Aug 21, 2013


On days where my meetings and Cade pick-up time leave an awkward period, I often work at the Starbucks near Erin's house instead of driving home in between. Today was such a day.

And it was the worst Starbucks experience I have ever had.*

Which is saying something since as a dedicated customer I'm there at least twice per week.

I go into Starbucks, order my standard drink and fire up my laptop. The internet takes forever to connect but whatever, no biggie. But then it won't stay connected. And it keeps trying to connect to the free Kinkos internet but that signal isn't very strong. So now my internet is just flip flopping, taking forever to load and basically not letting me get anything done. Super awesome.

Magnified awesome by the group of three teenagers, complete with sparkley iPhone cases (I've got nothing sparkley iPhone cases but it really emphasized the teen in these teenagers), and they proceed to gab. Suzie's boyfriend this, Jason's cousin that, Ms. Teacher whatever, gab gab gab. I know, coffee shops are a space for chatting with friends. I do it too. But Lordy, it is not conducive to trying to work.

And then the kicker. Some guy brings his tween and baby sons into Starbucks and sits on the other side of me. AND THEN UNWRAPS THEIR McDONALD'S LUNCH. In Starbucks! Greasy cheeseburger and french fry smells assaulted my nose. Mixed with coffee. Ugh. And then the baby, a Cade-aged baby, starts to cry. Baby-Daddy rocks the car seat once and then gives up and goes back to his fat-laced burger.

That was when I decided if I was not going to work and was going to listen to a crying baby, it might as well be my own crying baby.

Please oh please when school starts let my Starbucks go back to being a perfect little satellite office.

*I realize "the worst Starbucks experience" is a pretty yuppie complaint in life. In fact it is probably one of the best complaints one can have, right behind "too much many" or "too many vacation days." So yeah...I know.

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