Oct 27, 2014

Glamping Anniversary

This weekend Ross and I celebrated the big oh-five anniversary. IT WAS PERFECT.

Saturday (our actual anniversary) was full of family fun. Starbucks and the park with Cade in the morning and then a full family outing to a family fall fest thing-a-ma-jigger. Mom and Dad arrived at our house just before dinnertime. We had a delicious steak dinner courtesy of the family chef/my stellar hubby and enjoyed a champagne toast. Cade stayed up all the way until 7:45p playing with his grandparents.

Yesterday was our big celebration day. And let me say again IT WAS PERFECT. We left around 9:30a, ran some errands and then met our friends at The Park for brunch and football. I thought we would have about 8 people but we ended up with 11, the surprise of the morning being Jon and Erin joining. We hadn't had all those people together in months. And we had a great table on the patio, could see all three games that we collectively cared about and the mimosas were just $1. Win, win, win.

After the noon game, Ross and I headed out to Wimberly for our glamping getaway. It was so cool!

The place is called Sinya on Lone Man Creek and the owner has done a great job thinking of everything. She showed us around when we first got there and then it was just time to kick back. We had drinks on the porch, ate our picnic dinner of salami, cheese, bread, olives and mushrooms. Then out to the back porch for star gazing from the hot tub. We stayed out there so long we got good and pruney. Then into sweatshirts and a couple hours around the campfire just chatting. We played a game of cards and called it a night around midnight.

We woke up around 7:30a to the first bit of light and then sat on the front porch and watched the sunrise over the hill country. Really. Yes, it was absolutely perfect. Then our hostess brought us a fruit, muffin and yogurt breakfast, complete with fresh squeezed OJ.

I don't think either of us knew how much we would enjoy a day and night like that. It was so so so fun to see our friends. Sinya was beautiful. It was so relaxing to be out away from everything and enjoy the quiet. And most of all, it was wonderful to have so much quality time with my sweet husband. Even though we see each other almost every day and talk all the time, we talked nearly the whole time we were together. Meaningful stuff, not meaningful stuff, everything.

I'd repeat this weekend any time.

Glamping selfie before hitting the road this morning

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