Aug 20, 2012

Let the packing begin!

Yesterday my girlfriend Nichole moved into a new apartment and as anticipated, found she was in need of some cheap, easy bookshelves. Well I happen to own 2 cheap and easy bookshelves of the Target/Walmart variety that I was planning to throw out/donate as part of the move. No sense in me doing that when they could have a new home with Nichole.

iphone_picSo we traded. I gave her my two bookshelves and she gave me her gently used packing boxes. And with that, the packing of our current home for the move to our new home commenced.

(Also my study looks like a tornado came through it and the closet in that room is exploding like the ones you see in cartoons. I'm pretty sure this is one of those situations where it is going to get worse [possibly much worse] before it gets better.)

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