (no matter how freakish that makes me).

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