Aug 12, 2012

1300 Diapers

Expecting ParentsLast night we hosted a diaper shower for Jon and Erin and their soon-to-arrive baby girl, Rowan.

I was quite pleased with our set up. Ross cleaned the garage a bit and with Jon's help, set up a canopy, complete with misters, in the driveway, right off of the garage. The garage hosted beer pong and flip cup (clearly this is just a raucous good party with diapers involved).

Inside we had food and a "make a baby" game where you could take pieces of Jon and Erin's face and collage them into your best guess of baby Rowan. My fav was the one where she had smiling lips for an ear.

Rowan will be here next month and her parents are now ready...well at least on the diaper front. Last night's party haul is an estimated 1300 diapers in at least 3 different sizes and 3 different brands. Bring it baby!

The fam
The fam at the party
Hyatt Diaper Shower Haul
1300 diapers ready to go home with Daddy Jon

If you have friends expecting a little one, a diaper shower is a great way to involve dad and his buddies. Since the kiddo is gonna need all kinds of diapers anyway, it is an easy gift for the buddies to pick up and not have to worry about messing up. Top it off with some fundraising games (usually we play washers and the expecting couple gets half the winnings) and you are good to go!

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