Aug 4, 2013

40 Hours in Vegas

The trip was short and consequently did not include much sleep. Thus this blog post will also be short so I can go to sleep.

Friday afternoon we flew to Vegas to meet the Deltas for our annual trip. Ross and I stayed at Luxor and after a quick check-in met up with some of the girls for drinks. Ross left to join the boys and we had Val's Shower Hour and then dinner. Shower as in BRIDAL SHOWER. That's when she told us that yes, she and Justin would be getting married in Vegas. Hurray!

After dinner we met back up wit the boys for a comedy show at Bally's. It was hysterical! The headliner reminded us of Stacy in his look and mannerisms so that made it even funnier. The group adventured a bit together afterward but ended up splitting up based on interest. Val and I grabbed a midnight snack and drinks before venturing back down The Strip to our hotels.

Saturday was pretty laid back for the first part of the day. Ross and I pigged out at the hotel brunch and then he went off to gamble with Justin while I went exploring with the girls. I also snuck in some pool time and Ross played in a poker tournament.

UntitledThen it was more eating and drinking including the Minus 5 Ice Bar with the Deltas and an array of husbands. Ross played a LOT of craps. I wish I could tell you he won tons but while at the ice bar I received this text: "So I lost me $$...I said Ross u can go home with your other $$ and buy something nice...or u can grab that other $$ and be a true Black and lose it...all in."

So yeah. You can guess how that went ;)

The really good stuff though came late Saturday night. At 10:45p we met in the lobby of Mandalay Bay (where everyone else was staying) and piled into a Hummer limo (that was in the new movie Hangover 3). We swooped into MGM to grab AJ and Kristin who were at a concert and then off to the Little White Wedding Chapel for Val and Justin to get hitched!

Val and Justin were married a little before midnight in the back if a pink Cadillac and with an Elvis officiant. Their vows included Val promising not to step on Justin's blue suede shoes and Justin promising to be her hunk hunk a-burnin' love.

On the way back to the hotel, we sang "I am a T" in the limo (it's become a super fun and a little silly wedding tradition) and stopped at the famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign where a professional photographer took a round of wedding photos for us.

Since Ross and I flew back at 7a today, we had to head to bed once we got back. As it was, we only got 2 hours of sleep. Which is why you will understand that now I must go to bed. But you should definitely enjoy this gem from the wedding. What you can't see is Ross just to their left practically giddy as he sang along with Elvis.

Congrats Val and Justin!!

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