Oct 22, 2014

Reach for the Stars

Cade likes to un-do his diaper as I am doing it. To combat this, I've recently started telling him to put his hands above his head while I'm changing him. I grab his little hands, put them over his head and say "handsaboveyourhead" really fast and silly like.

Tonight it dawned on me the other people who say that - cops. To crooks.

Maybe not the kinda phrase I want to seem common place to my son.

So we course corrected to "reach for the stars!"

First I told him to "reach for the stars!" while I was putting on his diaper. Success!

Then I sat him up and told him to "reach for the stars!" so I could put on his PJ shirt. He laid back down and put his hands up by his head. HAHAHA! Apparently "reach for the stars!" means "put your hands up by your head while you are laying down."

So we kept practicing and I kept getting a lot of this.


We moved out to the gameroom. Where eventually I got this.


Such a quick learner! And thankfully now we can say something that rings of ambition, not a life of crime.

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